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Britney Being Treated for Her Disease

1/30/2008 2:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you think Britney Spears doesn't give a crap about getting help for her condition, think again.
Britney Spears
Multiple sources tell TMZ Britney has seen numerous doctors. We know that she's seen a new psychiatrist who has come to her home every day this week and that she's on medication to treat her bipolar disease. We also know doctors have indeed concluded she suffers from bipolarity.

Britney has seen doctors who have been referred by other doctors, plus doctors who have been referred by celebrities Britney knows, and doctors referred by her lawyers, family and friends. We're told the process has been excruciating for her, partly because her disease is severe.

Sources tell slightly different stories about the efficacy of the medication. A friend says when Britney takes her medicine she is like "a different person -- normal and sweet." But she takes her meds for a while and then feels as if she can live without it -- so she stops taking them -- and her condition quickly deteriorates. But a professional tells TMZ flatly, "The medication just isn't working."

That same professional tells TMZ, "She's really trying. Whether it works -- we'll have to see." That person also says it's extremely frustrating when the media shows video of Britney out on the town acting crazy, adding, "She has a disease. Sometimes when you see her she's in the middle of an episode. It's like mocking someone with Down Syndrome."


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Thank you to the specialist for pointing out that taking constant videos of a person with a didease like that is like making fun of them. Don't get me wrong, Briney needs major help. I don't think it's just a bipolar disorder I think there's some schitzophrenia going on there as well!!! Look at all her "new" personalities. She could be just doing that for the publicity but even so, come on all you papparazzo (even you TMZ!!) stop following her around and filming her every move!!! It's exactly what she wants but it's going to lead to another death of another young and still very talented entertainer. Think about her children, do all of you who are enabling this behaviour want the death of a mommy to 2 precious boys on your conscious? Think about fellas. Maybe if she stopped getting so much attention for this crazy behaviour she would stop it and finally let those around her her "truly" care get her the help she needs. Haven't we had enough senseless deaths of such insperational people already?

2367 days ago

Lori B    

9. Whatever!!!! Please, she doesn't want her kids and by mocking a severe disease she now has an excuse. She's a horrible mother, if she truly was bipolar, than she would take her meds and realize without them she is crazy and not stop taking them.
If she's in full blown psychosis, her decisions aren't based in reality. It's not something they have control over. If she can't comprehend she's very sick, she's not going to take her meds. Then throw in there her stubbornness and you have a timebomb.

2367 days ago


get better brit! we miss the old you and so do your kids! get 'em back and get your family back and get your LIFE back!

2367 days ago


Somehow I have my doubts that she is on medication for bi-polar. The medication to treat this disease (and there are loads of medications with the same "alohol warning" on them) is extremely strong and there is no way anyone can drink like she does while taking this medication. They even warn you against having ONE drink while you are taking it. And once you stop taking it, it has to be completely out of your system before you drink alcohol. I dont think she would be walking around (or DRIVING around either) if she were on this medication and was "out partying" every night. Sounds more than a little suspicious to me!

2367 days ago


They are not going to stop until she is dead. ..........It's only a matter of time.

2367 days ago


As someone who suffers from Bi Polar I Disorder, I've been saying this is what Britney is dealing with for over a year now. Having people in her face 24/7 is only making the problems worse. When I am in the middle of an episode I know that I'd probably kill a paparazzi if they got in my face. And yes, it takes awhile for any new meds to kick in and there is a lot of trial and error with meds until you find something that works. Give the poor girl a break and stay out of her face. If people would leave her alone to get this disease under control, they would probably be shocked by the positive results. She isn't being give a chance to get this HORRIBLE disease under control. And for the record, I am no Britney fan, but I can empathize with her illness!

2367 days ago


They call bipolar "the roller coaster from Hell"

2367 days ago



2367 days ago


It's ridiculous to sya that mocking her is like making fun of someone with downsyndrome .. The woman is coveting this attention she may very well suffer from bipolar disorder. I also agree that the woman needs serious mental help. But it's like drugs you can not surround yourself with enablers and just cut everyone else in your life off when you don't like what they have to say which is exactly what she has done. I kow that her "episodes" can probably be scary but if she is not willing to help herself and covet the attention of the press that is exactly what she is going to get if anything when she is not having an episode and she sees herself in these reports it should be a wake up call however, it does not appear that anything is taking effect..

2367 days ago

fame ho    

brit only does things to get outrageous attention and media attention, maybe she should try out a coffin!

2367 days ago


13. If everyone would let her live, without a camera in front of her, she might get better. I think that alot of this is because of her little boys being taken away from her. I don't think that has been able to allow that to sink in. She is in deep pain.

Posted at 1:37PM on Jan 30th 2008 by Donna
You just don't get it. She's a MEDIA WHORE, Donna. She purposely texts the papparazzi when she goes out (to buy pregnancy tests, or gas, or sex toys, or food, or whatever) to let them know where she's going, with the express purpose of making sure the photographers are there to take her picture. I'd gladly never see another picture of her snatch flashing or boob flashing or stupid british accent saying, but she forces herself into everyone's face EVERY DAY. Until she stops acting like a total media slut, there's not a damn thing we can do about it; she's creating this mess herself...

2367 days ago

Lena Madrid    

no one cares anymore. there are less and less postings on brit. the public is getting tired of this nonsense. she is making a fool out of herself. take her off the sites, leave her alone, let her figure out her issues without the publics glare. Brit is using the media, sam lufti, adnan etc. to get back at her mom, to hurt people who she believes betrayed her. this is a family affair and its getting boring. and I doubt she is mentally sick. she is manipulative and immature. yawn.....

2367 days ago

Emily S    

I'm Bipolar and I have never had any sort of breakdown like Britney has. I have been on medications and am currently off of them due to pregnancy, and even though I have had mood shifts, they are NEVER as severe as hers and I have never adopted any sort of strange accents. I think its more likely she has Borderline Personality Disorder or something worse, but not Bipolar. PLEASE dont put her in the same category as me, it gives the rest of us with Bipolar a bad name, lol.

2367 days ago


Do some research before you post people. Multiple Personality Disorder is rare and involves the emergence of other personalities. Schizophrenia is characterized by having hallucinations and delusions and does not involve other personalities. However, somebody who is diagnosed with psychotic symptoms can and do think they are somebody else but that is not a true multiple. People's ignorance makes me sad.

2367 days ago


I look forward to the day we see you back up on the stage, Britney. Better than ever before! While you're up there, give the finger to all the evil haters out here trying to steal the thunder you worked so hard to enjoy. Keep strong, work hard. Don't let anyone get you down...

2367 days ago
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