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Britney Pissed: Get the Eff Out of My Way!!!

1/24/2008 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears ditched her custody hearing yesterday right after walking through metal detectors -- but she told TMZ it was a "wonderful" day. *your eye rolling here*

Our photogs caught a bitter Brit in Hollywood yesterday -- where the braless optimist was allegedly driving on Sunset at speeds near 100 mph and on the wrong side of the road. She made two stops at Petco -- the second one to pick up her new assistant, who had been forgotten on the first stop. Then her ladyship dropped the F-bomb when someone blocked her exit.

Britney was again denied visitation in the hearing she skipped.


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Who does this bitch think she is!! Last time I checked she didn't own the road or parking lots in LA.. Someone needs to kick this bitches ROYAL ASS!!

2466 days ago


I am glad to see the judge taking a stand against Britney and not giving in to her celebrity. He is treating her just like any other unfit mother with a mental illness. He is forcing her to get a psychological evaluation and treatment or she will not get to see her kids under any other condition. It will be a long road until the doctors will deem her safe and balanced enough for her to see her kids. The doctors K-Fed and the judge are going to send her to will not be celebrity struck doctors at Cedars-Cinai. Who by the way do not know the difference between 10 mgs and 10,000 mgs and gave that to Dennis Quaids twins, some hospital. And oh, letting a so-called unlicensed Dr. Phil enter Britneys room, the hospital needs to be investigated.

2466 days ago


I can't believe thats what she wore to the Courthouse yesterday. If she appeared in my Court looking like that I would have thrown her out until she dressed properly. Sheese with all your money buy a frickin bra and a decent blouse already.

2466 days ago


She was doing 100 MPH??? When is someone going to arrest this woman for breaking traffic laws? After she kills someone?

2466 days ago

Tove B    

WHY DENY BRITNEY VISITATION?? DID she kill anyone? This custodybattle is spiralling out of control.
It seems like media and Kevin and his lawyers are have succeded in creating the witchhunt of the year. When are they going to stop. ?? when Britney truly breaks down, has an accident or even worse. Since when do you deny a mother visitation of her children, She hasnt hurt them. She may have been irresponsble stupid and hysterical but she is still their mother. Since she according to "everyone" is mentally unstable (understandable with regard to her situation) she should be granted the right to see her kids (supervised) but it is probably seeing her kids that will eventually help her to take responsibility för herself as a mother, Honestly. When those kids grow up and learn what their father has done to their mother .. unbelievable.

2466 days ago


Well, see, y'all, once I got to the courthouse, someone told me about Heath Ledger. I knew that I wouldn't be front page news today even if I went into the courtroom, so why bother? I'll wait until after his funeral to do 'anything" to get my girls, er, my boys, back. I hope no one else ups and dies and takes attention away from me or I'm gonna have to leave again. Selfish people taking up space on my magazine covers!!!!

2466 days ago


I checked out the pictures of Brit going into court that are posted on x17. You simply MUST see them. The same worn out, torn at the collar, thread-bare number you see in this photo, but:

Holy MoG, she's wearing it WET, and of course, no bra. She's pulling the shirt every which way, and you can see some dry spots on it. It looks like she just poured a bottle of water over herself as she was pulling into the parking lot. You can see everything, but it's not a pretty sight anymore.

There's a pic of her leaving, and the shirt is nearly dry, so be sure you see the pics on the way into court.

2466 days ago

Lori B    

It just gets curiouser and curiouser

2466 days ago

Mr Poop Scoop    

Something VERY bad will have to happen to her so she will hit bottom hard and get some help both physically and mentally. I don't feel at all sorry for her because everyone including the court is trying to get her help and she is refusing. I think she has very serious problems and this is the only way she can get better unless she off's herself, which I think could happen if she goes on a binger like she did when the cops came last time.

2466 days ago


Britney you need lots of help.You don't know how to be a good mother to your beautiful boys.Dress like a lady,not like a whore.Leave Hollywood for good.Be a STABLE woman.Tell the papparazzi to go elsewhere.Don't give them an inch.

2466 days ago

Lori B    

15. If she always forgets her assistants while she's out doing whatever it is that she does, who's to say that she wouldn't forget the boys somewhere???

Keep the children well away from her!!!!!

Posted at 8:56AM on Jan 24th 2008 by geez ...
You have a really good point there.

2466 days ago


Not that Britney doesn't invite attention, but with the paps and the media constantly following her, blocking her car in, etc., it's only a matter of time before we're going to see the same ending that we saw with Princess Diana.

2466 days ago

sally Q    

ok idiots she was wearing a black dress for court look at the pics of her entering in the black navigator... the shirt is a multi printed one almost tye dyed and that is what she wore AFTER she left court it's not wet duh!

2466 days ago


I'm not from L.A. but I did visit the city back in 2006 and while driving around sight-seeing, I commented to my family that I
wasn't seeing any policemen on the road. Maybe it was an off week or something but I figure that in a city the size of L.A. there had to be more police presence. Anyone from there have any thoughts ? If there is a strong police presence, why in the hell hasn't this lunatic girl and her band of photogs been hauled off to jail for reckless driving? I drove down Sunset and Hollywood Blvds., the traffic was bumper to bumper I couldn't go 40 mph much less 100 (which I think is an exageration btw.) I fear that someone is going to get killed as this whole "Chasing Miss Britney" thing has become a total obsession and needs to be put to and end by the authorities. Are ya' listening Arnie?

2466 days ago


No Adhole-Goes to court and stays. Adhole back-leaves court.Hmmmmmmmmmmm

2466 days ago
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