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Ledger's Death Doesn't Look Like Suicide

1/23/2008 11:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple sources in the NYPD tell TMZ, although it's too early to know, it's looking like Heath Ledger's death was accidental and not suicide.

There have been numerous reports suggesting that Ledger took his own life by ingesting a boatload of pills. Contrary to initial reports, the pills that were "scattered" around Ledger's apartment were actually in containers. We're told the containers were not littering the apartment. Rather, some were in the medicine cabinet and some in other rooms. As we reported, one container was on Ledger's nightstand. Cops found sleeping pills and an anti-anxiety drug in the bedroom.

A rep for the family tells TMZ that detectives have been in touch with Ledger's next of kin and the cops told them that so far there is no evidence suggesting suicide. Of course, until the toxicology reports come in, no one knows for sure.

A well-connected source in the NYPD told us this morning the "operating theory" right now within the department is that it was an accidental death, not suicide.

It's unclear if Ledger's health was a factor. As we first reported, he had pneumonia at the time of his death.


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Hey Tammi Titz comment #70 About #70 I'ts ok to be gay and apparently you just came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing wrong with being gay but there is something quite disturbing about not being a decent human being..... good thing you have those T*** going for you you have norhing else

2444 days ago



I just quick drinking about 12 hours ago after a 2 month major binge. I have been a heavy drinker for 12 years. I am experiencing sweats, shakes, dry heaving, see shadows out of corners of my eyes, and I am ice cold one minute, and burning hot the next. This is not a prank. I really want to know what you think about this and whether or not I should go to a doctor. Please respond.

2444 days ago


So sad to hear the news this morning. I'm praying for his little girl and family may he rest in peace. Pneumonia is serious and those that get it like my wife not too long ago, you need to be very cautious about mixing meds if this is the case. You were an awesome actor and you will be missed as a father, son, friend, and movie star. God bless and by His grace may you see the Father's face.

2444 days ago


Can't you listen to the family and give them privacy?? I know it's a big deal that he died so young, but to keep putting stuff out there making assumptions that he overdosed helps no one, All you're doing is dragging a dead man's name through the mud. Just disrespectful. Let the family have peace. While I am at it, enough about Brittany Spears. This site is supposed to be about the TEN MILE ZONE and it's 95% Brittany. What else goes on around there??

2444 days ago


RIP Heath.

2444 days ago

Taffy Titz    

92 - I made a mistake. I meant to say that sammi was gay. I don't care. At least I'm not dead!

2444 days ago


to zoso # 93 (i get th name reference) Ive been clean and sober 14 years AFTER detox and rehab yes go to the er and you will first get detoxed that is the first step. recovery comes later side effects of alcohol withdrawl are nasty ive been there run dont walk to the nearest hospital if you have a family doctor call them also do not downplay any thing to the physicians!!!!!GOOD LUCK its all one day at a time

2444 days ago


I am so tired of reading negative comments. How can people be so evil spirited.
He was a shining star and blessed to excel through life as he did.
I feel a sadness for his parents, sister, Michelle and their little girl.
If we are measured by the tears that are shed and the magnitude of grief we leave behind,
then Heath will shine in the Heavens as well.
May God be with his family and his spirit.
It's not easy having sleep disorders and having to rely on sleeping pills.
Ambien has not been around that long, thier can be many contributing factors besides suicide.
I really don't believe he would choose to go out naked and with a pending message appointment.
No note, no reason. He had pneumonia, case closed.

2444 days ago


to starr#97 he made more than a dozen movies and was regaded as a young pacino deniro nicholson etc many actors NEVER get an oscar nomination much less one in their young 20s. so do your research before commenting. but thats not the point here he did not have a history of excess or unprofessional or personal behavior . he just tragicallly died and that is a loss to many

2444 days ago


People need to keep there comments to themselves, if they can't be nice.
Griping about him getting to much attention?
Are you that pathetic and jealous to take time to dis a person that is gone
and aggravate grieving fans? Apparently you are, and that is sick and immature.
I bet your parents are real proud?
Didn't think so....

2444 days ago


I think that people like VLad are ignorant and jealous of those with money and fame. Heath Ledger seemed to be a nice young man who was very talented and loved his daughter. Money has nothing to do with people seeking or not seeking medical care. It's more of a male macho thing that you guys think I can beat this, whatever it is. Pneumonia is nothing to play with and I would say it played a part in his death. Let's not forget that Jim Henson (Muppets) died from it and lord knows that he had money and wasn't a junkie. I think that we need not be so judgemental. These people make a lot of money yes, but for our entertainment they give up anthing that resembles a normal life. That is a sad price to pay to pursue your dreams. I hope that his family does well through all of this and idiots like you know who learn to keep their mouths shut and their keyboards idle until the truth is really known.

2444 days ago

#91, #92 and whoever else has no respect    

i just want to send out my condolences to his family and friends. Regardless of all the nasty comments some people have been making every one should remember that heath was a real human being who has people who honestly cared about him.....................

2444 days ago


To AMom--I wish you were my personal nurse! Thsnks for the info, about the Zanax and Ambien. I am for sure going to watch what I'm doing from NOW ON.

2444 days ago


to how can that be even in the hospital especially the er you would be surpriised how many times mistakes are ALMOST made with regard to drug interaction we catch each other all the time because of ther HUGE # of new drugs and the HUGE # of old standbys even mixing tylenol and advil within a 4 hr period can destroty your liver especially one is combating a hangover thats why (i also have a degree in biochem) i make hangover cures for my friends that cant hurt them

2444 days ago


To-AMom---I have taken Advil PM and Tylenol PM TOGETHER! I really need to check up on this stuff---do you know where I could go to see if what I'm mixing is OK (over the counter and prescription). THANKS!

2444 days ago
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