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SAG Awards

Style is on Strike Too!

1/28/2008 10:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood's finest (and not so finest) went out in the rain last night to get their red carpet fix at the SAG Awards -- but what they really needed was a stylist! After missing the Golden Globes, some stars are a little rusty when it comes to putting together a great look. Instead, they settled for these looks -- and a dab of crazazy!

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14. Are you kidding me? That's Miss Jay - fashion is his thing. Debra Messing looks fine except her face - but that's not the dress' fault. The dress is not likely the best of the bunch but it's ok.

Posted at 10:48AM on Jan 28th 2008 by Jennifa O Jenny


2460 days ago


omgggggggg, i hate to say this, but when i saw d. messings dress, i thought she had had a mastectomy!!!! not good, not good at all!

2460 days ago


Your coverage sucks TMZ. Not even a picture of Brad and Angelina. Let me guess.... TMZ staff on strike too??? This site is getting pretty flat and disappointing.

2460 days ago

MJ RIP    

Did anyone care about this show? Seems like with the writers strike we don't have to pretend we care anymore. I hope it goes on forever and ever.

2460 days ago


Another Hollywood Prom. Sandra Oh looked beautiful, simple, beautiful dress with fantastic color contrasts. Dr. Bailey is a very good actress and she looked happy and that is all that is important. At least the "Katherine" chick with her 27 dresses is absent from this site. I don't have cable so I wasn't able to watch this prom. Let's hope the strike lasts until after the Oscars. Such a fuss over who is wearing what. I think they should all come naked.....then we'll see, right?????Talent is talent. You can't give it with clothes/hair/jewels and BULL. The select few who have it are good to go no matter what they wear.

2460 days ago

i knew actors wouldn't be able to stay away from the red carpet... it must have been killing them not to be seen or photographed... poor babies!

2460 days ago


As far as I'm concerned all awards shows should have been cancelled this year. You want to go on strike and hold an entire industry hostage to your demands? fine, nobody gets an award. I've no doubt the writers have a valid complaint, whatever it is, I've worked for my share of stingy employers but that's no excuse for acting like pouting children.
" Whaaaa! I want my own way or I'm gonna stand here and hold my breath. And by the way, since I'm sulking nobody else in my industry is allowed to work either. I'm mad so you have to be mad too, that's the rules of the clubhouse. so there!"
This is what unions do, they're not about helping anyone, unions are about power and greed. Why do you think the average person can't even think about buying a new car, because the union has pounded greed into the worker's minds to the point where the price of a new car is outrageous. Unions destroy the economy. The idea that a union can come in and make deplorable working conditions bearable is outweighed by the damage and dominoe effect of people being out of work.

2460 days ago

Mary Worth    

The GMD had a weird sound when he talked.

Julie Christie solidified her frontrunner status with her comments about the strike.
BUT, could she have played Edith Piaf?

The internet saved me from wasting too much time on this. But there were a couple of great actors I had to watch for!

2460 days ago


SAGS (an appropriate name), Oscars, Emmys, Grammys - what a bunch of self licking ice cream cones. Hollywood getting together to congratulate themselves, on their over-inflated egos. for a bunch of erroneously, pompous, "artistic" (in their minds only) endeavors. Who watches these shows? AND why do they take so long? Only Hollywoodians would think the rest of the world cared enough to spend 3 1/2 hours watching ego-manics kiss each others' butts! Haven't seen one of these steaming messes of "poo" in years.

2460 days ago


Debra Messing looks like a Hollywood first wife, and a first class b***ch. I would hate to cross her path on Rodeo Drive. She reads snob all over her face. Angelina may have worn a funky dress, but she oozes beauty no matter what she wears.

2460 days ago
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