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A Prairie Home Stalker -- Nevermind

1/29/2008 10:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Garrison KeillorBespectacled public radio host Garrison Keillor dropped a restraining order he had against a rabid female fan ... after she agreed to back off. It's difficult being a sex symbol ... on the radio.

The wackadoodle fan, Andrea Campbell, was accused of stalking Keillor with unwanted visits and by sending him odd tokens of her affection; like an alligator foot and dead beetles.

A hearing had been set for Monday, but Miss Campbell said she'd quit him -- but she told the St. Paul Pioneer Press that she's working on a book about "how she believes she and Keillor influenced each other's creative process."


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Tory Hawkins    

who the hell is this guy?

2424 days ago


No wonder there are no comments about this dude ...he boring, and so's his radio show.

2424 days ago

Be kind to animals    

Andrea Campbell aka Britney.

2424 days ago

pink taco fist    

this guy is actually very clean and talented, which makes it astounding that he would be the subject of a story on your website...natinal public radio every saturday evening 6PM-8PM. ..entertainment for the intelligent.

2424 days ago


Sounds like she might be his soul mate. I don't understand why he wouldn't want to take her home to meet the family and get to know her better! LOL!! Keep your options open, ya know?

2424 days ago


He's sooooo hot!!!!!!!!

I'd love to grease him up and take it long and slow - I dig old brainy guys.

2424 days ago

Adoptive mom    

Please learn to spell. The headline mistakes on your site are becoming more and more frequent. "Prarie"???? Puh-leeezze.

2424 days ago


Tokens of her affection, like alligator foot and dead beetles, (I assume she means the bug-not the band)! Holy Knuckleheads!!! What sort of tokens does she send when she dislikes someone?!? Goodness, Garrison, you had better watch your back - 'cause I think she STILL is going to be watching you......

2424 days ago


Garrison, Garrison, don't be a cream puff or they'll eat you up! If you don't put her in her place, she will put you in a place that she wants you...........who knows where the HECK that will be, when as signs of affection, she gives you alligator feet and dead bugs! You got a live one, Garrison. She needs to be locked up.

2424 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

A restraining order? Boy did he miss the boat. That's got to be the ONLY female action this old fart is going to see. He's about as sexy as dirty socks and he makes Drew Peterson look good! He makes a living (if you can call it that) pretending to be from 1937 in northern Minnesota ("where the women are strong and the children are all above average"). You act like a wack-o on the show you're going to attract wack-o chicks. Just go with it. You know what they say: crazy sex is the best.

2424 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

"A Prairie Home Companion" is a wonderful show, although whitebread, not diverse enough. The movie of the same name was good and proved to me that Lindsay Lohan was actually a good actress. But a stalker is after him? Go figure.

2424 days ago


I heard about this when it first came up and thought it was funny as hell.

Wish it had gone to trial, though. I wanted more details. This is almost as bad as that lady that stalked Jeff Goldblum.

2424 days ago


Stalking is not funny. Brook Shields was followed and written to for over 10 years by the same nut. Her team keeped it under wraps for years only the FBI and local police where informed. I think the guy just died last year or so and that is why she is just now talking about it. Cops will tell you it is the one guy or gal that just does not stop that worries them!! Because they can not be scared off!!! That is the one you worry about.

2423 days ago


Andrea Campbell, this is great!!! Keep enjoying your Honey Nut Cheerios :)

1513 days ago

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