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Ledger's Death Doesn't Look Like Suicide

1/23/2008 11:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple sources in the NYPD tell TMZ, although it's too early to know, it's looking like Heath Ledger's death was accidental and not suicide.

There have been numerous reports suggesting that Ledger took his own life by ingesting a boatload of pills. Contrary to initial reports, the pills that were "scattered" around Ledger's apartment were actually in containers. We're told the containers were not littering the apartment. Rather, some were in the medicine cabinet and some in other rooms. As we reported, one container was on Ledger's nightstand. Cops found sleeping pills and an anti-anxiety drug in the bedroom.

A rep for the family tells TMZ that detectives have been in touch with Ledger's next of kin and the cops told them that so far there is no evidence suggesting suicide. Of course, until the toxicology reports come in, no one knows for sure.

A well-connected source in the NYPD told us this morning the "operating theory" right now within the department is that it was an accidental death, not suicide.

It's unclear if Ledger's health was a factor. As we first reported, he had pneumonia at the time of his death.


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Let the man rest in peace for crying out loud. Do you not have any respect for the dead whatsoever?

2464 days ago


#2--who says he was an addict? Or a junky? He was anxious and could not sleep. He was on Zanax for the anxiety and Ambien for the not being able to sleep. The prescriptions where from a doctor in his name--that is hardly an addict or a junky. You are the LOSER--pull your head out of your ass and get your facts straight.

2464 days ago


I doubt he committed suicide or died like a junkie. He didn't seem like that type of person and he loved his little girl too much to committ suicide. I feel sorry for him and his loved ones, no one should die so young

2464 days ago


I was in total shock and disbelief when I heard the tragic news of Heath Ledger's death. He was a wonderful actor and truly touched many people's hearts. May God provide comfort to his family, friends and all the thousands of fans that loved him.

2464 days ago


"2. i couldn't care less this douch has all the money in the wolrd and yet died like a junky. that shows money doesn't bring happiness and yet with all that money he could afford the best care in the world for his addiction. what a loser, punk.

Posted at 9:23AM on Jan 23rd 2008 by VLad"

You are one sick individual.

2464 days ago


taffy titz-If this is so boring why on earth waste your time to post it?
VLAD you are an idiot...the facts are not out yet and there is no way he would have taken his life with as much as he loved his daughter...

2464 days ago


Why the hell would you come to TMZ to complain about what they're reporting? Just stop reading if you don't want to hear about a big event like this, don't be disrespectful.

2464 days ago


This is sad news indeed but I have an idea. How about all the media outlets, including TMZ, get ALL the facts and then start reporting??? His family is going through enough at this point without having to deal with a dozen different rumors. Simply report that he has been found dead and that details will follow instead of quoting "sources" that are questionable at best. If for no other reason than respect for his family. I'm sure this will be deleted but at least I feel better having typed it.

2464 days ago


Alright Vlad, I hope you feel like the moron that you are when the toxicology reports come back. The man just wanted more than 2 hours of sleep, it was an obvious accident.

2464 days ago

abbi's mom    

Weather he took his own life, which I do Not believe, or not, we need think about what a great person he was and what he has done in his short life. He was and is my favorite actor with great talent. and he will be missed by everyone who every saw him in person or on the screen.

2464 days ago


I realize this has nothing to do with this article, but it would be nice if TMZ and all other media would give people closest to this tragedy some space. Following LiLo around while she is visibly shaken is so heartless! Yes, this is news, however, this young man was still a human being. Furthermore, hopefully you will not be predators when his child and her mother are finally seen in public! There is nothing sadder than thinking about his daughter not having a father! Try to have some heart, Harvey!

2464 days ago


"4. BORING!!!!!

Posted at 9:24AM on Jan 23rd 2008 by Taffy Titz"

Then don't read the article or comment on it, d*ckhead.

Am I the only one shocked by how vicious and inconsiderate some of the comments regarding the death of another human being are? You people need to stop all this. How would you like it if someone called the death of your brother or father, "BORING!!!!!?"

2464 days ago


Didn't Anna Nicole have pneumonia also??

2464 days ago


Vlad - last time I checked, being a junkie does not constitute ingesting anti-anxiety pills prescribed by a physician (that's a doctor, in case you don't understand what a physician is). Medically-prescribed pills are in no way synonymous with being addicted to illegal Class A drugs.

Until you manage to contribute to the world what Heath has contributed in his short life, I suggest you refrain from making your ill-educated, highly offensive comments.

2464 days ago


"2. i couldn't care less this douch has all the money in the wolrd and yet died like a junky. that shows money doesn't bring happiness and yet with all that money he could afford the best care in the world for his addiction. what a loser, punk.

Posted at 9:23AM on Jan 23rd 2008 by VLad"

It's people like you who say 'she asked for it,' after they get arrested for raping a 12 year old. You're sick.

2464 days ago
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