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Ultimate Warrior: Hulk Should Do Himself In

1/24/2008 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ultimate WarriorFormer face-painting wrestling superstar and current homophobe Ultimate Warrior is using Heath Ledger's death as an opportunity to take serious shots at Heath, gays and his former rival, Hulk Hogan.

In a post on his blog titled "dead long before 28," the idiot Warrior refers to Heath as "Leather Hedger," and facetiously praises the late actor's parenting skills by saying he "did what it took to kill himself," adding, "His kid is without a father, yes, but the negative influence is now removed and his own child has the chance for a full recovery."

Warrior also refers to "Brokeback Mountain" as "Bendover Brokeback" and mockingly praises Heath's courage for taking the role. All this from a man who became famous for oiling himself up and running around in man-panties and teased hair!

But the bashing wasn't over -- Warrior then went after Hulk Hogan's fathering skills, saying, "He insists on sticking around ... ruining, and profiting off of, the parentally mismanaged lives of his own children."


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Vince this should help out your argument-


2360 days ago


To say Heston was an a-hole is an understatement. There were kids killed by guns and he saw that as a time to talk about how guns are great. Doesn't matter what your views are he had no respect for dead kids, why should we respect him in death?

Ledger on the other hand was known in Hollywood as a very nice person who loved his fans and worked his butt off for each role he did, plus he didn't force his political views on people like Heston. Heath is going to be incredible as The Joker.

2360 days ago


1. The rehab stuff was not proven to be lies, and Heath's friends have stated in interviews that they saw his death coming. Friends have no reason to lie. You lose.
2. Fox is a respectable news source, except to dim witted liberals. Fox retracted nothing. I'm not Fred Phelps, but, yes, I do disagree with the gay agenda. It's immoral. You lose.
3. The medical examiner ruled that Heath's death was due to the ABUSE OF PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION. His words, not mine. Abuse = Heath's fault. Heston wasn't a cray radical; most Americans agree with the right to bear arms. It's a Constitutional right. Why do you hate America? Sorry, but Heston's a hero, not a psycho. I'm not a warmonger or redneck, but I AM a proud conservative. You lose.
4. Joker, you're not very smart. According to your logic, since kids get killed in car crashes, we must ban cars. Otherwise, we're disrespecting children. Guns are NOT bad. A gun is an inanimate object that can be used for both good and bad. Many children's lives have been saved by guns. It's an emotional, illogical view to be for banning guns. Your assertion that Heston disrespected children is pure rubbish. Heston was a hero who lived a moral life. Ledger was a punk. No comparison. Heston is a much bigger legend than Heath will ever be. Sorry. Heston forced his views on people? Wrong. Heston never forced anyone to own a gun. You're the one forcing your FASCIST views by wanting to take guns away from law abiding citizens. Criminals will have guns whether they're legal or not, so your logic is pathetic. You lose.
5. It's settled. I can't be defeated on Heath Ledger or on the issue of guns. I'm a genius. That's why I'm a conservative.

2360 days ago


People who are anti-gun seem to be very uneducated and rely on emotion instead of logic and facts. They think that guns are bad, even though cops carry them. They thihnk that banning guns is a good thing, even though it would just embolden criminals to break into people's homes. Criminals would have nothing to fear then. If you're anti-gun, you hate the Constitution and, by extension, America. It doesn't surprise me that those who worship Heath Ledger hate America; he was an immoral, degenerate punk. What has happened to society?
Charlton Heston is a LEGEND and is much more respected than Heath Ledger will ever be. TheJoker, you lose. You're not just a joker, but a joke (and a sissy, since only girly men fear guns). As Sigmund Freud once wrote, "A fear of weapons is the sign of retarded emotional and sexual maturity." Grow up. Guns SAVE lives and are a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. You'd wet your bed if someone broke into your home.

2360 days ago


Heston was an "a-hole" because he supported the Constitution? Now that's the dumbest statement that I've ever read. Bwahahahahahahaha, I win!

2360 days ago


Heath Ledger = degenerate drug abuser who had at least one kid out of wedlock.
Charlton Heston = legend who fought for our Constitutional rights.
It's no contest who was the better person. Ledger's in hell. Bwahahahahahahahaha, I win!

