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Jack on Heath: "I Warned Him"

1/23/2008 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The paparazzi broke the news of Heath Ledger's death to Jack Nicholson in London last night -- and he had an eerie reaction to the news.

The photogs told Jack that Heath overdosed, but right now the evidence is pointing away from a suicide. At a presser today in London, Jack specifically warned the crowd against Ambien, saying he almost drove off a cliff while using the sleep aid. He added that he never knew Heath.


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It seems like Jack's reaction was a little insensitive. I don't know, maybe it took a minute for it to register or maybe Jack has just seen it all and is jaded/indifferent. Anyway.....

2462 days ago


41, yep, we think alike!

2462 days ago


I could hear everything..when the FIRST told him, he said, "That's awful. I warned him"..the rest of what he says is he was only ouside for a cigarette, is a usually a GREAT autograph signer (sarcasm), and is talking about 'going back inside' me he looked upset..even if he smirked..he was caught off guard, but looked upset to me.

2462 days ago


it's not playing grrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2462 days ago

lynn Spears    

no class he was smiling about something after. what the hell kind of comment was "I warned him"

2462 days ago


He probably did warn him. Don't you figure Jack if anyone would know the ills of the business and the laws of moderation? I don't think he was being rude at all. I mean honestly how many of his co-workers and friends do you think Jack has seen go down in this same fashion over the course of his career?

2462 days ago


First of all they want to catch these actors off-guard and have the first knee-jerk reaction spewed out.
Jack said "what happened" and then a pap said "overdose" then jack said "thats _____" and then " I warned him".. and everyone laughed.
Honestly, Jack has seen it all.. is it any surprise he is indifferent to it all?

He was smiling? how could you tell when he was looking the other way opening his mouth for a cigarette... maybe he smiled cause everyone was laughing and thats a common involuntary reaction. yeah... im sure jack is a cold son of a gun and just laughs uncontrollably whenever someone dies. get your heads out of your asses!

2462 days ago

carolina amaris    

I warned him could mean many thing's. Maybe the role of the Joker in Batman is intense and he warned him how the character can really drain a person. Or how after this Batman movie would be released that his life might not be the same with all the highly media propaganda.

2462 days ago


He chuckled through it, because death is very uncomfortable to deal with -- especially in front of others. For the record, after they tell him that Heath died of an overdose, JN said "That's awful..." Before he goes on to say he warned him... Then he chuckles a bunch to break the discomfort of the whole situation.

2462 days ago



2462 days ago


maybe he is talking about the batman movie

2462 days ago


He's drunk off his ass and probably has no idea what the hell is going on.

2462 days ago


I'm the kind of person who laughs histerically when nervous, so we cant really say how he felt about heath's death.

about "I warned him", there's another video where he says he almost died du to ambien use, so maybe he told heath no to take the pills.

2462 days ago

Sassy & Cute    

Warning this guy wasn't enough. Heath new wtf he was doing to himself. I think Heath is dumb for what he did, and now look who is going to suffer?

2462 days ago


Jack u sick~ he is such an ass! he didn't evern know heath~ and to laugh ~ after an "Overdose" was blurted out to the crowd.. what the he##! jack u need to check urself dude! u seem to be the one with the drug problem, only a messed guy would laugh and take credit for" trying to tell him" you have truely lost my respect JACK!

2462 days ago
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