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Medicines Found in Heath's Apartment

1/23/2008 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed two of the medications found at Heath Ledger's apartment were Xanax and Valium, both anti-anxiety drugs. Cops also found Ambien, along with several medications prescribed in Europe.

Heath's body has since been transported from the Medical Examiner's office to the Campbell Funeral Home in NY.


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Everyone take a deep breath........... A lot of people, A LOT, have the same medications in their house. I know what stress, insomnia, prescription meds (even when used as directed) and pneumonia can do to a person.....

2374 days ago


78. Anybody else hoping he's not RIP(ing)?

Posted at 4:04PM on Jan 23rd 2008 by ME

I'm pretty sure it's just you and your other wbc buddies

2374 days ago


Over the past year, I have had severe anxiety issues that put me in the hospital with a heart problem. Because of this, I was put on Paxil and Xanax then, through an uninformed doctor, was taken off Xanax and prescribed Valium because of its quick interaction with the body. I even took Ambien at one point for my insomnia due to the anxiety, but only used two pills because I disliked the side-effects to a point where I would rather not sleep at night, which I did for three weeks. Paxil takes two weeks to get in the bloodstream and the Xanax prescription I had couldn't compensate for the serotonin imbalance that I had. Unfortunately, the Valium I had - which was also at the minimal 2mg level - formed a quick dependency. We're talking two weeks.

This doctor actually wanted me taking a pill with every meal, while I was taking one every day. This doctor is no longer employed because he prescribed me and many other people with more serious issues (like my heart condition) with very little disregard for their long-term health. This stuff is near impossible to come off of even if you try - I have to take a 20% reduction every month (that's one-fifth of a pill) just so I can walk without having blackouts or operate without dizziness. I didn't even want to be on these drugs but trusted my doctor. It will now be three months before I can fully be off them without fear of blackouts or even more serious issues.

Just to let you know, every anti-anxiety drug interacts differently with each individual people and there are doctors out there who don't know the differences. I'm not rushing to judgment, and those who consider what Heath Ledger was using to be some sort of illicit narcotic that is recklessly abused should also consider the profession he is in and how little you know about him personally. This isn't to disregard the possibility of a drug overdose and I'm sure his family could care less about what me or you think of him as a person, but at least understand the drugs you're bagging on and understand that they can either be life-savers or extremely dangerous depending on many different variables that are not necessarily limited to the user. Valium, Ambien, and Xanax - the three drugs I have seen listed - are commonly prescribed drugs that don't necessarily hint towards reckless at least wait and see.

2374 days ago


I am so very very sad and distraught. Heath Ledger was a serious artist with great talent. When you look at his Human Design chart you can see why he was so burnt out and agitated. He stood in for authenticity, sensitivity, humbleness and serenity. What saddens me the very most is that he was all alone in his final hours. For me he is a James Dean of our times, even greater. All my sympathy goes out to his family and loved ones- we all lost a great soul.

2374 days ago

momma of one    

It's so sad to see another young and promising actor gone. To his family and friends my prayers are with you. Especially his 2 year old daughter who will never know her father. No matter the cause of death, he should be remembered as a great actor and an obviously loving father. Everyone makes mistakes at times.
I agree with some of the other posts about prescriptions. You never know for sure if a doctor has really thought about the side affects it will cause with other medicines. No one is perfect.

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2374 days ago


#77, he was probably on both due to time of interaction. Some doctors believe in Valium because it interacts much quicker with the body and lasts as long as Xanax. This is also why it's much more dangerous and difficult to kick. He was probably prescribed both at some point in time - it doesn't necessarily mean he took both simultaneously.

2374 days ago


Love you. Will miss you. Peace be with you and your family.

2374 days ago


Heath Ledger was a GREAT actor and person. He had the heart and courage to do things that no one else would tackle. I am truly at a loss for words to say hay sad this is and how sorry I am for his family and friends. Prescription drugs mean NOTHING, a "rolled up" twenty means NOTHING. All you "HOLIER THAN THOU" people need to look at yourself and your own family before you are so quick to JUDGE. He will be missed and remembered.
God Bless him......

