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WTF -- Britney Left??

1/23/2008 2:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney left?!? Appears so! TMZ was in the courtroom when her case was called. Britney was in the building, but never made it to the courtroom. When the Commish asked her attorney if she was coming back, she answered "I don't know whether she'll be here or not," adding, "I don't want to delay the hearing."

K-Fed was sworn in and the media were cleared from the courtroom.

As we reported, Brit's lawyers want to restore visitation in a "therapeutic setting" -- translated: she needs mental help. If Brit isn't there to testify, she'll win a Grammy for "Blackout" before she gets visitation back.

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Cluck You PETA    


She clearly doesn't want to see her kids. She needs to stop wasting the courts time with all this bull.

2473 days ago


This is ridiculous! How many times have we seen this happen? Obviously, she cares very little if she ever sees her children again... and is only "showing up" to get more attention out of everyone... only to leave when the hard stuff (aka: the actual hearing) begins. She has become nothing but a huge waste of time for everyone and it's about time we stop even caring what goes on in Britney Spears' twisted, screwed-up world!

2473 days ago


The real crazy talk is the comment about her getting a Grammy. Now that's nuts.

2473 days ago


Another publicity stunt at everyone else's expense. The bitch needs to stop crying for herself. I hope the courts don't give her anymore special treatment. She's not gonna comply with anything, its pretty obvious, she does what she wants too.The kids are better off without her- she's too into herself to care about anyone else. I feel so bad for them kids, their gonna have serious issues all because of her. She's a waste of air.

2473 days ago


Britney is one stupid egg....

How can anybody feel sorry for an ass of a mother.

She's cold hearted...and cares not for her kids.

The Government should step in..and lock the germ up.

2473 days ago

from Canada    

I guess she realized she will never get her kids back, so she went home to make more babies with her sandman.

2473 days ago


I think it's clear... she is not capable of thinking clear, so until she is "better" she really shouldn't be seeing her children. She has to hit an emotional bottom and get the help she needs. What she doesnt need is a bunch of "yes people" surrounding her , using her. She is a person with feelings & problems. So sad, such a waste...people need to understnad there is no shame in having problems and needing help...oh, wait, I guess in the world she lives in there is....

2473 days ago


I'd still like to do her!

2473 days ago


That judge should order manditory spaying of that bitch!!!

2473 days ago


didn't see that

2473 days ago


How Brit- how's that recording career goinmg?

ha ha ha ha

2473 days ago


This is crazy! No other court in this country would put up with this!!! She doesn't want to be a mother. If she were really trying, she would ATTEND every hearing, take parenting classes and stop running around in the spotlight! Funny how she doesn't want to be seen in court but has no problem being out at clubs and such at all hours. She needs to get it together!!!

2473 days ago


Britney is not going to stop until she needs to work at Burger King to make ends meet. She has to be the hardest headed person ever! Even Courtney Love made it to court. Damn girl get your life right!

2473 days ago


Okay, before anyone bashes her anymore than she's been bashed.. Maybe something happened unexpectedly. She showed up for her Depo, and arrived today, so i'm sure theres an explanation for this.

2473 days ago


Is anyone surprised. She doesn't care about those poor kids. Its sad, I feel bad for them...

2473 days ago
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