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Christian Brando Dies

1/26/2008 7:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Brando Marlon Brando's oldest son, Christian Brando, died early this morning at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles, David Seeley, a lawyer for Marlon Brando's estate confirmed to the AP. He was 49.

Brando had been in the ICU since January 11 for pneumonia.

Seeley said the family had no funeral plans yet, adding, "This is a sad and difficult time for the family."

Christian had a minor roles in a few movies, but his real life was far more compelling; he went to prison for voluntary manslaughter in the death of his half-sister's boyfriend, Dag Drollet. He also was accused by Robert Blake's defense attorneys of having a role in Bonnie Lee Bakley's murder. Bonnie had originally named Brando as the father of her child with Blake.

Sources tell us that Brando had most recently been working in construction under a pseudonym.

Seeley said Brando was unmarried at the time of his death and had no children.


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30. Does anyone know how many other kids Marlon Brando had? They used the word "eldest" son indicating obviously more than one??

Posted at 6:38PM on Jan 26th 2008 by annie2
Wikipedia has it listed as 11

2397 days ago


yea i just read he has alot. he also adopted kids.

2397 days ago


Thank you, #43. Wow, 11. Don't have to worry about the Brando name disappearing, I guess.

2397 days ago

Bob in Oregon    

Marlon Brandow sired some very troubled children.I too feel this one had too many monkeys on his back.On one hand I am sad he had no children.On the other side of this coin,maybe it is a good thing.I guess this often happens when you don't feel you can ever fill Daddys shoes.

2397 days ago


here is whay I found on Marlons wives and kids at wikipedia

by Anna Kashfi:
Christian Brando (b. 1958 - 2008), died of pneumonia
by Movita Castaneda:
Miko C. Brando (b. 1961)
Rebecca Brando Kotlizky (b.1966)
by Tarita Teriipia:
Simon Teihotu Brando (b. 1963) - the only inhabitant of Tetiaroa
Cheyenne (b. 1970 - d. 1995), committed suicide
by adoption:
Petra Brando-Corval (b. 1972), daughter of Brando's assistant Caroline Barrett
Maimiti Brando (b. 1977)
Raiatua Brando (b. 1982)
by Maria Christina Ruiz:
Ninna Brando (b. 1989)
Myles Brando (b. 1992)
Timothy Brando (b. 1994)

2397 days ago


How sad. I am sorry he has passed away.
I know if is not right to kill anyone but he certainly defended his sister.
I pray he finds peace with his father and sister.

2397 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

now they are all dead...... was Robert Blake anywhere near him?

2397 days ago


32. 23. Did he leave a confession stating that he killed Bonny Lee Bakley (Robert Blake's wife)?

Posted at 6:22PM on Jan 26th 2008 by JuicyGirl

Go back to kindergarten, stupid girl.

Posted at 6:43PM on Jan 26th 2008 by Happy To Be Me

Yer gonna feel pretty stoopid when they find his confession and not so happy to be you....

2397 days ago

Linda Lou    

to me, pneumonia in a young person means heavy narcotic abuse. it suppresses breathing and allows fluid to build up in the lungs. and yes, there are nasty strains going around right now that are resistant to conventional antibiotics.

2397 days ago

Lori B    


I hope his sister's child Tuki gets the Brando fortune, and can live with some peace and happiness.

2397 days ago


A fitting end for a murderer.

He only served five years for klling his sisters murderer.

At least now there is justice for that poor victim.

I do not wish murderers to rest in peace. How ludicrous are you loons?

2397 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Here's the second possible pneumonia related death this week of a celebrity man who wasn't even old. Scary.

2397 days ago

Happy To Be Me    

I think Juicy Girl and Blue Jay need to get married, they share the same quality of mind. How unproper of them to post those things at this very serious time, the both of you need to go back to kindergarten and start all over. How assinine of the both of you, he had NOTHING to do with Robert Blake, man, what ding dongs. Geez...PEU to them.

2397 days ago

Happy To Be Me    

I'm just happy that I don't call myself Juicy Girl. Who are you? Paris or Britney?

2397 days ago


christian was a dear friend and will be missed i send condolences to my friends the brando family love kats

2397 days ago
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