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Carol Channing in "Hello, Robbers!" (Again)

1/27/2008 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ's favorite talker, Carol Channing, was in a bank in Palm Desert on Friday when it was robbed. What, no diamonds?

Carol told CBS2, "Well, along with a lot of other people, I've been robbed, we just bought a new house. It's really the first house I've ever had and not a hotel. This is our house, and they robbed us." Um, but she was at a bank. O-kay.

The charming Channing -- who turns 87 this week -- was the victim in a robbery last September, when her famous "diamond dress" from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," was stolen while she was checking into a Hollywood hotel -- right before she was about to donate it to the Smithsonian. It was eventually found and returned by a homeless man.


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Lovely Barker    

What a load of crap! The robber just passed a note to the teller. Carol wouldn't have been aware of the robbery unless she was the teller.

This story has been blown WAY out of proportion. Carol was never in danger nor was she personally a victim of the robbery, .

2424 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Easy to get a little bit confused after all the excitement of a robbery when you're 87 years old.

2424 days ago


I also read that she said her father was African American. That makes her a black woman, regardless of her looks. I wonder if she knew what she was saying.

2424 days ago


I think she meant that she got robbed by the price of her new home!

2424 days ago


To the person who asked a poster here-how do you know Carol Channing is black.Well,she is black.According to Carol Channing's memoirs,when she left home to attend Bennington College in Vermont ,her rmother informed her that her father ,a journalist whom she believed was born in Rhode Island,was infact born in Augusta,Georgia to a German American father and an African American mother.According to Channing's account,her mother did'nt want her to be surprized "if she had a black baby".
Channing kept her heritage secret so she would not be typecast on Broadway or in Hollywood,ultimately revealing it only in her autobiography called "Just Lucky I Guess",published in 2002 when she was 81 years old.Channings autobiography has a picture of her mother,but not of her father.

2424 days ago


you are correct comment #25
folks have to remember during the time she was born- people like her often chose to "pass" rather than admit their black heritage. She would of easily been type cast in Hollywood and on Broadway. many people have forgotten the one drop of black blood laws in this country. famous people like Mariah Carey, Vin Diesel, Slash and The Rock Dwayne Johnson would have had to sit on the back of the bus- or chased around by the KKK if they were brought up years ago during Ms Channing's time

2424 days ago


I THOUGHT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT HER NEW house as well,trying to be funny since the housing thing is so much in the news,i thought she was just being the comedian she always has been

2424 days ago


THANKS FOR THE HISTORY LESSON,dinah shore did the same thing,she actually had a black baby and gave it up for adoption.she said it would have been too hard on the kid,but she also denied having the child for many.many years,what a shame

2424 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

The bank in Palm desert was robbed..Does Carol think that she lives in the bank?? not to worry a lot of old people have dementia in the desert...

2424 days ago


Loved her memoirs, and her sense of humor. Black, white, yellow, or red......she will always be Dolly Levi to me! The best performance of any broadway play I ever saw. A great great Lady......................

oh, and just a note, I bet if the robber had stuck a gun in her ribs to rob her personally, she would have belted him with her handbag, knee kicked him to the ground and stood on his chest, singing "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" rock sister!

2424 days ago


I wish people would give this woman the respect that she deserves....Im just glad she is okay..and congrats on her house purchase..*hugs

2424 days ago

michaell doublu    

Ok mr carol channing is one-quarter african american. This means she is not white also? And tiger woods is 100 percent thai also I suppose, or should we leave that out and say he is african american?

2424 days ago


Carol has always had a charming sort of kookiness... How can you not like her? 87 years old and she still has it!

2424 days ago

Opionated Lady    

I lived in Detroit when Carol appeared there in "Hello Dolly." The critics were merciless and cruel in their reviews. I also saw her final performance in Detroit years later, when she closed "Hello Dolly." What a lady!! She came out and spoke to the audience, after a standing ovation. She said, "Dear, dear, people of Detroit. It has been my great pleasure to close this performance in your lovely city."..etc. She was very gracious, but certainly made her point. I will never forget that speech.
What a trooper!!

2424 days ago

The Sovereignty of TMZ Whores    

She is a funny lookin old lady - love the glasses and she pulls them off nicely.

2424 days ago
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