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Miss Ross Booed in Jamaica, Mon

1/28/2008 6:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oh, the diva has gone and done it this time!

Diana Ross pissed off a crowd of 40,000 at the 2008 Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival on Saturday, where Miss Thing, 63, was booed and heckled by Jamaicans attending the festival in Montego Bay -- after organizers told them that "to honor Miss Ross' wishes, she will not be shown on the monitors." That news was greeted with widespread hissing. Oh no she didn't!

Patrons in the stadium-sized arena were unable to see the diva onstage, so they called for organizers to put her performance up on the big screen. "It was at the eleventh hour that her manager said she wouldn't allow us to IMAG (In Vivo Imaging) her performance," said a concert promoter, "and, if any cameras were present, she would not go on stage."

Hisses turned to full-out boos when Ross started her set with Supremes hits -- and the crowd beyond the first section couldn't see her -- and the booing continued throughout her set.

No Makeup -- Click to LaunchFestival spokesperson Carlette DeLeon issued a statement Sunday blaming Ross for upsetting the Jamaica crowd, saying, "The much anticipated performance of Diana Ross on Saturday proved somewhat disappointing to many patrons who expected a very interactive set. Miss Ross' request to have a restricted display of her performance however, inconvenienced patrons who were left feeling distanced from the stage and her performance."

Attendees paid from $80 to $307 to watch Ross -- who was reportedly paid $300,000 for the gig -- perform the hour-long set with fellow headliners Mary Mary, Billy Ocean and KoKo Taylor.

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wow Like any Jamaican would say: "Wi come fi get leg and thigh and dem gi wi chicken back,"

it's not like they don't have good talent in Jamaica, i bet she won't be doing any shows there again lol

2429 days ago


She is 63 years old and still thinks she's hot.

2429 days ago


What a bunch of malarky!!! Unless her face was an all-out eye-sore she should've had those big screens showing her performance. She's lucky no one demaned their $$$$$ back. What a disappointing event.

She sure has changed since her N.Y. concert many years ago. Remember that, when she actually went out in the rain so her fan wouldn't be dissapointed? Now it comes to this.

Ms, Ross---
You are fortunate that people all over the world still remember you and know your old songs (as great classics as they are). Shame on you for not giving the concert goers a great concert experience.

2429 days ago


beyonce's "portrayal" of her on dreamgirls was a "whitewash".. the woman is a prime bit.ach. and she screwed her fellow supremes over and she didnt do it in a nice way.. the woman put d into the word diva and then some... mariah and whitney sat at her knee and too life lessons..lost interest in diana ross after 1980....the yr she should have retired ...

2429 days ago


oh Jamaica is reknown for good music, big talents plays there and concert goers in jamaica can pay more for VIP and back stage access, this aint no american show.... live shows are BIG in Jamaica. who ever dont know that is an ignorant tool. and its not all about smoking dope either. but maybe if miss ross would have had a big spliff before playin, she would have actually sound better lol

2429 days ago


like larry said.. "miss ross " is a legend in her own tiny mind.. she slapped the police in london for touching her but she can handle lil kim's bosom on tv for all to see.. ??. as i said, in her own mind she is the boss... the supreme one.. and sleeping with berry gordy and having his kid helped her career no end...!! she did the dirty on florence who is the effie character in dreamgirls..but that show didnt go far at all in really revealing the real diva ..beyonce played that role to impress ross not to stretch herself as an actress...

2429 days ago



2429 days ago


Ms. Ross, you're old enough to fart dust, the only people willing to pay t see you are old folks and third world countries, yet you still think you're a diva? Maybe instead of telling others how they should perform, you should first get your own affairs in order. Those people over there work hard to get the money together to see you and that's how you thank them? Well, my opinion is: aint no ticket low enough to want to see you! Good riddance! Too bad Dreamgirls made it look like your character actually had a concience. Definitely fiction.

2429 days ago

Proud Jamaican    

This is in response to Miss Gertie stupid ass comment.....

you people are classless ignorant morons. Miss Ross is and always has been, a very fine talent Those bozos in the audience shoulda stayed home and smoked more dope

Posted at 5:25PM on Jan 28th 2008 by Gertie

Bun fira pon Miss Gertie...... Maybe we should have stayed home and bun more weed. maybe then we wouldn't have been as pissed off to go to a show and not see the entertainer but just listen to her album playing in the background.

Can you tell that Miss Gertie is a dino. who hasn't left her house to attend a concert in ages?????

2429 days ago

what the H***    

Maybe she didnt want to be on the video screens or filmed because she is Lipsyncing!! she doesnt want anyon to find out that she is a fraud in her old wrinkled stage of life

2429 days ago

April Fouels    

looked like she was lipsynching.

2429 days ago


Diva my azz. That old hag should be thanking the fans that put her where she is. Someone said it right, she is a Diva IN HER OWN MIND. (and wacko Jacko's) She has turned into a crotchity, ugly old hag.

2429 days ago


I was at the show and was really disappointed , in addition to being very embarassed by her behavior. I know the promoters paid great money to bring her to the Jazz Festival. This was not a purely Jamaiacan crowd, there were many Americans , including my wife and friends who were there. The grounds is massive, and the promoters made sure Giant Video Screns wewre placed in several places so that patrons in the back , VIP Sky Boxes, Vending and Food areas could see the performances on stage,

Her actions deprived many who could not see the stage from enjoying her performance. It was real embarassing and a low class act by Diana Ross. I will always love her music and would never spend another penny to see her. Thanks to another veteran, Billy Ocean , the night was saved to some extent. Ms. Ross should have taken a leaf from Anita Baker, who performed Thursday night and left a wonderful memory for all who attended. Again class is class!!!!!

2429 days ago


Thanks for the warning. I won't be paying to (NOT) see her perform.

2429 days ago


There are many of these artistes who are somehow caught up in their imaginary world and don't seem to understand that its the patrons who make them who they are. It was a real embarassment. Several hundred people fly in annual to attend this show and with the local populationb were realy cheated.

I will not join those who think she wasn't a great entertainer. I think she was and can still be. Her performance would have been a blast , if she didnt piss the crowd off. She , however, fail to understand that you cannot enjoy a movie by listening to the sound track.

2429 days ago
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