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Time for a Good Ol' Intervention

1/29/2008 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has been reporting for weeks that Britney's family and some professionals in her life have been planning a "creative way" to deal with her mental problems. It looks like the time has arrived.

Sources told TMZ "if it happens," it should happen this week. Last night, Brit's mom, Lynne, her dad, Jamie, cousin Alli, as well as Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib all showed up at Britney's house and were all there at the same time.

Brit's mom and dad (and others) have known for months that a bipolar disorder -- and not substance abuse -- is at the root of her problems. They cannot involuntarily commit her (impossible under these circumstances) and Brit has refused to voluntarily enter a hospital or even undergo evaluation for the problem. But now the plan is underway.

Here's what's significant: Britney has not spoken to her mom for a while -- no contact at all. Last night, Britney and Lynne (along with Sam) left the house at one point and went to the drugstore, so it seems they are now interacting.

There were signs last night that Britney didn't feel as warm toward her dad, that she didn't want anything to do with him.

This move has been in the planning stages for well over a month. It should begin to unfold IF Britney cooperates, and that is the wild card.

BTW, this "creative" intervention is different from what her divorce lawyers pitched to Commissioner Scott Gordon last week. They are not involved in this one.

Stay tuned ...


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Do you really think that this nut case will go along with it? We all know how being forced into rehab and this latest hospital stay worked for her.

No one tells Brit. what to do! Not even the courts.

If she really wants her kids back, she will do whatever it takes. So far , shopping and running around so the paps can see her, has been her only goal. Oh yea, and letting everyone and their uncle see her bare body. Sounds like she loves showing off that!

Hate to be a negative, but this girl only thinks of herself.. that is the only thing that is important to her.

I hope she proves me wrong. She has got 2 beautiful little boys at stake her.

Hope she proves me wrong.

2460 days ago

getting irritated    

TMZ--you have NO credentials to be diagnosing Britney, and the APA has already taken you to task for it. No one has "known for months" about bipolar disorder..........because a person has to actually be diagnosed by a professional!!!

And this whole "creative" crap you keep talking about..........hello? It's an obvious possible conclusion in a situation like this, and any fool knows that.

Your article is redundant, doesn't actually contain any real "breaking news," and does more harm than good if you were ever really interested in Britney Spear's health in the first place.

An appropriate (and truthful) article would have been to say that Britney's mother and she were seen together after not having spent time together for awhile. Any further speculation on your part is completely irrespnsible "journalism."

On the plus side, every time you post this type of re-stated untruth, the way the articles are written are so juvenile that you just chip away at what little was ever there of your reputaton.

2460 days ago


I sure hope Britney does not check out, or the surprise will be ruined!

2460 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Poster # 38 stated " Elle hasn't she already admitted suicidal thoughts?, thats what that whole hostage situation was, she threatened to kill herself.. What they want her to do, attempt it and then god forbid, succeed?

She was incoherent, babblling and naked. to me that sounds like someone who is a threat to themselves. Why they didn't keep her in for longer is a conundrum. Surely her behaviour is more than just odd or strange

My response" It is quite obvious that the suicide babble was media fabrications. If Britney had actually been suicidal the authorities would have what was needed to commit her without her consent. As with any media blitz always consider the sources. The media profits by exaggerating and distorting the truth. Do I believe Britney has problems, huge yes. But, I deeply question the extent of her illness as portrayed by the media. The media has hounded and dogged this woman for over a year, which is NOT helping her insecurities but exassberating them. I believe they are trying to purposely push her over the edge, and the media is doing so with the publics blessing because we buy and eat up these stories.

2460 days ago


I don't need no intervention because everybody already knows who I
am. Please pass the grey poupon, guvna.

2460 days ago


HOW LAME AM I that Iog on to TMZ first thing this morning to get my Britney Update and i smile put my hands over my heart and am almost brought to tears with relief that our belove Brit Brit has let Mama Spears back into her life? Seriousy i'm all emotinally invested in this drama! I dont watch much tv and definately dont watch soaps but this Britney drama is my soap.

I'm rooting or my beloved Brit Brit to get back to her roots, reconnect with her disfunctional family that I believe truely loves her and has her best iterests at heart, even if hey are a little odd. They're just southern, southern people have a whole other thing going on. Brit Brit should ditch Sam & Adnan, stop carousing the quickmarts with the leazy stalkerazzi everynite and take a little vaca back to Louisiana.


Embrace your family, ditch theese sleezeball men trying to make money off of you. Hello Youre Britney! You dont need a man! You had more drive talent and work ethics at 16 then these grown leachy men do now! You worked hardand made your milions, enjoy it! Spend some time with Mama and JamieLynn. Say to yourself I'm going to go one whole week without going out with he Stalkrazzi, I'm going to get myself together, get back on track. Spend time with family, hole up and watch movies with my sis, have long talks, work thru things, eat healthy get back on a good sleep schedule , go for walks, dance, swim, whatever you enjoy. GO to Hoby Lobby wth your Mom and pick up something to do, a scrapbook for your kids or something for them to have of you unil you get the court stuff worked out and can see them again. I'm sure K-Fed would let them have something from you like that.

Sweeti we love you we a rooting for you and hope t see you REALLY change for the better and pull it all together soon. Who could blame youfor getting a littl messed up for awhle, it happens to everyone, much less a young celebrity who has worked sohard and gone thru so much hard times lately. Its ok. But remember, those camera are not your friends and they will turn on you in a heartbeat. Walk away from the Stalkerazzi for one week and you will find ut who your real friends are.

2460 days ago


Maybe ya'll can leave her alone. Don't add fuel too the fire as they say. Best Wishes to Britney for some peace in her life.

2460 days ago


She was prob sitting on the curb crying because Sam told her that her Mom was coming & they wanted an intervention for her........she was prob upset about that.

2460 days ago


if they knew she had health issues and not drug issues why would her exhusband kevin destroy her the way he did with the drug abuse allegation. To me it should have been about the health issues and shield the chidren from publicly desroying their mother base on a lie. that makes me wonder what were the motives

2460 days ago


I can imagine that seeing those pics of her babies in the tabloid yesterday prob caused some of this too.

2460 days ago

Davo Davo    

Looks to me that everybody finally agreed to fix the money train before it breaks down completely. Trains that dont run are completely useless to everyone.

2460 days ago


Rehab is bollocks. I did it once before and all it got me was more prescription bottles and not nearly enough attention. Blimey, there I go again. Time for tea and strumpets.

2460 days ago


******LOVE how she is in the middle of yet ANOTHER supposed breakdown, EVERYONE who wants another buck from her runs to her aid and what happens? SHE GOES TO YET ANOTHER DRUGSTORE with these idiots in tow!! What is wrong with these people? They ARE ALL SO DESPERATE for PUBLICITY that instead of of handling this situation BEHIND CLOSED DOORS...THEY ARE OUT IN FRONT OF THE PAPS! Are you KIDDING ME???? Unreal!

2460 days ago

What Would Xmas Be Without Warrants Served In Annas Death    

NOW I know who stole my hat!!

2460 days ago

grow up    

good luck with that because we all know you can't help someone who does not want help, it's obvious britney does not want help. help for what ya'll????

2460 days ago
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