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Britney: Yes, I'm Sick -- But in a Good Way!

1/25/2008 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miss Britney Jean Spears, when told to wear a coat against getting sick ... said "I'm already very sick, but in a good way." Oh, lordy.

TMZ caught Spears making two late-night trips to Rite-Aid, where she also attempted metaphysical philosophy by saying Heath Ledger is "... still here, no one ever really dies."

Later, British Brit worked out at 24 Hour Fitness for more than two hours ... BTW, she started working out at 1:30 AM and stayed for more than two hours. Welcome to her world.


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just wondering, hard to tell if she is just playing with the papps or her accent is a real other personality, I hope it is her just playing, but a real dumb thing to be doing in light of her custody mess, cause this video is going to be requested for sure by Kaplan...

2460 days ago


Okay, she isn't mentally ill, she is just stupid. Very stupid.

2460 days ago


20. Dear TMZ-It doesn't seem to register with you that most of the public would be happy as could be if we didn't see one story on Britney Spears. Lindsay lohan, Paris Hilton. jennifer Anniston, or any other host of celebrities shoved down our throats on a minute to minute basis. Your site is growing completely stale becasue of your silly infatuation with these spoiled women who don't seserve the attention they are getting. It is boring .

Posted at 12:21PM on Jan 25th 2008 by Oden


And you have some sort of uncontrollable compulsion that requires you to visit celebrity gossip sites?

Good grief.

2460 days ago

MIA's Finest    

Why is Brit always going to RiteAid late nights? Seriously, i really hope her family rallys together and get her the help she so desprately needs.

2460 days ago


The last assistant's bdy must be in the trunk..............she REALLY didn't want them to see something in there.

2460 days ago


I swear to God, I can't figure out if this chick has some kind of legitimate problem or if she is just very immature. I'm going with the latter. She's most definately not bi-polar because she isn't demonstrating extreme mood swings. We see footage of her every day and her moods are pretty much all the same. She is just a 20 something year old person with the mentality and maturity of a 12 or 13 year old. Playing make beleive by talking in an English accent (my friends and I used to do crap like that when we were teenagers. Check), driving around at all hours, acting goofy, going in and out of stores and gas stations, farting around, making funny faces (lots of kids do crap like this, check, check, check). Doesn't want anything to do with her kids. Can you blame her? I sure as hell wouldn't have wanted to be bothered with two snotty nosed kids when I was a teenager. All we wanted to do was run around and have fun. Nope, the only thing wrong with Britney is she never grew up. Unfortunately, that only thing wrong is a big wrong.

2460 days ago


Seriously tmz you need to leave this poor girl alone.I really feel sorry for her,and I think that she is a sweet girl..sure she's made some mistakes but she is only one can really know what she feels,no one should pass judgment on another person especially when they don't even know the person.I like her and I am completely with her when she says that Heath Ledger is still here,no one ever really dies..we only die physically,and we become spiritual beings.Death is only a door to a new and better even though deaths are and can be tragic,just no that they are in a better place..a place much better than being stuck here on earth that's for sure.I can't stand it when people say "oh such and such would still be here now if they didn't do this or that"..but you must realize that every single person's death is already planned the day you were born..just like psychic sylvia browne says "death is NEVER and accident"so I hate it when people say that when a person dies,they could have maybe somehow prevented wrong.

2460 days ago

Be kind to animals    

I just wish she'd do something crazy enough to cause her to be under house arrest -- forever.

2460 days ago



2460 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

I read a story on msnbc that Britney tried to pick up some kids at an elementary school. First saying she was there to get her kids then it changed to her picking up her lawyers' kids.

School officials talked her out of it and she left.

Why wasn't TMZ on this?

2460 days ago


the paps have the best job in the world they get paid lots of money 2 take a few pics they get 2 meat and talk 2 hot britney spears (when shes in good mood) some people wud kill just 2 meat her and paps now even have a chance of geting with her if she likes u over time and what ur saying what a job 2 good

2460 days ago


WHAT is with the GD British Accent I mean seriously she has lost about every last ounce of credibility she had left. So sad to be on top of the world and crash to the bottom so effin hard.

2460 days ago


She wants us to believe that Heath is "still here" because he stole headlines from her...

2460 days ago


Drugs, Drugs, Drugs... which are good, which are bad... drugs, drugs, drugs....ask your mom or ask you dad....

2460 days ago


Will someone please get this girl off the road, and into a mental hospital? How are we allowing this looney to walk the streets.

2460 days ago
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