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Heath's Death Could Be Natural Causes

1/27/2008 12:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heath LedgerIt sounds strange, but sources intimately connected with the Heath Ledger investigation tell TMZ it's possible the actor died of natural causes.

The reason they think that -- it's now appearing that the level of toxicity (from medication) in Ledger's system was low enough that it may not have caused his death. These sources say Heath's heart stopped. It could have been a heart attack but it's not certain, at least not yet. Although it's bizarre that a 28-year-old could die of natural causes, it happens.

We've also learned authorities do not believe the housekeeper heard Ledger snoring when she walked in his bedroom at around 1:00 PM. Sources tell us, a fireman observed rigor mortis in Ledger's jaw shortly after arriving on scene at around 3:30 PM. Sources say they now believe Ledger was dead for around three hours prior to their arrival, so they don't believe the housekeeper could have heard snoring.

Authorities are also annoyed at news reports that there may have been a sinister plot to remove illegal drugs from Ledger's apartment before cops and firemen arrived. There are reports out there that the masseuse called Mary-Kate Olsen and a plot was hatched to have her bodyguard remove certain drugs. Authorities tell us that's impossible, because the cops were there the entire time the bodyguard was present and there would have been no opportunity to carry out such a plan. They say it's a made up story.

As we first reported, the masseuse contacted the bodyguard because she knew he was a licensed EMT.


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i'm hearing rumors that he was actually married to michelle williams. can anyone offer more incite into their relationship???????????????????????????????? are his parents freezing her out?

2431 days ago

St. Judas bff is Neal McCabe    

34. No matter what the report says, in my mind he did die of natural causes.
Heath was a beautiful person I feel in love with him and his work in the first movie i every watched with him in it.
Eventhough he is gone I will continue to watch and enjoy his films!!!!!!

Posted at 7:32PM on Jan 26th 2008 by crazyj

It's just too bad we won't be seeing him again in any future films. The man just had so much potential.

2431 days ago

Sad for Heath    

My 17 year old daughter had an infection last September and was given antibiotics. We fed her and put her to bed but she woke up freezing and not able to breathe.She could not feel her arms. We rushed to the emergency room and it took 6 hours to return her heart back to normal. She had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic which she had taken in the past for illness with no reaction. If she would have went to sleep she probably would have died. They are reporting he was on an antibiotic. Could he have had an allergic reaction? It is possible. No matter how young and healthy you are. RIP HEATH.

2431 days ago


Housekeeper, massage lady and idiot Olsen twin had no cle what to do! Duh

2431 days ago

April Fouels    

this story is full of holes like swiss cheese, i ain't buying it, they shouldn't be selling it, " Possible, Could Have, May Not Have, Authorities Tell Us, i have a Bridge to sell you.

2431 days ago



They are "bodily function" sounds. So, she could have very well heard what was the last bit of air escaping from his lungs, sounding to her like snoring.

P.S. Dead people fart, too !

2431 days ago

Judge Judy    

I do know of several young men in their twenties that died of natural causes and from a heart attack. My own brother had five heart attacks before he died at age 51. It is not impossible. I do believe the DJ that disrespected Heath Ledger should be ashamed of himself for being disrespectful of the dead.

2431 days ago


I hope if this is the case, then all those people who made some sort of comment that he was a Drugie, that he Overdosed and or killed himself have the guts to say sorry. People shouldnt judge before all the facts are known.

Kellie Australia.

2431 days ago

cry baby    

TMI noitall.

2431 days ago

cry baby    

so if it's natural causes are all of you ppl gonna apologize?

2431 days ago


A TMZ fluff piece. Reality poster is correct. And, I believe the housekeeper and/or masseuse heard something. Why would you make that up? As was stated, toxicology results will take 8-10 days. I still haven't read, other than rumors, that this man had pneumonia. Oh what a tangled web we weave................

2431 days ago


next, everyone will be saying it was caused by autoerotic asphyxia. who knows? it's too late to do anything now. the man had a better life than 99% of the poulation, and many times in the past 10 years i didn't have the money to see any of his films... in many interviews, you can see his mannerisms reflect or suggest a manic/ depressive disorder.

his insomnia was most likely caused by extreme jet lag,,,, in december, he was in australia visiting family over the christmas holiday, then london to work on "the imaginarium of dr. parnasus" then, new york... no wonder he couldn't sleep, he worked himself to death.... and also, his last breakup probably broke his heart. he had a great life. but it sucks so much that it ended like this.
i am impressed by him leaving home at 16, and going 2700 miles across his homeland to pursue his career, and then come to los angeles at 19, and do everything he did, in a short decade. it's an amazing life he had traveling, and working, and dating so many beautiful women.
i am glad he didn't end up nameless working a dead end job, with a broken back, poor eyesight, and rotting teeth. unless someone builds a fully functioning time machine, there is simply nothing anyone can do, ever.
yes, it is a sensless, and great loss to our film going. but time will fade the memories and dull the pain. i hope his role as joker will forever be his great achievement.,

rest in eternal peace , heath , a great life, that was spent well.

2431 days ago


this is possibly a wake up call for all prescription users. i myself take a few psychiatrist prescribed drugs, prozac and seroquel. unfortunately many drugs prescribed have not been tested enough, yet somehow pass FDA standards. Drug companies court doctors to prescribe these drugs. It is all about money. I believe this is a HUGE problem in american pharmecuticals, hopefully the tragedy of heath's death will bring light to this.

2431 days ago


To"Heath Is Clean Of Drugs", - you're a fool. Read the opinion of his Daughter's mother. I think she may actually know more about it than you.

2431 days ago

perrito lover    

I certainly hope the speculations stop. We'll learn soon enough what took the life of this bright, amazing young man. We need to remember and respect that there are family, friends and loved ones who are mourning this tragic loss and give them the time and space to do so. Our prayers and thoughts are with them. Rest in peace Heath.

2431 days ago
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