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Lutfi to Britney's Family: You Don't Fit In!

1/29/2008 7:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sam Lutfi called Harvey Levin a few minutes ago, Britney by his side, and railed about the story we posted that Brit's family believes Lutfi is poison.

Lutfi said there was no intervention last night, but then said Britney's family "barged in." For the record, the family is staging an intervention and Lutfi has been kept in the dark.

Lutfi said of the family, "They have an agenda. Their agenda is jealously because they don't fit in. I do. They see her three times a year."

Britney was by the phone during Lutfi's conversation with Levin. Lutfi claimed he did not force Britney to buy a car, asking Brit, "Did I force you to buy a car." In a heavy southern accent she responded, "No." He continued, "Do I ever bug you." She replied, "We argue."

Lutfi said Britney's mom is fine with him -- it's her dad who's a problem. Family sources tell TMZ that's baloney -- both Lynne and Jamie "are on the same page," feeling like Sam is a "megalomaniac" who is motivated by "evil."

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Buckeye Girl    

Can we say Howard K Stern clone..............

2437 days ago


Britney needs the help of both a psychiatrist for evaluation and prescriptions as required and she also needs a therapist for talking one on one, face to face therapy. Once she starts to feel better, she could make friends who are other young mothers with children about the ages of her own. They could get their children together for play dates and it would give Britney a nice, light weight social interaction with this young woman and her children. It would give her life a nice sense of normalcy and good will.

It would be wonderful if the relationship between Britney and her mother could be repaired. It wouldn't have to be perfect, just comfortable and workable..

2437 days ago

Bibi Jo    

How absolutely disgusting this Sam Lufti person is. Making Britney a pawn on a the telephone with the " did i force you to buy a car?" question. Someone needs to get her away from him. How dare he talk about her family that way.

Her family need to hire a hitman and get him killed, as I am sure he has no family that will miss him.

2436 days ago


Mufti's reactions are just because he is scared if she does get an intervention that he's going to lose his meal ticket...

2436 days ago

Happy To Be Me    

Watch this, as thia girl has got it right...:)

2436 days ago


Best comment by Cartman: What they meant to say was "Sam, get your hands off our mealticket". Would it be baaaaaaaaaad not to "fit in"to Britney's world???

2436 days ago


Britney needs her former manager Larry Rudolph back he made her great I think he could do it again. Also is Lynne Spears still at Britney's house?

2436 days ago


It is a sad sad world that we live in when we care more about a pop star has been and her Arab Muslem boy toys than the fact that a man who was raised by a Muslem and even carries a Muslem name is running for the president of the United States. We should be reporting his every move as well as other candidates to so what their real agenda is. Juat a little food for thought people.

2436 days ago


If Sam Lufti says he "fits in" and her own parents don't, how come her life has spiraled further and further down since he became part of it? How come he is trying to isolate her from everyone, including her own family? If he is her "manager" as they say, then he's the worst manager/friend on record---her career and life are in the toilet.

2436 days ago


Crazy nut. Sam Lufti, who has known Brit for months -- to tell her FAMILY they don't fit in?? Brit -- GET A CLUE. WAKE UP. Save yourself. You are a tragedy. Your family loves you! My god, what anyone would do to have your talent and success. You have taken it for granted and you have taken life for granted. Get a therapist, stylist and for god's sake, find someone good to do your presently horrid extensions.

2436 days ago


An intervention is usually a surpise attack for a loved one, this is not.

2436 days ago



2436 days ago

not- buyingit    

#257 Danigirl1973 Fact is He was not raised Muslim, he was raised solely by his mother
who was from Kansas, USA who was Not a Muslim. He was not raised by his father and barely knew him .

By the way, there were not a lot of Muslims in Kansas in the sixties!! Or in Hawaii where he was raised.

Also he is Christian, I know of his church in Chicago where he, his wife and kids have been active members since long before
he ever got into politics.

Also you should know that most Muslims are Not radical Or terrorists. Do you think the former boxer Muhammed Ali is a terroist?? Or the singer songwriter,the former Cat Stevens is a terroist?? And thos are just a couple well known examples. It's a Religion!!!!

Guess what, there are other websites besides TMZ where you may learn something about religions,politics and even the candidates so you can actually become informed!!
Get some facts, info and expand your
mind instead of writing hateful made-up trash that you heard from someone else. Educate yourself with some research before
opening mouth please.

2436 days ago


u all that are so rude, need to get a life cause u wish u had hers!#!#!

2436 days ago
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