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Brit Shops for Car During Intervention

1/29/2008 5:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There is a lot of behind-the-scenes anger surrounding the Britney Spears' intervention, and the anger is directed at one Sam Lutfi, pictured here with Brit and mama Lynne today at Beverly Hills Mercedes.

As TMZ first reported, the family is staging an intervention so Britney can get help for her bipolar disorder. Family sources say they are furious at Lutfi, claiming he pushed Brit into going to B.H. Mercedes today to buy a new car -- in the middle of the effort to save her.

One source says the family believes Lutfi has been a "counterproductive, disquieting force" who has done nothing but harm.


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brainless britt    

CK....What the hell are YOU doing here!! Hypocrites like you are absolutly hysterical..

2456 days ago

W T F ?    

75. Wow - she can be angry at me too then. According to page six Brit took Sam and Mama to breakfast this morning at the Beverly Hills Hotel and they did some make up shopping before heading off to the dealership. The answer to the pressing question is simple: Brit forgot she was angry at Sam because she was british last night. Remember, she conveniently forgets everything she says and does when she is british. Phew, mystery solved and no need to call Matlock or Angela Lansbury. I feel better now. How bout you Brit?

Posted at 4:29PM on Jan 29th 2008 by kiss my a$$ brit******************************************************************************

Thanks for clearing that up! Of course! It makes sense to me! ROTFLMAO!!!
(well, as much sense as it can, seeing how it's Twitney)

2456 days ago


i feel sorry for her...i think that Sam is better to her and for her than loser least with Sam, she gets to where she needs to be (kind of) but with Adnan, no chance...they really need to detox her off of him, hes trouble and trash...when will she see this?

2456 days ago


78 Gary: Did you miss out on your medication time? Find your nurse, quick!

2456 days ago


god bless her

2456 days ago


I dont think Britney has lost her mind at all. I think that Kevin federline wants her children so he can have a constant money flow via child support from Britney. I think she made a mistake by having children, and I think she knows it. I believe she acts out so the media is always focusing on her due to a fear of loss of interest maybe... and all of this is simply a show so people "stay tuned". Shes not crazy at all.. quite the opposite. This is all fake in my opinion.
If you notice.. she put on the thick Brittish accent when it was time for court, probably so they took it easy on her, blaming it on mental illness for not wanting to deal with losing her children.. and thus not showing up for court. This is ALL for the attention and money. I dont know what to think of sam. Or her mother. I know I think her mother is shady.

2456 days ago

50 Women    

How much do you photogs get paid to sit and wait for Britt? I hope its a lot it seems like its a boring job. Britt do me a huge favor take your country azz back home were it all started I know there won't be anyone chasing you but hey u need to get your kids back. Your far from crazy...I know what your problem is have a bad case of "knnoonehastheballstotellmeno" hence your semi comeback single "Gimme More" I think the remix should be titled "U had enough". Its sad TMZ cares more about you then you or ur family cares about U. Fame is like heroin and ur need rehab.

2456 days ago


Who the heck is Sam Lutfi and why didn't the reporter explain who he was? Most competent reporters would always write a story answering the who, what, where, when, why and how.. Hell I learned that in 4th grade!

2456 days ago


Is she buying a child friendly car for her children???Instead of some sport car??And it really looks like she's being forced there with her checkbook in hand.whatever and for sam apparently he's still in the picture who knows???????????

2456 days ago


Sam "Howard K. Stern" Lufti will suck the life out of her and then put up his hands like, "I tried to save her, I loved her, she was my life!!" Yada, yada, blah, blah.

2456 days ago


To say on behalf of the entire spears family "lufti i think maybe you should leave britney alone and lay low for a while.

2456 days ago


being bipolar is no big deal...

2456 days ago

Lori B    

79. CK - U are adding to the money TMZ makes by bloggin and reading there site. If you were so compassionate and worried about what TMZ is doing - you wouldn't be giving your time or money to them - Go look in the mirror satan!!!!

Posted at 4:33PM on Jan 29th 2008 by Krissy
That was pretty funny...LOL

2456 days ago


People don't know what goes on between Britney & her mother so I don't understand why someone on this blog would call Lynn "disgusting". A mother can only do so much when it comes to her adult children. I think Lynn & Britney love each other very much but the family just have problems now. What family has never had problems? I don't know of any & they should be given privacy to work out their issues instead of being hounded round the clock with cameras.

Britney started working when she was only a child & had two babies very close together plus a divorce. That is extremely hard on anyone, not counting the fact that the media has followed her every move waiting for her to make the next mistake with her children. I hope she can get well soon & get her children back because I'm sure they miss their mother & she misses them very much.

2456 days ago

Just Me2    

This is supposedly an intervention (questionable)............Yeah, like those around her right now are going to accompany her to purchase a car, when they supposedly know (and see) that she is not all THAT, is what I call family! (tee hee!)


(hell, I don't even go to the movies anymore....I just pop some "potcorn", turn my puter and speakerzzzz on, get a warm "blankie"...and I'm set for the day (or night)!!!

2456 days ago
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