2374 days ago

Kerrie T    

H-e-ll-o what ever heppened to reports about Heath Ledger having pneomonia???? Just curious..why drugs seem to be the main focus if this person was supposedly ill with pneumonia...and would this be "Walking pneomonia"..if so it can definately kill a 28yr old if gone untreated. I can also confirm that anxiety/panic disorder does not help when sick with a respiratory disease...anxiety increases the heart rate and shortness of breath is I am just wondering what the story is with this pnemonia business and why havent the NEWS REPORTERS mentioned it AT ALL???

The only time I heard about it was from this website. Is it another phony story or what?????? TMZ, please ease my mind.

2374 days ago


To be honest I don't find it surprising at all the people will call anyone found dead with any forms of pills next to their bed, in the house, or medicine cabinet a drug addict. Heath was known for being clean, a good father, and never realy had any problems with the press or in his personal that would have mattered to anyone. He kept clean. I know for a fact that if I was sick or was not getting sleep. I no other choice then I would have considered taking the same things he himself took to help sleep. And we all know that when we get sick, sometimes we even don't think straight and could possibly accidentally take one pill and not long after not realize and take another cause the one you took earlier didn't. And for stars you know they deal with a lot of stress. Work, personal lives, the spotlight with the people. Not like us normal people that don't have a lens on our lives and on every move we make. Unlike Spears who loves the attention for bad press since her career is.... well poop.

His neighbors were interviewed on the news and say he was a good man and a good father. These are people that lived in the same building as him and no one said anything bad about him. If anything, like his family it was total shock for everyone.

Before handing down the drug addict verdict, let the evidence come out. I for one find it insane that this happened to such a well known person. I hope that the truth is that it was accidental and not intentional. I also hope that his last movie to have worked on The Dark Knight will not be pulled and instead released in his honor.

My condolences to his family and friends over the sad time.

Just sucks.... The man was only 28...

2374 days ago


Maybe he snorted the Ambien or even injected it. This is the first time I've heard of it but I don't use drugs like these. There are other ways to help fall asleep than drugs.

2374 days ago


Xanax and Valium are not the same drug. Valium is diazepam and Xanax is alprazolam - both, however, are benzodiazepines.

2374 days ago


Prescription pills can be ABUSED just like street drugs. And for SEVERAL REASONS other than "WANTING TO GET HIGH'. He stated (about the joker) he could not SLEEP. Do you morons who critiszise KNOW what its like to NOT SLEEP for days on end? I do! I MYSELF have taken 10 ambien during the night. Did I sleep? Hell no ended up loaded only. Yet that was NOT MY INTENT. I just wanted to EFFIN SLEEP! How lucky God was with me and it was not my time. How sad (REGARDLESS OF WHY he's not), that this incredible talent is gone forever. Maybe if you STUPID incompassionate (TEENS? God forbide you are adults) ever has a brother, a friend, a parent, or worse, a CHILD with ANY ADDICTION. Maybe then and only then, will you learn.. No one said I WANT TO BE A DRUGGIE WHEN I GROW UP. I pray it won't take an act of such sorrow (to effect YOUR LIFE AND LOVED ONES) before you change your condoning ways into some COMPASSION. RIP Heath. God must have needed you THERE more

2374 days ago


Xanax(alprazolam) and Valium(diazepam) would not necessarily be as fatal if taking along with cocain HCL powder.

However, if there was ANY opiate involved (from a Tylenol 3 ... all the way to something like heroin) ... well, *that* sort of combination would be more likely lethal.

Now though, until the results [if any] of "the tox screen" are released, speculations such as these are best left at that: that is ... as **speculations**.

Please do let's all be kind. Mr. Ledger's sudden passing has shocked and saddened many people all over our world.

2374 days ago
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