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Mary Kate On Tape After Heath Dies

1/25/2008 2:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A clearly upset Mary-Kate Olsen was hurrying out of an office in Beverly Hills -- around the time she allegedly received a panicked phone call from Heath Ledger's masseuse.
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Olsen hid behind a friend as she quickly made her way to her car. Meanwhile, police sources tell TMZ reports that cops want to grill Mary Kate are completely bogus. The NYPD has no intention of interviewing her. As of now, sources say it looks like Heath's heart stopped after combining two prescription drugs. We're told it looks like his death was accidental. We should know more next week.

Heath Ledger -- click to launch

J.Lo, It's Xenu -- We're Ready for Your Children

Jennifer Lopez is due to push out her twins any day now, so TMZ was wondering -- will Jenny from the Block keep quiet during the birth?
Jennifer Lopez, Leah Remini
And by quiet we mean silent, as in silent birth. Here's the deal. Scientologists insist on absolute silence in the delivery room -- no talking, no shouting and definitely no questionable singing. And while Jennifer isn't a Xenuite, her BFF Leah Remini (right) is. In fact, Leah was one of the first celebs to see Suri after Katie Holmes' silent birth.

Will Leah convince J.Lo to shut the **** up? Even L. Ron couldn't seal that deal.

TMZ e-mailed J.Lo's rep for comment, but there's no response yet. Xenu was unavailable for comment.

Ultimate Warrior: Hulk Should Do Himself In

Former face-painting wrestling superstar and current homophobe Ultimate Warrior is using Heath Ledger's death as an opportunity to take serious shots at Heath, gays and his former rival, Hulk Hogan.
Ultimate Warrior
In a post on his blog titled "dead long before 28," the idiot Warrior refers to Heath as "Leather Hedger," and facetiously praises the late actor's parenting skills by saying he "did what it took to kill himself," adding, "His kid is without a father, yes, but the negative influence is now removed and his own child has the chance for a full recovery."

dead wrestlers -- click to launchWarrior also refers to "Brokeback Mountain" as "Bendover Brokeback" and mockingly praises Heath's courage for taking the role. All this from a man who became famous for oiling himself up and running around in man-panties and teased hair!

But the bashing wasn't over -- Warrior then went after Hulk Hogan's fathering skills, saying, "He insists on sticking around ... ruining, and profiting off of, the parentally mismanaged lives of his own children."

Hard Rock Royalty: Who Are the Lucky Seven?

Everybody knows that deep-pocketed people get the most perks in Las Vegas -- Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has a "Rock Royalty Card" for their favorite few. You'll never guess which seven celebs have been knighted in Sin City fashion!
Hard Rock Royalty
The perks (at least the ones they'll tell us about) include transport on the Hard Rock private jet, access to the Bowling Alley Penthouse Suite and other celebrity suites, full access to club Body English and the Joint concert venue -- plus VIP pool treatment. There are only fifty of these cards in the universe!

Don't even think about it.

You'll Never Guess Who the Hell This Is!

Before turning herself into a sexy vamp, this blonde, fresh-faced teenager was just another California high school senior in 1990. Guess who she transformed into?!
Who dat?!

memba them -- click to launch

Heidi Gets Judge All Hot and Really Bothered

Heidi MontagHeidi Montag is getting one guy in deep doo-doo, and it's not Spencer.

During court proceedings in Rowan County, N.C., Judge Kevin Eddinger caught lawyer Todd Paris checking out a Maxim magazine with the topless Heidi on its cover. The judge was so steamed about it, he threw the book (not the mag) at the attorney. According to the Salisbury Post, the judge fined Todd $300, gave him a 15-day suspended jail sentence and put him on unsupervised probation. Who knew Heidi could cause such a stir?

The judge showed the cover to the courtroom, and no surprise -- the crowd erupted in laughter.

Valerie Harper from "Rhoda": 'Memba Her?!

Valerie Harper is famous for playing Rhoda Morganstern on two '70s TV series, "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Rhoda," and for her stint on the '80s show "Valerie." Guess what she looks like now!
Valerie Harper


No Avatar


MY EYES!!! What the HELL is she doing on MAXIM?? She Does'nt even look FEMININE!! TMZ I will be sending U my Bill 4 Therapy!! HAHA

2431 days ago


ok "Ultimate Warrior"...a guy who made a living wearing makeup, spandex and groping other men (not to mention the histrionics) is homophobic? the kettle. Methinks someone doth protest too much.

