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Ricky Martin: Livin' La Vida Gorda

1/24/2008 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Despite not having a U.S. hit for a few years, Ricky Martin is still a big star -- literally!

The bundled up hunk made his way through the West Village on Wednesday, looking like he's spending less time shaking his bon bon -- and more time eating them!


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First of all hes not fat, hes body building idiots. and second of all ricky martin is huge. just because americans dont listen to his music doesn't mean he's gone. the rest of the world loves ricky martin. this guy just came off the biggest tour of his career. lastly ricky martin recorded in english because he felt like it, hes always been loyal to his spanish speaking audience and always will be,

2466 days ago


OMG: Guys he's not fat he's wearing like 6 layers- it's freezing here in NYC, a bit different for you guys in Chino!
I like him even more now...
Did you see how adorable he was to those nightmares wanting their pictures taken.

He Rocks My World!

2466 days ago


He looks great and better than all the laguna beach and the hills nobodys that are always on te magazines what have they ever done........Ricky looks relax why because he is always a positive person.

2466 days ago


Oh please people - it's just a bad shot and he's wearing layers of clothing. There are pictures of him as recently as November of 2007 and he's still as thin as ever. whatever TMZ.

2466 days ago


he´so cute and like´s so him alone,he´s enjoyed the life

2466 days ago


Ok TMC, you call that gorda? First of all learn Spanish, gorda is feminine and gordo is masculine.

Honestly, all you celebrity chasers need to get a life, and you should be more thn thankful that he lets you take pictures of him.

Remember that’s the only way TMZ will survive is by stalking celebrities..

2466 days ago


He looks like he is enjoying life and looks great as always, it's crap to say that he gained weight, who cares? I wish people would care about more important things then someone gaining 5 pounds, it's ridiculous.
They should think about why so many stars are taking drugs? Are they not able to get there kicks in a different way. Thank God Ricky Martin looks healthy and happy!

2466 days ago


Figures it's men that hate the fact that women go crazy for him. Extra pounds or not, none of the men that add comments on this page have the charisma, looks, moves and talents that he has! Stop hating on him!

2466 days ago


He has stuff in his front jacket pockets too! He doesn't look big at all to me! That is anything but chunky!

2466 days ago


Hey guys i'm from Puerto Rico and I can tell you about all the unpoverished children he,s helped thru his foundations. Certainly his weight is worth gold and we are proud.

2462 days ago


I actually think he looks cute and realistic like that. I grew up knowing Ricky and his image has hardly change. I like it!!!

2462 days ago
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