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Miss Ross Booed in Jamaica, Mon

1/28/2008 6:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oh, the diva has gone and done it this time!

Diana Ross pissed off a crowd of 40,000 at the 2008 Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival on Saturday, where Miss Thing, 63, was booed and heckled by Jamaicans attending the festival in Montego Bay -- after organizers told them that "to honor Miss Ross' wishes, she will not be shown on the monitors." That news was greeted with widespread hissing. Oh no she didn't!

Patrons in the stadium-sized arena were unable to see the diva onstage, so they called for organizers to put her performance up on the big screen. "It was at the eleventh hour that her manager said she wouldn't allow us to IMAG (In Vivo Imaging) her performance," said a concert promoter, "and, if any cameras were present, she would not go on stage."

Hisses turned to full-out boos when Ross started her set with Supremes hits -- and the crowd beyond the first section couldn't see her -- and the booing continued throughout her set.

No Makeup -- Click to LaunchFestival spokesperson Carlette DeLeon issued a statement Sunday blaming Ross for upsetting the Jamaica crowd, saying, "The much anticipated performance of Diana Ross on Saturday proved somewhat disappointing to many patrons who expected a very interactive set. Miss Ross' request to have a restricted display of her performance however, inconvenienced patrons who were left feeling distanced from the stage and her performance."

Attendees paid from $80 to $307 to watch Ross -- who was reportedly paid $300,000 for the gig -- perform the hour-long set with fellow headliners Mary Mary, Billy Ocean and KoKo Taylor.

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"Bay-beh, Bay-beh, Bay-beh doan leave meh, Please doan leave meh all by mah-say-ulf....Stop this crap or we will ! Diana, stop this crap-it ain't da 60's we don't worship people, we try to respect them. You are so far behind...Be real for your fans!

2427 days ago


TMZ worldwide is awesome screw diana ross with her rotten teeth and nasty face

2427 days ago


She did the same thing in Vegas last week...waited 2/12 hours, for the Diva @ the Venetian grand opening, only to have her lip sic and pull down the screens..everyone was pissed and walked out..never again..a Diva does not act like that, she's not to old..just a bad" dream"
Boo ..

2427 days ago


I see her at my Blockbuster (yep...for real) and she is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS sooooooooooo snobby and stand-offish to everyone in the place. I was standing next to her one day and looking at my friend who was next to HER( to see what movies SHE was lookng at) and Diva Ross had the nerve to say, "Please don't stare." HUH?? To which I responded, " Do I know you? I'm looking at my friend next to you." She was speechless........and it shut her up real quick! Trust me- if ANY of you see her in person you WON'T want to look at her. She is a prune that has had way too much work done and has a horrible attitude to match.

2427 days ago


I thought everyone knew by now what a nasty mean bitch Diana Ross is? I am not surprised by any of this. She should have retired long ago.

2427 days ago



2427 days ago


What an arrogant person (that term used lightly). I have heard for at least twenty years that no person ( either a paying fan, nor a worker bee) can get any where near her. Who cares. She is a self absorbed B*&#@. Look around at other female singers that are considerate and appreciative of their fans and staff. Thank GOD she isn't singing at the Super Bowl....

2427 days ago


olded bitch,she loves her self way to much..she didnt want anyone to see her old face....oprh told a story about ross,(this was when oprh,had just got started and no one new her) she said she had always liked and wanted to meet ross,so on a train ride she looked up and there was ross looking out the window,she said it took her a while to get her nerve up,she went over to tell her she was honored to meet her,and told ross her name....she told oprh so what im diane ross!!!and you should be honor to meet me and tured her head away,i watched the show and i was like if ross only new then how far oprh would go...and how unliked ross would one time i liked ross....but she likes her self so much she must not need fans anymore...

2427 days ago


She just didn't want anybody to see that she actually got OLD. Can't hide anything on a jumbo screen

2427 days ago


#60 are you reading the same as what i am,no one said thoughtless jamaicans,if you can read in english,we all though she should be booed,no one over here likes her,we no she loves her self way to much,and she has very little fans here,we already no she dosent like her old face to be seen,and shes just about her only fan...and very few people over here would pay to see her,most wouldnt see her if it was read it over and see what was said.....but people that do go to see her want to here her sing, and dont care about how her face looks....shes just a sad old has been.....

