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Where is Jake Gyllenhaal?

1/23/2008 8:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jake GyllenhaalJake Gyllenhaal has yet to be seen or heard from since the death of his close friend, Heath Ledger -- and people on the set of his new film are working hard to keep it that way.

Gyllenhaal is in New Mexico, currently filming his new movie, "Brothers." We're told there are no plans to shut down production, but Jake is very upset and doesn't want to talk to the media -- so the set has been closed to non-crew members and extra security has been hired.

Jake is the godfather to Heath's daughter, Matilda Rose.


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Sussan the Great    

Well hopefully he can provide some "fathering" to Heath's daughter. How sad. The whole thing is just so damn sad.

2432 days ago


noitall, you are the weirdo freak, idiot. Jake deserves his peace and privacy to grieve. Leave him alone!

2432 days ago


Get on a Plane Jake, since we don't know exactly what the plans are for funeral or memorial services you can't accuse Jake of not being a close friend. There are conflicting reports that there won't be any service but a funeral in Australia. Then there are reports of a memorial service in L.A. and/or NYC at the end of the week. It is only Wednesday. Jake still has time to get to NYC or L.A.

2432 days ago

Mysty Maples    

There's no reason for Jake to fly to NY, unless to be a support system for Michelle. I'm sure his family hasn't flown in. If his funeral is being held in Australia (thank GOD, so all the media vultures and hate mongers will stay away), it's not to anybody's benefit to go through the additional stress of traveling. Heath may have had a will in place that designated Michelle to act as next of kin, even though they weren't married. She may have HAD to return to positively ID the body and for him to be released to her.

2432 days ago


You gotta feel for the guy; his buddy is dead, his god daughter & his buddy's wife is in pain, and he can't leave to do anything about it. That really sucks...

Let's give the Heath Ledger thing a rest, TMZ. Do what you do best: showing what an unbelievable dumbass & retard SLUTney spears is...

2432 days ago

chillout music girl    

may he be buried in peace..... and all his lovers find peace 2.
I am only truly sorry for matilda and heath's immediate family...........

2432 days ago

chillout music girl    

I guess some other hot guy will have to marry gemma ward............. at least gemma is still around for the papers to interview

2432 days ago


Never fails to amaze me how such trajedies can bring out the most vulgar, rude and inappropriate comments.
Respect is a learned behaviour, which somehow bypassed some of the people on this comment board.

Jake, with quiet respect, a warm hug and sincere condolencenses to you, Michelle and Little Matilda, and Heaths grieving family. There are never enough words to express with all sincerity how sad we all are for your loss. I know I am saddened by the loss of so many wonderful things I am sure we would have seen from this precious young man in the future.
Thoughts, Prayers and many tears to all of you.

2432 days ago


was he the last to butt do heath or was it one of the olsen twins?

2432 days ago


I have to agree that Heath would have not appreciated all this media. Poor Jake just lost a very good friend of his and is probably still in shock and of course extremely upset. Please leave him alone to grieve and mourn this terrible loss in private. There is probably nothing worse than trying to grieve and having to share that with the entire world when you'd rather be left alone. Matilda is in very good hands, we all know how sweet of a guy Jake is and that he will help Michelle take very good care of Matilda,

RIP Heath.

2432 days ago

amanda huggenkiss    

Where is Jake Gyllenhaal? At a guess, I'd say trying to come to terms with the sudden and tragic loss of a close friend. Leave him to grieve in peace:(

2432 days ago


i'm not a person who is terribly enamored by celebrities; i find many of them to be shallow self-obsessed morons. the simplicity in the way he lead his life was a refreshing change from the norm. perhaps that is why there seems to be a very public outpouring of emotion because of his death.

2431 days ago


I knew the scared, closeted little homo would be in hiding when Heath died. I guess Austin is pleased, eh, Jake?
Jake G aka Toothy Tile is a sad excuse for a human being. Heath was worth a hundred Jakes. Will it be too much for you to step up to the plate and be a real godfather to Tildy now? Guess so. You're too busy trying to convince what's left of your fanbase that you're straight.

2431 days ago


Jeez! AndI was so sure that the *first* thing on Jake's mind would be calling Miss Harvey and Her Merry Band of Ghouls.

Get a frickin' grip, girls!

2431 days ago


To 65, I hope you dont have a kid and your just a messed up one. If not,WOW!

2431 days ago
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