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Time for a Good Ol' Intervention

1/29/2008 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has been reporting for weeks that Britney's family and some professionals in her life have been planning a "creative way" to deal with her mental problems. It looks like the time has arrived.

Sources told TMZ "if it happens," it should happen this week. Last night, Brit's mom, Lynne, her dad, Jamie, cousin Alli, as well as Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib all showed up at Britney's house and were all there at the same time.

Brit's mom and dad (and others) have known for months that a bipolar disorder -- and not substance abuse -- is at the root of her problems. They cannot involuntarily commit her (impossible under these circumstances) and Brit has refused to voluntarily enter a hospital or even undergo evaluation for the problem. But now the plan is underway.

Here's what's significant: Britney has not spoken to her mom for a while -- no contact at all. Last night, Britney and Lynne (along with Sam) left the house at one point and went to the drugstore, so it seems they are now interacting.

There were signs last night that Britney didn't feel as warm toward her dad, that she didn't want anything to do with him.

This move has been in the planning stages for well over a month. It should begin to unfold IF Britney cooperates, and that is the wild card.

BTW, this "creative" intervention is different from what her divorce lawyers pitched to Commissioner Scott Gordon last week. They are not involved in this one.

Stay tuned ...


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Lenn K.    

The problem you have with all these outlets, like TMZ. x17 and so on is the Anna Nicole thing was sooo great for the hits on their blogs that stalking Britney was the next step. Look at how people are still posting on the Anna Nicole sites and losing their minds over something that is way beyond their control. Watching Britney slowly die or kill her is good for these freaks and there already looking for someone else.

2467 days ago

no way    

this is such a sad sad situation! This girl has issues, serious issues that are not her fault. She isn't doing drugs or alcohol to make her act like this, she can't help it, so what do people do, follow this obviously unstable lady around. SHAMEFUL! Can you imagine feeling so alone and at the lowest point in your life yet have millions of people watching? That alone would drive most of us crazy, She's lost her mind, her dignity, her respect, her privacy and her kids but that isn't enough is it? I guess the "media" won't be happy till she loses her life and that is truly sad

2467 days ago


I think the missing link in this story is Jamielynn. I think that she is the one to be talking to Brit. They adore each other and Jamie is about to have what Brit wants the most. I think JAmie should be telling Brit that if you want to know my child you need to get yourself some help first. It may jsut be the kick in the pants that Brit needs.

2467 days ago


This is not intervention. This is nothing more than a "media video" directed by Sam. He put this all together with Brit. They are playing you people and her parents know it so they decided to be in on it and get paid like everybody else, right Adnan? They know there is nothing wrong with Brit. She's a spoiled rich woman, call her a hillbilly if you like, but she is so used to getting her way and getting PAID to act like it that it's lucrative. The parents, Sam, and Adnan all know. Poor Jamie Lynn, I don't think she really understands and is falling for the hype. She may not ever trust another person after being so duped by her own.

2467 days ago

Bibi Jo    

Exactly Cutiepie. I don't know why her family left her alone in LA by herself. It's the same as abandoning a little 8 year old girl in the middle of a big ruthless city and expecting her to survive. Of course there will be vultures and predators after her.

I am suprised she hasn't attempted suicide yet in her mental state. That shows deep down she's a strong girl who's struggling to rise out of the situation because her fame or enablers won't let her and it is easier for a normal person because they don't have 100 paps snapping them everytime they go to the shop.

Ultimately, she needs help and people around her who do not take NO for an answer. She needs to be treated like a child, have her remaining assets frozen and they need to take her away to a different country where the laws on privacy are stricter so the paparazzi can't get to her.

2467 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

#10: By implying that bipolar disorder has caused all of her whacky behavior does a huge disservice to the many people who legitametely suffer from this devasting disease. My grandfather was bipolar and I know how difficult the disease is.

# 21 in response You have said what I have saying all along. True bi-polar disorder is actually not very common. It has become a catch all for anyone exhibiting general "wacky" behavior that can't be explained. True bi-polars will experience extreme highs followed by extreme lows that will leave them in an almost, if not completely, catatonic state. I have a family member who has had this terrible mental disorder for 50 years and has been in and out of institutions her whole life. When she is on a high, she acts like she just snorted an eightball. When she is on a low, she won't even speak or get out of bed.