2431 days ago


ultimate warrior, means nothing to us then and nothing to us now. if he dies we wouldn't even shed a tear. as i recall didn't he use steriods when he wrestlings for wwwe back in the days.

2431 days ago


how in the world can the ultimate warrior, what a laugh that name is, make such obscene and ludacris comments about a young man that died before his time. heath had the courage and strength of a thousand men to play the role of ennis del mar and he was also in other films such as Candy, Ten things i hate about you, Monster's Ball and The Covenant. how long did the ulitmate warrior, laugh laugh, wrestle before he became a laughing stock and a nobody that my dead grandmother could probably beat, i think all the roids he did really took their toll on this tool.

2431 days ago


Everyone is entitled to there own opinion. It's called Freedom of Speach. Althugh we may not agree with what we see or hear it's everyone rioght to speak their mind. A good actor has passed on, we mourn the death and move on. Life continues wether we like people regardless of their sexual preference, ethnic backround, race, religion, ect.................Everyone means something to someone in life just remember if you want to be remembered is a good way, your the one that needs to make possible.

2431 days ago


I'm finding it hard to believe that J-Lo and her husband would shame their families like that by aligning themselves with the Scientology cult. The Latino culture is a proud and family-oriented one, and I am thinking this is just a bunch of crap. However, Leah Remini does seem to be a Scientology drone who manages to go around becoming BFF's with pregnant women....

2431 days ago


ok enough about heath hes dead im tired of hearing about it so he killed himself leave it alone enough is enough shut up about it

2431 days ago


I'm sorry but as a mother who has given birth to 3 kids (2 natural,1c - section) I can say that while everyone is entiled to their own religious beliefs i think is stupid and crazy to think that being silent during a birth exspeicaly a first birth which most of us know can take forever is going to change anything in the end. So good luck to you J-Lo but believe me screaming and blaming your husband has been around for ages and i believe the majority of us turned out just great.

2431 days ago


My parents sued RLH for taking my Dads' Mother for a pile of money when she was 86 yrs old. They recovered most of it for her. He was a crook and a con artist and now he has a cult going. I never realized just how lucky these movie stars are to have a talent that gets them an easy way to make a living because they have no brains. I am surprized at J LO she comes from a very religious family they must be horrifed that she has dropped God for a man that was a snake.

2431 days ago


Look at what this "warriror " does for a living LOL He is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He knocks everyone becuse of his own low self esteem. Anyman that has to wear spandex and rat his hair and face paint and jump up and down in a ring with other men ?? He is just another ignorant wanna be humn.

2431 days ago


On the Ultamite Warrior comments, If you guys read the entire blog He's right in a sick and twisted way. He uses hogan and ledger as examples, famous people get headlines and our troops die everyday and nothing is even mentioned. HELLLOOO wake the F up people. Yea his comments where out of line but maybe he felt he has to go that route to get his point across, READ the entire blog 1st then make your critizisms. Sadly I have to agree with him for the most part, minus the ledger/brokeback moutian comments.

2431 days ago


Ok first off, Heidi Montag should not be on the cover of Maxim, she's cute but not hot enough to be on there. Second J-Lo doing a silent birth, come on realty. I given birth to two kids and it hurts and you need to scream. But hey each to there own. As for Brittney Spears, I have nothing against the girl, she's screwed up just like everyone else , but her English speaking needs to stop. Your from America and from the south. Really cut it out, you sound stupid. And as for the comment the person earlier about Heath Ledger, first we don't know if he killed himself, so don't jump to anything about that. All right I'm done now.

2431 days ago


I hope the Ultimate Warrior ( or should I say "who") chokes on his leotard. Heath Ledger was an amazing actor with courage that not many people have. Also now there is a little girl who has to grow up with out her daddy, a daddy who loved her so very much. My heart goes out to little Matilda and the rest of Heaths family. Rest In Peace Heath

2431 days ago


Oh and for the Ultimate Warrior, please you run around in tights and wears makeup and your talking about people being GAY. You need to look at yourself in the mirror again and not judge people. Wow Heath did a gay movie, let's just be asses about it. It's a movie and he was acting you idiots! He was a great actor, let him rest in peace.

2431 days ago

Lapacazo sandoval    

I like Leach -- she worked hard and now she is BFF's with some of the richest people in America. I am starting to think -- that mumbo-jumbo of words might have a hook into something real. The thing that turns me off about the religion is they money they want you to shell out ..................... if they were so sure it worked, take one person, from each state, and give them a session free. I would volunteer ....

2431 days ago
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