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Britney Takes Shot at Gays -- In Brit-ish

1/30/2008 2:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In full-out British Brit mode Monday night, The Lady Spears asked a photog where his "f**k buddy" was and told him that "gay videos are in." Apparently, so is gay bashing.

That intervention can't come fast enough.


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Anna Nichole had nothing on this crazy BITCH!!!

2405 days ago

Dawn Day    

If she is supposedly 'screwing' with us, doesn't she realize she's really screwing herself??

We all think she has issues, not being comical. She needs to get a clue here.

Will any of us be surprised when we see the headlines that she's no longer with us? Real funny stuff Britney. Remember, you do have know, those babies that came out of you?

2405 days ago


There is nothing to gain by exposing Britney with violence. She needs a compassionate treatment with a highly restrictive straight jacket. If I was a doctor, my friend Mhned would have one too.

2405 days ago


Ewww... smoking a cigarette and chewing gum at the same time!! Yummy. :{

2405 days ago


how would any of you feel having your whole life filmed and then critiquied all over the internet and tv? I have mad love and respect for britney. all anyone wants to do is see her fall, then laugh at her and make some money. get f*&^%$# real. leave her alone.

2405 days ago


Oh, let's move on to another story already!!! It's like OJ, Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith...eventually a story reaches the end of it's useful life and the world is just TIRED!! Britney is playing the media like a violin (or, more appropriately, a banjo and a jug)...and this multiple personality thing is just so obviously fake!! Come on now, Britney...the curtain has long since come down, and you need to get the hook.

2405 days ago


I agree with Britney gay porn is hot,

2405 days ago


What kind of gay porn are we talking about? Because lesbian porn is HOT but guy on guy grosses me out.

2405 days ago


# 33 She asked for it!! She goes out and begs for the attention, she is the one who
picks up paps and takes them home!! Lots of celebs. stay out of then lime lite!!
She loves the attention!

2405 days ago


U know, she may be old enough to be called an adult, but she is definitely acting out like a little punk beyatch. I don't care how much money she or anybody has, she does not ever deserve to have her kids back I don't know how it is in CA, but in NYS law enforcement, doctors, and FAMILY can povide information and if credible and shows that a person in a danger to themselves or others can be COMMITTED to a psych facility without consent. HELLO--she is like a five year old who has no capacity to make logical and responsible decisions. SOMEBODY TAKE HER AWAY before she just physically EXPLODES in public. Keep all sharp instruments away from her.

2405 days ago

cat b    

seems britney is having a bit of fun with the paps and she is telling them in a nice british accent to go screw themselves and film one is seeing she isnt as unstable as she like us to believe...her income has jumped from 770 thousand to about 120 million a month being crazy britney and the most photographed woman on thats some cash flowing crazy train she is on with the paps jumping aboard and making many a buck off her very public custody battle and issues of mental decline...two sides to every story and then there is the truth

2405 days ago


this is one effed up bitch. She is a loon and will die by years end. I hate to say it and dont wish it but god damn it, its true

she is a absolute disaster of a human being. I dont think theres any doubt that she has a mental disorder of some kind but she also likes to smoke the hooch , snort a little coke, smoke a little crack, and of course the ever popular pill popping.

oh and shes a whore, probably would sell her skank ass for cash (for about a buck) if she didnt have any money that is. In fact I'm almost certain of it. I dont know who would want to bang that, but i guess after a 12 pack she might be bangable, but who the hell knows

2405 days ago


is multiple personalites the "in" thing? can I get a couple? my life sucxks @@

2405 days ago


Sorry meant # 32

2405 days ago

Lori B    

21. I expect for her to self-destruct just any time. It's a damn shame that she won't seek help, not only for her children, but for herself.

Posted at 11:21AM on Jan 30th 2008 by Jackson
People who are seriously mentally ill usually won't seek help. She won't acknowledge it because she doesn't comprehend it. Anyone who tells her otherwise is just going to piss her off. Since she's gone this far without getting treatment, if she ever does, it will be that much harder to treat her. I don't see a happy ending here. She's not only mentally ill, but she seems to be a control freak and extremely hard headed. Those are not good things to mix with severe mental illness. If she's manic, she'll eventually hit a low. Unfortunately, even in a low, she can still be delusional. There's nothing anyone can do. Eventually, she'll hurt herself or someone else. If she lives through it, that will probably be the only opportunity anyone will have to get her treated.

2405 days ago
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