My response: I couldn't agree with both of you more. It is wrong for pseudo psychiatrists to be diagnosing Britney without doing a thorough and complete exam in person. Her behavior mimics many types of disorders from a personality disorder to acute identity crisis. Labeling her as bi-polar has sensationalize the story and allowed the media to spoon feed it to the public at large for profit. The ole lets keep them tuned in to see what bi-polar Britney has done today.

News release recently posted with mental health professionals condeming the pseudo media shrinks.

2467 days ago


It's probably a staged, agreed let's chat holiday with lots of angst and feel good publicity leaked out for all to read and see so the SPEARS clan can get in good graces of the fans again and make lot's of money.. So who the hell cares.

2467 days ago


Ugh. There is nothing wrong with this girl other than an acute sense of entitlement and gross immaturity. The fake accents are ridiculous and it is astounding that so many people actually believe they're beyond her control. Notice how she looks all despondent until she gets to the car and when her mom approaches the front, she immediately pipes up with, "I'LL GET IN THE FRONT!" Because you know, the cameras can't get a good shot if she's in the back. Give me a freaking break. Britney just needs to grow up, admit to herself and everyone else that she doesn't want her kids, move on with her life with some sense of normalcy and contribution, and give those poor boys a chance to heal. Carrying on this RIDICULOUS three-ring circus making a complete nuisance of herself DAY after DAY has got to stop...those boys are the ones who will be picking up the check for that later. They have to go to school one day and face their peers with a mother who intentionally behaves like a mental patient in public! Poor babies...

Grow up, Britney. It isn't cute anymore.

2467 days ago


I agree if its bi-polar why is she out all the time? Anyone who knows about the disorder knows the lows and you wouldn't be seeing her out and about. I think shes narssistic.

2467 days ago

Bibi Jo    

Elle hasn't she already admitted suicidal thoughts?, thats what that whole hostage situation was, she threatened to kill herself.. What they want her to do, attempt it and then god forbid, succeed?

She was incoherent, babblling and naked. to me that sounds like someone who is a threat to themselves. Why they didn't keep her in for longer is a conundrum. Surely her behaviour is more than just odd or strange

2467 days ago

Silly Lilly    

People should show her Sean Young and Lauryn Hill.... and then tell her if she doesnt get help.... she will be them.... and who was the other actress that had the massive breakdown? I think Margot Kidder? All of these women could have been helped at one point or another. I think this girl was robbed of her life at a very young age and has literally snapped. I dunno what the rest of their stories are. But whatever. Show her what happens when you dont get help .... shoot if someone told me I was gonna end up like sean young I would RUN to the nearest shrink....

2467 days ago

Joe Beese    

I fervently hope that she doesn't kill herself. Not because I care whether she lives or dies. [I'd settle for her just going away.] But if she does die, the bathos of the press coverage will be unendurable.

2467 days ago

Silly Lilly    

YIKIES!! You all think she is BIPOLAR??? Ummm... I realize that everyone loves to throw that word around... she is more schizophrenia than bipolar. SHE TALKS IN 3rd person.... she has no real attachment to reality....BIPOLAR are extreme highs and extreme lows.... it does not account for the rest of this behavior. SO please stop because I dont think its right to walk around saying she is bipolar. EVERYONE is guessing at that. NOBODY is sure of that and I personally would guess that is WRONG just based on the DEFINITIONS of it.

2467 days ago


I agree with the earlier posts that TMZ and other outlets have got to stop diagnosing her or saying they know she has a diagnosis of Bipolar. First her friends & family said her problems were all K-Fed's fault and influence & then they were saying it was probably post-partum depression (despite the fact that her overt partying and aberrant behavior started well before her relationship to K-Fed). Now they are saying they know she's bi-polar and drugs aren't the issue. I have news for you and them, even if she is clean now, some of the drugs she allegedly used can have a significant impact on one's mental health and can actually bring low-level issues into a full blown breakdown. I doubt her friends and family know how to evaluate and diagnose anyone for much of anything. While these people agree she needs mental health help, they seem to be too busy trying to salvage the girl's image/brand/career to give her diagnosis which is palatable enough to gain sympathy and eventually make a comeback when they need to salvage Britney herself (this will include getting her out of the limelight and keeping her out); her celebrity and addiction to attention is what continues to exacerbate whatever underlying mental health disorder she has.

2467 days ago
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