2360 days ago


MODEL REBECCA WHITE, NOT AN UNNAMED SOURCE, stated in an interview that she heard Ledger personally ask Naomi Campbell for cocaine and that she saw him take ecstasy in Paris. Checkmate. There's no reason for her to lie, and she could be sued if she were lying. Furthermore, Michelle Williams has NEVER denied that Heath had a drug problem. I win. I win. I win. I win. I win. Heath's dead. Heath's dead. Heath's dead. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha! Man, I feel good! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! It's over; I win.

2360 days ago


I've never lost a debate about anything because the facts are always on my side. Only a naive buffoon would think that Heath was clean all of his life. What a bunch of morons! Of course, when enough time has passed, Michelle Williams will talk EXTENSIVELY about Heath's drug problems; she's just not ready yet. BTW, she's an UGLY DOG. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I love being right. Heath's in hell. Heath's in hell. Heath's in hell. Charlton Heston is in heaven.

2360 days ago


Who is the dimwit who keeps saying he is winning ? Buddy we're arguing on an internet message board, it's pretty safe to say we're all losers here. If you're such a winner you'd be out getting laid not arguing on

So Heath might have been on drugs huh ? WHO CARES !! That doesn't take away from the fact that he was a fantastic actor who was known for being very nice to even the lowest people working on the set. That's what he will remembered for, what a kind hearted person he was and what an outstanding actor, not the mistakes he might have made. Just like Brando and James Dean, both are known for being great actors but not known for being drug addicts which they both were proven to be. I've seen this drug video and in it he clearly says " I don't do that stuff anymore because of my baby girl". Even if he was at one point on illegal drugs he was obviously trying to turn his life around. In the video he also talks about a tattoo of his daughter's name to remind him that she means everything to him. To even remotly suggest Heston is more of an icon is crazy ,the stars of today get much more media exposure and are much more well known. Besides his performance in Brokeback is regarded as one of the best of all time and people are predicting his performance as The Joker will be the greatest in cinema history.

What is "nomal", doing a 9 to 5 ? Having 2.5 kids ? Having a 401 K ? Props to Heath for living life to the fullest while the rest of us schlubs live our meaningless boring lives. He was known throughout Hollywood as a very nice person and he donated tons of money to charities, he was an incredible talent that will be greatly missed.

As for Heston, I guess they can take the gun from his cold dead hands now.

2359 days ago

Mike Carrano    

To those of you who disagree with Warrior’s views, contrast what he’s accomplished with his life versus all you’ve done with yours… and then recognize that his staggering success is direct evidence of the fact that his views WORK… as opposed to yours. A man of profound discipline, integrity and education, not only is the man a tier 1 athlete and a sports legend, but he’s also a doctor. Do you actually believe these credentials are arbitrary?

When all the tender, pasty-bellied, P.C. weaklings lining up at the troth can do is criticize not the actual logic behind the man’s arguments, but the righteous disgust he exudes with concern to the trajectory of today’s culture when making them — and who could deny that the trend of is disgusting? — it pays to recognize that the only reason they do so is because of the recognition of their own moral inferiority in the wake of a man who stolidly refuses to compromise his ideals. The insensitivity they claim that motivates them is only the most convenient excuse to hide behind.

The irony here is that the criticism of the convictions of the Ultimate warrior only serves to expose the critic for what he actually is: a hater of MORALITY. I say this because the last time I checked, the hallmark of the moral deviant has always been his contempt for the good, the noble and the virtuous for precisely the reason that they are good, noble and virtuous… and that he is not.

2402 days ago



2345 days ago


brasdu, how can it be roid rage when Warrior isn't on steroids? Furthermore, there's no real evidence that roid rage exists. Mike Carrano, I totally agree with you.

2398 days ago


Heath Ledger was a crack head and the wariior rules.
I don`t see what everyone is soooo upset about???
Heath died because he was a piece of crap and on drugs and warrior is the man.

2344 days ago


Idiot he wasn't on crack. How was he a piece of crap ? He was known around Hollywood as a great humble guy and donated thousands to charities.

Joe you are a waste of human life, please die.

2344 days ago


Joe is just another nitwit. There is ZERO proof Ledger was ever on crack or any illegal drug. He died because he mixed sleeping pills and anxiety pills, both of which he was known to have for a long time. He was a great actor and everyone who ever met him said he was incredibly nice and polite, and all the charity work he did was great also. He was a much better person then you will ever be Joe, do us all a favor and jump off a cliff.

2344 days ago
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