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Brit to Kids -- Pick Up the Phone, Y'all

1/28/2008 8:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears can reach out and touch her kids -- by phone.
Britney's minute order
TMZ has obtained a minute order from the hearing last week. Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled "Petitioner is to have telephonic contact with the minor children in accordance with the parties' oral stipulation this date."

Spears was denied physical contact with the kids after her various meltdowns.


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Monitor those words, Dude! She's kinda flakey..

2460 days ago


This poor girl...Seriously...If you think about all she has been through, how young she was when it all started and the pap Constantly in her face yelling and screaming just to distract her you too might be made out to be some of the things that people say and publish about her. People have used and abused her fame as well as her kindness for their own "15 minutes of fame". It's sad really. Unfortunately she doesn't have people she can go to and trust. Could you imagine being in her shoes? I can't. There is no amount of money in the world that can bring happiness or true friends. Stop criticizing EVERY LITTLE THING she does. There are many parents out there that do stupid things, so much worse than she ever did...and be honest...Who hasn't sat on their parents lap when they were driving as a kid??? Yes her situation was a bit different and she was actually going 45 miles an hour or so but, She was trying to get away from the Paparazzi. There should be some sort of law that if a person is driving in their Vehicle or at a stop light...Photographers and passers by can't just run up to the car with their flashing lights and screaming like maniacs just to get a picture. No wonder almost ALL Celebrities wear sunglasses at night...Have you ever been photographed at night with just one camera? It leaves you blinded for a moment...No imagine 20 lights flashing at you hundreds of times in the same 2 minutes...You too would try to cover your eyes so that you could safely see and get away. Just something to think about. :)

2460 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

This skank is screwed... by every papsmerazzi, now her career is screwed.. and her life with her kids is screwed.
I wish her well in her next life.

2460 days ago


6:20 Sunset Said / Get a damn life

2460 days ago

rockin' johnny    

Like that skank would actually call her children.

2460 days ago

ohhhh Geeeeeeeeeeeeeze    


HOPE she looks at the clock before she calls with her nutzo time zone , she could be calling the kids
in the middle of the night.

She is hopeless,

Brit go check in to some mental health care facility and get straight.

Leave you kids alone until you are well and then be a MOM only , do not take them out
to be in your never ending ATTENTON zone

2460 days ago


Brit, It's Max Hardcore returning your call.

2460 days ago


You know I think that if no paps showed up at any courthouse appearances, at her home, in her car, etc....just don't follow her, back off and take no interest in her (after all, to be interested in a skank like her boggles the mind anyway) you might be surprised at how she acts then!

2460 days ago



2460 days ago


I just wonder if she even tries to call the kids? What is to say that she has even tried contacting them via phone since last week? She can't show up at a court hearing on behalf of the kids, so why allow her to call them? I would pull ALL away from her until she starts abiding to what the courts want her to do.

2460 days ago


i kinda agree. they need to monitor what she says to those little ones. could f them up. they are still young.
they are gonna be screwed anyway, what a dad they have. whew. that's a shame.

2460 days ago


The babies cannot even talk so what exacly will they communicate about. She will talk to them in her crazy accent. Hopefully she do not go Alec Baldwin on them.

2460 days ago


she will never call them she can't even go to court and try to get them back. kind of hard to talk to them when she is never sober enough to talk to anyone

2460 days ago


I have 3 very smart kids, and at 1 and 2 years old kids have no concept of phones. I would always laugh because I'd put the phone up to their little ears and they would stare at it like hows this voice coming through. Her kids are a bit too little to have a phone conversation with their so called mom right now- what a dumb court order. I hope for their sakes they don't recognize her voice, I can only imagine how traumatic all of this is too them.

2460 days ago


Why should she call those ankle-biters? She doesn't want to see OR hear from them.

2460 days ago
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