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Heidi Gets Judge All Hot and Really Bothered

1/25/2008 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi MontagHeidi Montag is getting one guy in deep doo-doo, and it's not Spencer.

During court proceedings in Rowan County, N.C., Judge Kevin Eddinger caught lawyer Todd Paris checking out a Maxim magazine with the topless Heidi on its cover. The judge was so steamed about it, he threw the book (not the mag) at the attorney. According to the Salisbury Post, the judge fined Todd $300, gave him a 15-day suspended jail sentence and put him on unsupervised probation. Who knew Heidi could cause such a stir?

The judge showed the cover to the courtroom, and no surprise -- the crowd erupted in laughter.


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Something must be wrong with me, I think shes an idiot. But, I also think shes hot!! Somebody slap me.

2432 days ago


Y is every1 making such a fuss over her stupid cover?????????? Not that i expected a whole lot from maxim but one else was available? and who dressed this girl?

2432 days ago


Well, no doubt porn is next for Heidi. I am sure Spencer will be the director too. Hey Heidi, skip your next plastic surgery and get those big buck teeth fixed.

2432 days ago


Her and pube face Spencer are perfect for each other. I predict a home sex tape hitting the internet any day now. Or Penthouse, Playboy is too good for her.

2432 days ago



2432 days ago


She's an idiot, but I have to say she's cute.

If I were a cowboy visiting a brothel in 1870 or so I would be very happy to see her waiting for me. I'm not so happy to see her on my TV or computer screen attempting to be famous however.

2432 days ago


Quit being so mean people - she does look pretty in this picture!!!

2432 days ago


i agree with everyone........but hey a girl's gotta make money shell try playboy and then have a guest spot with the "kardashhians or whatevaa' and be in a whacky str8 to dvd movie with jessica simpson...and then her and her bf are gonna have a sextape....and then she's gonna get pregnant..and..then she's gonna run over someone's..foot..and then she's gonna cut off her hair i mean face...then we wont have to see it any more hehe......

2432 days ago

What Would Xmas Be Without Warrants Served In Annas Death    

I desire to have sex of what there is of her butt.

2432 days ago


#55 made me laugh out loud

2432 days ago


Hey Heidi why the long face?! LMAO

2432 days ago

Why am I even bothering?    

She swears that she is Christian and that she always reads her bible and makes Spencer go to church with her. What a hypocrite. She should know then that Christians are not supposed to be greedy or vain, both of which she obviously is. She tries to claim that Hollywood hasn't changed her and that she had such a humble upbringing, but all I see of her is designer clothes, shoes, bags, expensive cars, and obviously more need to get the limelight = GREED. And as for living with Spencer and commenting on their pre-marital sex life, another bible rule broken. But worst of all she is obviously so full of herself. Vanity like this makes me sick. She gave an interview about her plastic surgery like we are supposed to feel sorry for her, "Oh no, you had to wear padded bras! Oh my gosh, you got teased in high school? Imagine that! Poor little rich girl!" I'd be OK with her if she owned up to being a greedy, vain, hoochie mama, hypocrite. I don't live by those rules either (except for the greedy, vain part) but I don't pretend that I do either...

2432 days ago


The best was when maxim had Brooke Hogan on the cover. They cropped about 40 pounds off of her and made her face smaller. So I can only imagine what they did to these pictures of Heidi. I'm not trying to be mean, its the truth.

2432 days ago


She looks like she just jumped into a trash can and came out with no clothes but a trash bag!

2432 days ago


ha ha ha! "who the f*** is this?" people will be saying that.
honestly why did they even put her on the cover

2432 days ago
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