2427 days ago


She can't win. It is disgusting that time after time again, it is Ross' own people (of African Descent) that have turned on her. So the Jamaicans were pissed that all of the pre-sold bootleggers would have to return money. Perhaps she just didn't want people making money off of her image for free. She is a legacy that has earned that right. On one level she knows the fans want to continue the illusion of that flawless Diva that she has taken a lifetime to create. Big screens zoom in. I just saw her and there was no big screen. I never expected one. If you get one at a concert it's a bonus, not an expectation. Maybe her stage show isn't designed to be televised. Ross oversees her production and if she were producing a made for TV or video concert it is no secret that she would have had to design and approve it well in advance. There are sooo many reasons that could have been behind her request. Maybe she had a zit, a bad day, is insecure about aging.... Maybe she has been burned by video editors who splice and slant her image to suit their own needs. Ross is a control freak, we all know this, but does that make her a bad person. Get over it Jamaica. If the people at that concert appreciated a B list has been like Billy Ocean over a legend they didn't deserve to see her anyway. I'm tired of the petty criticism. Whatever her reason's were for not allowing the taping, I'm sure it wasn't to deliberately harm the
fans in the back. That all said, I think she should take steps to apologize and make it up to them, not because she was wrong, but because it would be the generous thing to do. Ross has always put her fans first. She stood out in a thunderstorm when most legends would have fled to safety. In my view she shouldn't make the mistake of letting this go,
like she let go years of Mary's criticisms, Randy's book and media attacks. Ross should go right on CNN world-wide and address this.

2427 days ago


Maybe close up would show her age. Clearly the way your guys crucify someone for aging is enough to make anyone gun shy. Still, she ain't all that and never was.

2427 days ago


I would like to comment on Rick #79 comments; First and foremost, no one hates Diane Ross, and the unfortunately many people in the Islands or outside the USA still love her and other legends like Barry Manilow, Elton John, Barbara Streisand and Michael Jackson, the same way that many Elvis supporters believe "the King is not Dead".

We all grew up on music from the Motown era and those days will never be forgotten It is not about talent, or star power. Diana Ross is still a star and n matter what negative comments are going to be made people will still pay to see her in the USA or anywhere else.

I travelled from the USA for that show and so did my family and friends; I met more foreigners at that show than Jamaicans. This is a First Class Jazz Festival that has seen many power houses performing there. As the promoter stated, they were caught with their pants down, it was either Barabbas or Jesus. Were they going to play hard and not put her on? They had already paid her or were they going to risk being attacked by angry patrons who had forked out USD80-220 TO SEE HER?

I was pissed and so were other patrons and as stated by the promoter this was not in the contract, but was presented less than 24 hours before her performance. This left them without any chance of getting a replacement. Anita Baker, Kenny Rogers, Air Supply, Michael Bolton, Al Green, Earth Wing and Fire, James Ingram, Patti Labelle and other mega starts have all performed without any such ridiculous requests.

It was a total lack of respect for all those who travelled from abroad to see her. The thing that saved her from bottles and stones was that an event such as this was attended not by the lower class, but by middle class and wealthy Jamaicans and lots of Foreigners. IT WAS A DISS, there were areas that people were sitting in where the stage could not be seen, there only chance to see or enjoy the show were the Video Screens. To then turn term off was just downright inconsiderate.

I will watch her perform on TV, but will never fork out any money to see her again.

2427 days ago


When Diane had only one wig and a lipstick, she was difficult and demanding. Why are you people so surprised?
Diane probably couldn't stand to be in a show with other artist. Miss Ross is accustomed to having singular focus events, not stacked revues. Her ego needed an outlet and controlling one the show’s elements was a way. Remember, in the past, she has done outrageous things like pushing Mary Wilson, in front of devoted fans and founding members of the company, on stage 2-3 times at the Motown 25 reunion. Diane has no problem spoiling a good vibe. I am certain Jamaica was not one of her concerns and neither was her age.

2426 days ago

Awww, Not This Crap Again!    

I thought "black don't crack?" But then again, ooooooh wheeeeee! she IS nasty without a pound of makeup on. You'd think with all of her money, she could afford to get her teeth capped/whitened, and laser treatments on her face to remove all of the imperfections.

I think the promoters should sue her to get back a large chunk of the money they paid her...proportionate to her ACTUAL performance as per her ORIGINAL contract.

2426 days ago
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