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Britney Being Treated for Her Disease

1/30/2008 2:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you think Britney Spears doesn't give a crap about getting help for her condition, think again.
Britney Spears
Multiple sources tell TMZ Britney has seen numerous doctors. We know that she's seen a new psychiatrist who has come to her home every day this week and that she's on medication to treat her bipolar disease. We also know doctors have indeed concluded she suffers from bipolarity.

Britney has seen doctors who have been referred by other doctors, plus doctors who have been referred by celebrities Britney knows, and doctors referred by her lawyers, family and friends. We're told the process has been excruciating for her, partly because her disease is severe.

Sources tell slightly different stories about the efficacy of the medication. A friend says when Britney takes her medicine she is like "a different person -- normal and sweet." But she takes her meds for a while and then feels as if she can live without it -- so she stops taking them -- and her condition quickly deteriorates. But a professional tells TMZ flatly, "The medication just isn't working."

That same professional tells TMZ, "She's really trying. Whether it works -- we'll have to see." That person also says it's extremely frustrating when the media shows video of Britney out on the town acting crazy, adding, "She has a disease. Sometimes when you see her she's in the middle of an episode. It's like mocking someone with Down Syndrome."


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2457 days ago


If everyone would let her live, without a camera in front of her, she might get better. I think that alot of this is because of her little boys being taken away from her. I don't think that has been able to allow that to sink in. She is in deep pain.

2457 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

So in essence you're still selling the same old diagnosis about Brit being bipolar and without giving a legit source???

The old a friend of a friend whose doctor knows and treated the friend of a friend........... that confirmed from a friend of a friend of a friend Who is your legit source... Dr Phil......LMAO

Anything to make a fast buck huh TMZ even playing pseudo psychiatrist without a liscense.

2457 days ago


so if her medication isn't working, maybe they haven't diagnosed her accurately and are giving her the wrong medication..depending on what she's taking now - but maybe an anti-psychotic would work better...

2457 days ago


Bipolar people leave poo skids in their undies because they are too messed up in the head to whipe all the way.

2457 days ago


Britney has enough money to pay a doctor to say anything - I'm not buying it. This is all either a desperate attempt to keep herself in the public eye since she doesn't have a real career anymore, or a conspiracy between her, the tabloids, gossip magazines and internet sites to drive advertising sales - they are making MILLIONS.

2457 days ago


Too bad this disease isn't fatal.

2457 days ago


Her meds aren't working because you have to take them to get them to work!
She needs to be in a monitored enviroment watched 24/7 by the pros that can help her.
Get her out of the limelight. She is in her real manic stage now. I hope she can get thru this one.
It's getting too sad to even read about it. Tick tock.

Just try..

2457 days ago


Would the media or the paparazzi follow around a celeb that was fighting cancer and showing signs of the treatment working or not working? If so, do you think there would be a public back lash? I would hope so. Over and over again Britney is followed and critiqued on her behavior. The media and specifically at this moment TMZ is doing their part to explote someone with a mental disease that is beyond her control. Perhaps a bit of true compassion and REAL information on the disease might be more effective and even allow your readers to respect you and your articles.

2457 days ago


That professional flat out states that showing Britney acting strange is sad, like making fun of someone with Down Syndrome And what does TMZ do, put a wacky picture of Britney above the article. Pretty tackyTMZ, something X17or Perez would do.

2457 days ago

brit hater    

i cannot stand this with, this fake ass bitch any longer.... she is doing this for attention-good or bad.... doesnt anybody see this??? she is so retarted, stfu about her i am so tierd of everyone giving this crazy bitch simpathy, give her kids all the simpathy!!!!!!!!! they are the sufferers

2457 days ago

Not Naive...    

Then perhaps someone should be appointed as her guardian to ensure that she is taking her medication like a big girll She obviously has no one in their right mind overseeing her while she is taking her meds.

When a Bi-Polar person goes off their meds, I believe they can become manic. Gee, ya think?!?

2457 days ago


Bushwa!!!!! This is PR spin as the public's disgust for this self
absorbed jackass continues to outgrow her career. She is responsible
for getting proper treatment if treatment is needed. If she were not
able to make rational decisions and were a danger to herself the
hospital would be able to secure an involuntary commitment. We know
from a variety of sources in her home town that Britney has been
using drugs for a long time and that substance abuse is common in her
family. She is just another spoiled celebrity. Too much money. Too
much attention. Too much ego.

2457 days ago


I think this is all b.s....

I think she's doing all this crap on purpose.

Not one pic of her going to a DR..or a DR going to see her..Think about that.

This is all a show she puts on.

2457 days ago


I vote for a lobotomy.

2457 days ago
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