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Heath's Death Could Be Natural Causes

1/27/2008 12:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heath LedgerIt sounds strange, but sources intimately connected with the Heath Ledger investigation tell TMZ it's possible the actor died of natural causes.

The reason they think that -- it's now appearing that the level of toxicity (from medication) in Ledger's system was low enough that it may not have caused his death. These sources say Heath's heart stopped. It could have been a heart attack but it's not certain, at least not yet. Although it's bizarre that a 28-year-old could die of natural causes, it happens.

We've also learned authorities do not believe the housekeeper heard Ledger snoring when she walked in his bedroom at around 1:00 PM. Sources tell us, a fireman observed rigor mortis in Ledger's jaw shortly after arriving on scene at around 3:30 PM. Sources say they now believe Ledger was dead for around three hours prior to their arrival, so they don't believe the housekeeper could have heard snoring.

Authorities are also annoyed at news reports that there may have been a sinister plot to remove illegal drugs from Ledger's apartment before cops and firemen arrived. There are reports out there that the masseuse called Mary-Kate Olsen and a plot was hatched to have her bodyguard remove certain drugs. Authorities tell us that's impossible, because the cops were there the entire time the bodyguard was present and there would have been no opportunity to carry out such a plan. They say it's a made up story.

As we first reported, the masseuse contacted the bodyguard because she knew he was a licensed EMT.


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Drugs or no drugs, a young man has died, a son, a brother,a grandson and more importantly a father. Until the results of the pathology have come back, STOP SPECULATING for the sake of his family. How cruel of everyone to do so. No matter how Mr. Ledger passed ,the fact of the matter is he died and his death has impacted not only his family but his fans as well. Let his family grieve and and stop following them and hounding them, show them the respect they deserve at this sad time in their lives.

2407 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Well said posters 521 and 522. And, I couldn't agree with your comments more!!!!

2407 days ago


he's dead , i get it, enough already

2407 days ago


This message is for Kristin

I don't know how old you are but drugs can kill you. It makes no difference if you are a casual user or are hooked on them, they can kill you. You can try cocaine once and if your heart can't take it, it will kill you. Young people just don't get it or they just think the odds are on their side. Drugs wear down your heart and your brain, they work together and if they miss a beat, you are DEAD!

2407 days ago

St. Judas bff is Neal McCabe    

I wonder if Heath Ledger was ever prescribed an antidepressant. I really think that if he was prescribed one that he would have been able to sleep better but it would have taken a little bit of time for that selective seratonin reuptake inhibitor to take effect (and only use the anti-anxiety medications such as Xanax just as a rescue dose.) It seemed to me that he had an obvious anxiety disorder possibly over the troubles of his breakup and not being able to see his daughter as much as he'd like. I have read (but I think it was a tabloid and not a credible news source) that he sort of had a shrine to his daughter in that lonely apartment he had.

2407 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

You're right that many drugs can kill with the first dose. This is true of prescription, OTC and illegal drugs. People who haven't taken drugs also die. There is at this time no evidence that any possible previous drug use was a factor in his death. At this point, we basically know nothing and it will be a long time before we do if ever.

In other words, we get it. Drugs are bad. Go preach somewhere else.

2407 days ago


Just Me, sorry I missed your post last night, I was already off-line when you posted, nice to see you again too :)

2407 days ago


Has anyone considered Sleep Apnea?
He was snorring and sleeping on his stomach, if his throat closed off for long enough he could have died in his sleep...

2407 days ago


I went out and bought Casanova and watched it last night...So sad, I really didnt follow the story much, I just kept looking at disbelief, I just cant believe he is gone. Such a Beautiful person...You Never heard anything bad about him..

Heath is in Heaven

2407 days ago


Why is it aways the good people with talent, and a lust for life leave us at such a young age. He made only a small amount of films, But they showed the world what a great actor he was. I know the acting world and family and friends must be devastated.Its ashame some press make controversy where there is none. It reminds me of Heather O'Rourke from the Poltergeiest films she was only 12yrs old when died of an intestinal blockage. They are just small flames that burned so very bright and left us wanting.

Rest in Peace Health you were too good a person for this world to be taken so young

2407 days ago


You asked "who hasn't experimented with drugs?" Answer: Me, and I've lived quite happily and successfully for 64 years without doing so.

2407 days ago


Now for all of the jack asses that speculated he was a druggie and that contributed to his death, feel free to kick yourself in the ass now. Hope his family can find some peace and that all of the ridiculous speculation goes away so he can have his good name. Heath you were a wonderful man and shame on the idiots who tried to tarnish the image of a man who was flawless.

2407 days ago

Carol Diehl    

I truley believe, that all of the drugs he took prior to his untimely death contributed to his heart/respiratory failure ! Dying at 28 really is not common, and it's a know fact that heavy duty drugs, have a definite effect on the heart ! The body could have just given out !

2407 days ago


I didn't realize how many "perfect people" there are making comments on this site.
I'm going to assume that everyone who have judged and posted there judgements on here are perfect and have every right to make judgements on other people. My advice is to reevaluate your lives and if you can honestly say that you are 100 percent perfect and the epitome of saint hood then You can judge other people. A human being passed away how hard is it to respect that, Do you go around reading local paper obituaries and judge the people who have died. Heath Ledger was a human being with a child. Just respect that if you people can respect anything at all.

2407 days ago


If a sports star is found to have used drugs they are treated like garbage. but if a singer or actor is found to have used drugs then everyone kisses their ass. Drugs kill people all day every day and at this very moment many beautiful young people are passing from this world due to overdosing on drugs, All this worship of Heath the druggy is just telling young folks that drugs are not so bad. What should be done instead is all of his movies should be put in the garbage as a warning to all people that drugs are bad news.

I live in australia and no one has ever heard of this druggy. Apparently he was a star on some kids show or something but no one I know ever watched that crap.

There should be random drug testing on all actors and entertainers to find out which ones are frauds.

2406 days ago
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