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Hillary: Why Is Barack's Bigger than Mine?

1/26/2008 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton spoke at Furman University in South Carolina last week -- but sources say Clinton is pissed because Obama upstaged her -- literally!

On Tuesday, Barack was given access to Furman's 1,400 capacity McAlister Auditorium -- while Clinton made her Thursday speech from the smaller, 500 capacity Younts Conference Center. Apparently, size does matter!

We're told Hillary's people were steamed when they realized that BO had a bigger room -- and complained to the organizers of the events. A call to Clinton's people was not returned.


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You people think we have problems now with this President and this war.

Elect Hillary and you ain't seen nothing. Bill had a chance to get Osama Bin Laden and didn't. He was too busy getting a blow job, but nevertheless...Hillary has no workable plan to end this war in a safe way for the American people.

Hillary has an agenda and it's a personal one, having mostly to do with personal power. She was never really accepted by her father and has been trying to make up for that all these years. She is very calculating in a very scary way.

At least Barack Obama can contain his intelligent and has a vision. He won't be a sell out as the Clinton's are. And he's ethical something the Clinton's never were and never will be.

2460 days ago


Is there anything that Hillarious does not want or can't live without? She doesn't represent me. Living in the DC area makes one privy to the hidden truths about the HillBillies. And it appears that arrangements for damage control outside of the Beltway started years 15 years ago and maybe longer. You'll understand when national care is implemented and our borders become overwhelmed with illegals from every planet in the universe and it TANKS our economy.

2460 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Obama's people got the hall first - end of story. IMO it is still way too early to have such diehard open and honest opinions. I truly believe that if BILL Clinton were able to and did run for president he would win hands down. I'm leary of Obama, leaning towards Hillary, hoping for Bloomberg. I'm a registered independent and never vote party lines. None of the republicans at this point interest me. If I don't like what I see, I don't vote. Keep one name in mind ... Michael Blomberg.

2460 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

*Michael Bloomberg

2460 days ago


Lori - #51
Are you stupid or just ignorant? Do you honestly believe that the ONLY thing Bill Clinton did wrong was have sex with an intern, lie in a court of law about it, and make the USA a laughing stock?
Let's hope the rest of the voting public hasn't forgotten all the lies and underhanded and illegal things that happened during the Clinton administration - ONCE WAS MORE THAN ENOUGH!

2460 days ago


Imagine, voting for Hillary Clinton would actually be putting Bill Clinton in the White House again as "Acting President" through his wife. How could anyone with any common sense want that? I don't!!!

As for "race" issues, when are we adults going to accept what our children already accept? Get over it people, race is just a color of someone's skin on the outside. No matter what one's race is, doesn't mean that they are better or worse than someone else of a different race. It's what's inside the person and what their education and morals are. If your white, there's probably more than one black person that's smarter than you and if your black, there's probably more than one white person smarter than you are ... and that isn't even counting those that are brown, red, yellow, green, etc.!

My vote is for Obama!

2460 days ago


I'm a moderate Republican, although I am not thrilled about what my party is offering. I hope Guiliani gets the nom, but I fear common sense eludes the radicals of BOTH parties.

When Clinton was in office, he rode the success of Reagan's economics (that took several years to yield results). I also long for days of 98 cent gas and stock market success. Unfortunately, economics are in flux and if one does not continue to stimulate the economy it will bring about recession.

My concern with the whole Clinton impeachment was not oral copulation the President received (though, I think it's a shame when elementary school kids were asking what that meant). It was the fact that BEFORE that came out he was uder suspicion for selling US secrets to the Chinese for profit. My concern with Clinton is that while he snorted coke genocide was being committed on massive levels in Darfur.

I do not think Republicans are perfect. I voted both times for Bush and would do it again. Despite that I am unhappy with several policies he has put into effect in this term, and decisions he has made, we did the RIGHT thing by deposing Saddam and stopping more murder and genocide on untold levels. We think we have it bad here sometimes -- try watching whole families get slaughtered for harmless dissent. If we pull out quickly and have no plans to assist the Middle East, much like we did in the early 90's, we will have this occur over again, Afghanastan redux.

By the by, Bush was only in office a couple months before Sept 11th attacks. Clinton was in office 8 years before that. Who do you think was more responsible for it occuring? I am certainly not saying that Clinton knew that would happen ad allowed it; I just believe that he didn't understand the ramificiations.

No nation has ever LOVED Americans, and quite frankly we don't need them to. I think (my opinion only) we need to concentrate on finding more common ground than bickering about right or wrong, which are relative in any case. I am a therapist and always work on my clients' strengths, NOT weaknesses, and I really think that would help our nation more than concentrating on polarizing issues.

Just my opinion, o' course...

2460 days ago


59. Hey Tara, you're either BLACK or a little wig##r who loves black men.

Posted at 11:37AM on Jan 26th 2008 by Pam
#59 you're pathetic....... i will vote for obama.............i'm not black and i'm happily married to a white man..... i have no problems with race..... i do have a problem with lying presidents, first i smoked pot but didn't inhale... uummmm right... at least obama told the truth about what he did as a teenager.... and now days who don't?? i did not have relations with an intern uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm right...... hillary was told to get softened up........and then the tears come........... uuuuuuummmmmmmmm. do i need to say more..... so do i want a honest president or do i want a fake one......... uuuuuummmmmmmmm i don't think i should have to answer that one but i will......... OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and by the way i'm not some young person that don't know their a** from a hole in the ground... i've got grown children and grandkids.........................

2460 days ago

More than a pretty face    

I'm still trying to figure out how 16 years of being first lady (hostess and escort to spouses of visitors) and a term and a half of being a Senator translates to 35 years of experience. What difference does the room size make?

2460 days ago

I am a divorced white female over 50 from California and Obama is getting my vote.


2460 days ago


#68)"jack54" you said it all!!!! i dont think he's getting in....

2460 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

IF THE COUNTRY IS STUPID ENOUGH TO ELECT Hillary they will have elected Bill Clinton as President! Bill is playing the subtle race card to the hilt and I just hope that the people are smart enough to see it. He is a sleazy, lying, person and is doing all the dirty work - leaving Hillary's hand moderately clean. SHE isn't the one who said it - HE IS. I would rather see 10 BLACKS than ONE Hillary. Hillary is one lying BITCH - and don't forget - she was the lawyer who "lost" the papers - she is the one who backed Bill with Monica and blamed the other side, never her pure, innocent husband! She also lied about so many things - but they can't/couldn't PROVE she was lying about Rezo! She is a slippery slope! Asnake in the grass -

2460 days ago

Danielle I agree with your post. Oh and, I just started seeing a therapist and he put me on Wellbutrin and Ativan and my head is buzzing and I feel real nervous. Stopped taking this stuff after Heath died but felt horrible. I'm back on it but it feels very weird.

2460 days ago


I'm a registered "independent" 50 year old white male in Texas. Obama will get my vote.

2460 days ago


I am a 31yr old white woman who just voted for Barack Obama here in South Carolina! GO OBAMA!

2460 days ago
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