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Brit's Bits Come Out to Play

1/29/2008 7:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears went on another post-intervention shopping spree today -- barely covering her lady parts in a sheer white top.

TMZ caught her and Sam, no mama Lynne in sight, at the Century City's J. Crew this afternoon, where she purchased a new Weaveguard©. What she needed was a new shirt! Our photog kept asking about her time with her mother, Britney said nothing.


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Happy To Be Me    

Here is to your Mama, Britney.. But, just so it is known, this prayer is for everyone, not just Britney, as she hasn't recognized what prayer is quite yet, but, I think she is trying, or so we hope...:) But, whatever dear Lord, here is a copy of something someone else wrote, I justwanted to share. I find it beautiful...:)

ღGOD BLESS..... ღ
ღGOD GIVES PEACE TO YOU............ ღ
ღAND MUCH WISDOM............................... ღ
ღGOD BE WITH YOU.......................................... ღ
ღMUCH PEACE! MUCH PEACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ღ

♪ ღ ♪ ღ ♪ ღ ♪ ღ ♪
ღPeace, Prosperity and Passion for you and your boys!!! ღ

2457 days ago

Happy To Be Me    

I want to personally invite George Clooney to come out with our
baseball bats at 12 p.m. midnight, tonight, and totally beat the crap
out of the people who keep hanging around outside our homes. Yet,
karma, and our faith in righteousness, tells us all, that all that
there is something wrong.. I promise to God that I will get down on
my knees and pray that the Spears family makes the SLIGHTEST bit of
progress today, and that she loses her stubborness. I pray she
cooperates, and finds her place in the sun. Maybe before long. she
will miss her babies, it is so so sad. This is a very difficult time
now, but this too, shall pass.. I pray that God may bless all of you- With the world being in its current state of affairs, it says a lot that we worry about this? After this morning, I give up. I am done. Now, it is about the children who will be affected, not us. As for them, they are beautiful, Many Blessings to you all.....:)

2457 days ago


Wow you comment people are a bunch of MEANERS!

I'm sure it doesnt help Britney to read the hateful garbage that comes out of y'alls fingertips. I'm rooting for Britney to get back on track. I do truely feel this Sam Lufti character is major sleeze that contributes to her problems. He pretends to be her friend while in actuality he is adding to the drama and profitting from it. Its sad and I hope Brit Brit can see that one day soon.

Brit as I stated yesterday, you had more talen drive and good work ethics at 16 then all of these sleezeball men you run with do now as adults put together. Stop being a victim, cut these people loose and get your life back on track please. Its painful to watch and I cant imagine how hard this will be for your adorable kids one day to look back on. You think you haved a messed up relationship with your parents? Wait till your kids grow up and read all this garbage, they will think you were mental and didnt give a care about them.

2457 days ago


Happy To Be Me has the right thought. Lets actually all pray for Britney today. If God hears all of us pray for her sincerely instead of just sitting here watching and commenting, maybe he will get stirred and look down on her and give her a miracle of some sort. Maybe these sleezeballs will die or she will just wake up with warm fuzzy feelings towards her mom and say "Mama, I want to go home for awhile, I need help"!

Seriously i'm dead serious, lets pray for Britney SPears today.

2457 days ago


If im going to PRAY its going to be for more important things like world peace, and cure for sickness and families who are devasted by diseases such as autism (which is an epidemic, btw)...not for Britney Spears!!! God helps those who help themselves! She has all the resources in the world. Why do u people feel sorry for her? How about the kids in the hospitals who are dying and their families who cant afford treatments? How about people who are homeless due to mental illness or unfortunate events who have no resources? Who is praying for them!?

2457 days ago


She's a piece of trash that still thinks she is so hot. She could be, but not right now.

2456 days ago


I agree #66- she looks like she is a 30+ woman trying to still be a cute teenager. Sorry - she is a loser!

2456 days ago

Couponing Diva    

Ugh. TMZ is "All Britney, all the time." *yawn*

2456 days ago

jen jen    

is that a nipple?

2456 days ago


Well. That shirt was....uh....revealing.

2456 days ago
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