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It Appears as if Sean Young Was Overserved

1/29/2008 8:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prior to entering rehab for alcohol abuse this week, wild and crazy "No Way Out" star Sean Young was snapped enjoying herself too much -- moments before being thrown out of the Directors Guild Awards on Saturday for heckling director Julian Schnabel. Last call!

Sean is used to causing scenes. In the early '90s, she made a spectacle of herself in a desperate and unsuccessful bid to land the role of Catwoman in "Batman Returns." She also notoriously attempted -- and failed -- to crash the 2006 Vanity Fair Oscar party.


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I would do that gal six ways to sunday...she is still SMOKING hot!!!

2422 days ago


Look at her. She is adorable! Can't a girl just have some fun without being branded as an alcoholic, and hauled off to rehab in an attempt to publicly humiliate herf? She kept her clothes on! For cyrin' out loud! Don't put bottles upon bottles of well-chilled chardonay on the tables with the thermostat bumped up to 90 degrees for goodness sake!

2422 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Her conduct is both rude and inconsiderate. Very unladylike.

2422 days ago

Ted F.    

She does need to get sober, but you gotta like the chutzpah. Julian Schnabel is a shoe in for the self important gasbag hall of fame on the first ballot. I'm not a big fan of james Woods, either. I think he's had a lot of his own problems. Misery loves company, you know. Especially when its open bar.

2422 days ago


By Golly it's looks like she's having the time of her life!

2422 days ago


She just needs a good banging....she's still hot!

2422 days ago


Sean is well known in Hollyweird as a woman who can't keep her opinions - or her mouth - shut. It is so sad because she really is an AMAZING actress, but - no one wants to work with a woman ( or man ) who is so unpredictable, hot-headed and self-righteous...

2422 days ago

Granny Pants    

You go girl! Julian Schnabel is a total no talent tool, whatever his medium. Didya ever see the paintings with the smashed plates? What a con man.

2422 days ago


Yay Sean! you just did what everyone else was thinking- Julian Schnabel get off the stage and stop picking at your greasy hair and wasting everyone's time..

2422 days ago

In the know    

Bitches plz
Julian Schnabel had it coming, Do any of you know how unbelievably dull those awards shows are? He should go back to gluing broken plates to glitter. They prolly have "history" anyway.

2422 days ago

Melissa M.    

Of course the focus is on Sean Young being drunk and heckling. But no matter how much she had to drink, the same thing she blurted out had to be going through everyone else's mind. Julian Schnabel is putrid. Just watch the clip. He wasn't nervous or at a loss for words, he obviously just thought the audience was as enthralled with him as he was with himself. After all, he's the movie director that said he "doesn't care about movies."

2421 days ago


Really, how does a person make a spectacle of oneself in Hollyweird?

2421 days ago


Sean........take some more XANAX..This I know to be true...YOU will learn the hard way, when YOU get STONED-DRUNK behind the wheel one of these days and God help you don't hurt or kill an innocent person.......and you do have your BRAIN-FREEZES moment don't YOU?

2421 days ago
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