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Britney and Sam's Fight Night!

1/29/2008 12:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was there as Britney and constant companion Sam Lutfi got into what we're told was a huge, "really ugly" blowout.

Britney and Sam drove up to the gate of her house when she suddenly jumped out of the car crying -- why, we're not sure. Britney's paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib tells TMZ he got a frantic call from a hysterical Brit at that moment, pleading with him, "Baby, can you come pick me up??" Adnan told us he told her to go into her house and he would be right over. When he arrived, however, he was told in no uncertain terms that he was not allowed to enter the gate -- the guards were under strict orders from Sam not to let him in. He tried calling each of her six cell phones and the house phone, but she didn't answer.

The LAPD were called to the scene for what they tell us was a person trying to get access to the grounds without permission. We've learned, however, that they were called to contain the paparazzi crush that was trying to shoot the fight, not for one specific person.

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April Fouels    


2468 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Yes, DebbieGm, I agree. At this point she very well may be here for the best of intentions. Who knows for sure. No of us are really in any position to know her motivations beyond speculating about them. I do absolutely believe that she has more power to make change than anyone else near her. And yes, this all lies on Brit's shoulders to allowing things to be done for her, but given her past and well earned lack of trust for anyone, it could go either way. I will take a bit of a guess and say that we have not even seen her at rock bottom, or even anywhere near close to that. The breakdown at her house was a major breakdown, but I have a strange feeling that it will get much worse. This is not wishful thinking, but merely a speculative thought. I believe that she is rapidly cycling through a destructive roller coaster of emotions and the ride is not nearly over. But that is just my opinion, as I am not an expert. If we see her stable for just a month, then I will believe that perhaps the tide is changing. That remains to be seen.

2468 days ago

Click Here: More Britney Topless    

click the link below for a 2nd camera angle

2468 days ago


Blimey, is all this attention for me?

I believe I'll have me some tea and strumpets now, ya'll.

2468 days ago


Reports are that Brit's parents are on their way over to visit Brit. Sam was probably trying to keep Brit home and not let her run off with Adnan and avoid her parents. Strange that her parents are together - maybe planning something for her?

2468 days ago


Another set up for the paps. Why did she get out in front of gate in front of papz. If she was in trouble, she'd call the police on Sam. Just another PR trick. Now that they have someone in court drawing K-Feds picture, Spears just might make it to court next time, as long as they get the right personality she is under.

2468 days ago


I don't need no intervention because everybody already knows who I am. Please pass the grey poupon, guvna.

2468 days ago


hey is brittish Britney back? I thought all that time in Mexico
turned her Mexican ? But then again she was talking
like a crazian the other day too. What the hell?

2468 days ago


Why is Lufti living there with Britney anyway? He is certainly playing head games with Britney. Has anyone else noticed how she is always asking the paparazzi for their phones while she is out? What's up with Sam Lufti having so much control over Britney? He is the one calling Barbara Walters and Ryan Seacrest's radio show just offering up information about Britney whenever he feels like it. Why doesn't she have any female friends around here? Lufti stated it himself, that she has mental problems, so shouldn't someone, like her mother or a close relative be able to step in and get these guys thrown out? Seems like they are taking advantage of a vulnerable person and false imprisonment or something along those lines.

2468 days ago


CNN reported Brit-brit is worth 125 million dollars and takes in more then 700 thousand a month. She IS NOT BROKE, but she is like a magnet for Arab men. They love brainless stupid women with money.

2468 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I just jumped over to X and Perez and on Perez is a 'leaked' photo of a text conversation supposedly between Sam and Adnan. Sam is purported to have called Adnan a 'manic trigger'. If this is a real email from Sam, then it almost completely confirms that Brit is Bipolar since this is a disorder that uses that very term almost exclusively. What is even more interesting is that it would also appear that Sam is a 'manic trigger' too, as they just had a fight of some sort that appears to be serious. It is likely that since both parents are at the house and Brit has now escaped off into the night with Adnan, that they were probably planning a full out intervention. The locked up without an escape route kind. Things definitely seem to be coming to a head, but if Brit runs then nothing changes and the drama goes on as usual- if you can call that usual.

2468 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

And yes, she is speaking with a British accent again and TMZ is getting the living hell scooped out of them right now! X17 seems to be leading at this point. Popcorn anyone?

2468 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Mama, yup! That's probably why 3:44 is saying that! The 'Queen' is speaking again- well, at least she thinks she's the queen of something.

2468 days ago


Britney rot in hell!

2468 days ago

April Fouels    


2468 days ago
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