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Brit Shops for Car During Intervention

1/29/2008 5:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There is a lot of behind-the-scenes anger surrounding the Britney Spears' intervention, and the anger is directed at one Sam Lutfi, pictured here with Brit and mama Lynne today at Beverly Hills Mercedes.

As TMZ first reported, the family is staging an intervention so Britney can get help for her bipolar disorder. Family sources say they are furious at Lutfi, claiming he pushed Brit into going to B.H. Mercedes today to buy a new car -- in the middle of the effort to save her.

One source says the family believes Lutfi has been a "counterproductive, disquieting force" who has done nothing but harm.


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Sam Lufti is bad news, And, yes, he is the new Howard K. Stern. He obviously is not practicing law, so what is his source of income? He has the hots for Brit and may even be sleeping with her. Why are they fighting (according to Brit)? Sounds to me like she doesn't like him much. Maybe she has a little common sense left to realize he is making bad decisions for her (just like Howard K. Stern). Why won't he allow Adnan in to see Brit after SHE called Adnan for help the night of his latest blowout with Lufti? HE IS JEALOUS OF ANY MAN SHE WANTS AROUND. And I am beginning to think he is as nuts as she is. If Adnan makes Brit happy and calm, let him back in her life.

If mom and dad are smart they will get the strongest restraining order available and get Lufti out of Brit's house and life. And, if necessary, post a police guard outside her gate to make sure he doesn't get around her. Then add a huge bodyguard to keep him away from her in public.

2436 days ago


It does seem a bit strange that after all the drama last night, they decided that they need to go into the car dealership today for a new car. You think that it could wait a bit, but I guess somebody decided it was a priority. I'm not sure why Britney keeps Sam around. It isn't as if her career has got better with him around or her life has got more normal. If anything, she seems even crazier. Maybe she has got it into her thick skull that he is the only person she will trust, because I can't figure out why she hasn't kicked him to the curb yet.

2436 days ago


122. TO CK and all the other people complaining about TMZ - Ur all hypocrites. U smash TMZ but u continue to add to their revenue by going to the site and blogging. Ur comments are hysterical, Look in the mirror guys - u r pathetic pigs
Posted at 4:57PM on Jan 29th 2008 by Krissy
To KRISSY: I like coming to TMZ, I just think they cross the line sometimes. I am not so appalled that I am going to boycott TMZ and there is nothing wrong or hypocritical with me pleading on a message board that they need to draw the line somewhere. That is simply a wish that I have and wrote down. You are saying that if I disagree with someone or some of the things that they do, that I am a hypocrite for not completely abandoning them. For example, I disagree with a very good friend of mine on religious beliefs, but I’ll be dammed if I will stop being her friend or tell her how to live. There are a lot of things I love about her, but religion is just one of those things that we won’t ever agree on. We don’t hate each other or name call and we just don’t talk about it when drinks are involved. Also, can I ask why you find it necessary to name call when you have difference of opinion with someone? Can you NOT make your point with out doing that? It makes you lose credibility. If you could simply say something like “well then why are you here blogging if you don’t agree with them?” and the debate would continue… on a mature level based on opinion, but instead you call me Satan and a pig. You lose all credibility with that. I can respect your opinion of my opinion, but I can not understand for the life of me why my opinion makes me Satan or a pig or any of the other things you have called me.

2436 days ago

alicia richmond    

Give me a break!!!!
Everyone that's arounds Britney Spears is
always labeled bad.
That's such a mob mentality.
Kevin Featherline was the worst thing out
there just awhile ago.
The public really needs to get a life!
Britney has her own issues.....Stop blaming everyone
around her all the damn time....Is she a child or a grown woman!

2436 days ago


Hmmm, this car is a "two" seater... well, who needs to have room for two children anyway...???

2436 days ago
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