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Medicines Found in Heath's Apartment

1/23/2008 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed two of the medications found at Heath Ledger's apartment were Xanax and Valium, both anti-anxiety drugs. Cops also found Ambien, along with several medications prescribed in Europe.

Heath's body has since been transported from the Medical Examiner's office to the Campbell Funeral Home in NY.


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TMZ reader    

People have been leaving their condolences at the movie trailer for Brokeback Mountain, posted on youtube. There's been a steady stream since yesterday. Heath would be touched to see the support.

2472 days ago


Half of the homes in the world have the same meds and more.. Let's show some respect please, and keep his family in our prayers.

2472 days ago

Guy Denton    

Do you sort it out or snort it out ?

2472 days ago


Sounds liek he had some emotional issues like most of us do. Just because a person has money, talent doesnt mean they are immune from depression, mental illness... He probably self medicated himself with various drugs througout the years, and perscription drugs being his choice at this time in his life. Using the wrong combination of drugs, and overdoing any type of drug can kill you. Seems like he went overboard because the more you take, the more you need over time for the same affect. This time his heart couldnt handle it. They said he went into full cardiac arrest. Sad, but he was probably troubled although talented.

2472 days ago


to the people makeing bad post at least you care enough to share your opinions about him to bad if you died today who would care except your family and your co workers go out and do something with your life

2472 days ago

Guy Denton    

223 I agree with you. But at the present moment i think he is work for the Coroner

2472 days ago


i think it is ridiculous that ppl are bad mouthing him... most of these ppl are puttin him down because they know that he is one of the best actors out there... he is a legacy.. i dont care how he died he is deinately goin to be remembered like james dean and river pheonix.. he was an actor that touched, inspired, and saved many ppls lives just by being the actor he was... he was definately a great actor to get so caught up in their character... i just hope Matilda grows to see just how wonderful her father was and just what kind of affect he had on ppl..God Bless his friends family and fans.... and may all the bad mouthers have it all brought back to them ten fold...

2472 days ago


ambiem and xanax are both valium..they are benzodiazapiens..They work on the gamma receptors in your brain.Doctors prescribe them for anxiety, but also commonly given to people who are coming of opiates or cocaine.It could simply be he had pnuemonia and his respitory system was weak and he took to much trying to get some sleep.Either way you never know what someone is going thru unles u have walked in their shoes.He was talented at his craft,I feel so sorry for his daughter.Such a shame

2472 days ago


Reading the comment about how tired he said he was on Ellen makes me feel like it was his time to go. Many, many other people in this country and across the world have died in the last 24 hours, in terrible pain, violently. If we're going to mourn & be sad, let's incorporate them into our prayers too. TMZ could care less about anyone's opinion of their coverage. They're a business and their #1 goal is to make money. Don't complain.

2472 days ago

John Hebert    

I feel the same way! I have those kind of medications in my house but that doesnt make me a junkie! I think that he was a great actor and that is what we should honor him for!!!!

2472 days ago


I really wanted Heath's death to be something other than the last chapter in a junkie's life. Sadly, it's nothing more than an unhappy man self-medicating himself to dull his depression and demons.

I don't think any of us will ever know for sure what was going on with Heath. However, the whole situation is tough to digest. If a man blessed with his acting talent, looks and a beautiful two year old daughter can't find enough reason in this world to face his day sober, I don't know how the rest of us can possibly do it.

Being on a movie screen does not involve intelligence, courage, responsibility nor integrity. Instead of fan worship as a hero, kids should start to realize the real heroes in life are the people like their parents, teachers and local clergy. These people find a way to continue without millions of dollars, public kudos and drugs.

Heroes don't appear with neon signs. They are simple people who lead quiet lives doing the "right" thing no matter what difficulties they may face.

2472 days ago





2472 days ago


I had pneumonia the whole month of December and was in the hospital for 3 days. Took massive quantities of Levaquin and took my regular meds (zoloft & xanax). I absolutely could not sleep and was miserable! Even after I was off the Levaquin for a couple of weeks, I had severe depression! I felt like my body was completely out of whack. Can't tell you the extreme lows I had, but I know I don't want to go there again. Was lucky to have my family and friends to help me out of it.

Heath was probably just so out of his mind from getting too little sleep that he might have accidentally taken just 1 too many of either of the pills. I have a friend who took 3 xanax one night at the same time and ended up in a coma and died a week later. And for those who are wondering, she had no alcohol in her system at that time (or any other substances for that matter). I NEVER thought 3 xanax could kill someone!

I took Ambien one time but won't ever take it again! I had the worst nightmares the entire night. Felt so exhausted when I woke up. Yet I talk to other people who take Ambien and they have no nightmares. Such a different effect these meds have on each person.

Also, anyone who is on xanax and who wants to get off of it, DO NOT suddenly stop taking it. This can result in seizures and even death. This needs to be done under a physician's care and you are carefully weaned off of it. Sometimes Klonepan is given to help get off of it.

Until we hear the final result of the autopsy, I'm thinking he accidentally overdosed. He was a remarkable actor and I have great respect for him! Feel very sad for his family and friends.

2472 days ago


To anyone who is saying "a good father cares for a child and does so by caring for himself" -or something like it, clearly does not understand addiction. I'm sorry but maybe in a perfect world does someone stop 'needing' what they fiend because of anyone... thats what makes it so hard. Is that no matter how much try, it has a hold. It does not mean he loved his daughter any less than any other man. No one here personally knows him therefore no one can comment on who he was as a person. We don't know if he was a good man (which is what a lot of people who's worked with him has said) or a an awful man. its just sad. no matter who it is, the situation is terrible.

2472 days ago


He could have had a chemical imbalance, with his inability to sleep and his mind racing(if he truly wasn't doing meth or something). So it's a shame he was kind of self-medicating,even if they were prescription drugs. He was taking a bad mixture, was exhausted and dehydrated and perhaps suffocated in his sleep. What type of doctors had been tending to him? Young people think they're indestructible. Sorry for his daughter, family and RIP.

2472 days ago
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