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Shanna vs. Paris

Ladies in Hating

1/25/2008 12:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna MoaklerShanna Moakler is a big ol' hypocrite -- trash-talking Paris Hilton while blogging about how she doesn't want to be famous for their feud.

Shanna, Miss USA of 1995, writes on her MySpace: "Never in all my life did I ever think having a confrontation with a whore in a club or the complete heartbreaking ups and downs of my marriage which sadly have to play out in front on the public, would take center stage ...

the reality is having a sex tape and letting men piss on you, getting dui's , flashing your crotch and going to jail is apparently today, the image young men and woman strive for to get their foot in the door."

This entry from a woman who put her life on an MTV reality show, posed for Playboy and continues to fan the flames with the Miss Hilton -- even though nobody cares.


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Takes a whore to know a whore

2428 days ago


Just when I was about to get all bored and blue with the gray weather outside, out comes Shanna kickin' azz and takin' names -- Tell it. Shanna; tell it like it is!

2428 days ago


" ... a whore in a club ..."


Priceless --

2428 days ago


Three children from 2 different daddies doesn't make her a whore.

2428 days ago


Maybe if they posted her whole would understand what she was saying better. I think her blog was pretty on target. She is just saying she worked hard to get where she did...but she has to be known for punching stupid Paris Hilton. If you are going to write the news about something...write about the whole thing, not just a part you want to write about.

2428 days ago


To whoever wrote comment #3 about someone being a whore just because they have 3 kids with 2 different people....get a clue. You can only argue that she has had sex with 2 people. That hardly makes her a whore.....

2428 days ago


Shanna won Miss America . Paris did what to get famous???

2428 days ago

AZ Beauty    

She is a gold-digger! She's the kind of girl that gets her hooks into a rich guy but getting knocked up! She knows then that even if they split up, she has her hooks into them forever. Typical of someone like her who has NO talent and can only get a job on a cheesey reality show and spreading her legs in some magazine.


2428 days ago


1) Shanna won the Miss USA pageant;

2) Shanna would probably be MORE famous or at least get more work IF she did whore herself out to the degree that others have in the biz, which she has not ( I think this is the point she's trying to make in her blog... that other people who show their crotch and party all the time and have sex tapes and have famous last names have become famous JUST for that as opposed to doing it the old fashioned way... working for it?) I mean look at someone like Brandon Davis, whose only claim to "fame" - using the term loosely - is being the heir to a fortune and being Paris' buddy???? WTF?

3) Just because she has 3 children from 2 different fathers does not make her a whore... that would make A LOT of other women in this country whores. Just because you have ONE kid with a guy, things end and then you marry another guy and decide to have more children does not make you a whore.

SHOW THE WHOLE BLOG TMZ! Shanna makes a great point!

2428 days ago

Go away!!    

Straight Up, piss hilton's mommy bought her a GED after she failed school because she missed the short yellow bus so often. I recently read her brother is also in a school for the 'challenged'. What a gene pool she has come from,

2428 days ago

MARMAR let someone pee on her?????? grossssss

2428 days ago


#30 -- too bad

A professor? I think not. By the way, professional writers do start sentences with "And." Good writers know when not to sacrifice style for the sake of rigid grammar.

2428 days ago


WOW and she thinks she's not the whore! thats funny

2428 days ago


Is That You Shanna? # 9

2428 days ago


She's right. Paris goes after all her friends husbands or boyfriends. Remember she was hanging out with K Fed not long ago?

2428 days ago
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