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Britney Takes Shot at Gays -- In Brit-ish

1/30/2008 2:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In full-out British Brit mode Monday night, The Lady Spears asked a photog where his "f**k buddy" was and told him that "gay videos are in." Apparently, so is gay bashing.

That intervention can't come fast enough.


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I'm really not into butt pirates.

Nuff said.

2424 days ago

Lori B    

Sam’s other payroll (X 17) has Brit out and about showing off her ta-ta’s in a see-through top. Gross and sad. I guess she really does not want those kids.

Posted at 12:21PM on Jan 30th 2008 by Me3
Whether she wants her kids or not, she most definitely shouldn't be around them until she's mentally stabilized.

2424 days ago


If I could, I reach out and just give this woman a hug and tell her "everything will be ok". I think she is being so bashed and tossed by everyone in her life. I wish that there was some way, that a sincere person out in this world, could just talk to her and hug her and just be there for her, for HER. I am a grandma to two girls born very near to the times her children were born. As a matter of fact, my second born grand daughter was born September 15, 2005, the day following her youngest son. I feel an incredible loss for her with her not having her children to be with her. Shame on everyone for taking a mother from her children and putting her children through this. There are better ways to go about all of this. Britney, find me honey. I am just an older lady with a lot of compassion for what is happening to you and your children's life's, and want nothing more than to just be there for you and your boys. I am sure others will see this as strange and just another fan. But to be truthful, I don't even listen to the music, I have just been watching your life unfold in front of the world and find it all so unneccessary and wanted you to know it somehow. I wish you good luck and happiness and health. Always...

2424 days ago


If she were my daughter, no matter how old she was, or what kind of crap she was pulling, I would be there in one way or another to make sure my child was getting the help she needed.

If she didn't want to see a therapist, I'd be there until she felt safe enough to go.

If she lost her kids, I'd be there with her at court.

Realizing I couldn't control my grown daughters behavior, I'd be there to make sure she knew the consequenses of her behavior.

I might be a busy body parent, but my daughter would know that I love her, and that I only have the best intentions.

That's the kind of mom I am, I'd do anything it took to make sure my kids felt they have someone to talk to.

If only the Spears clan were there for Britney, and Jamie, they might have stood a chance. Those girls have no one to lean on.

2424 days ago


Please.. any intervention will crash and burn. it ain't gonna happen cuz then Brit. will have to do without her paps to show all of her stuff to.

It has been a month since she has seen her kids. has she done anything to change that situation except show her nude body to anyone that will look and shop, including buying a 2 seater.

there is the answer. it is all about Brit not those 2 beautiful boys. God help them.

2424 days ago


All we need now to see is Britany in clown makeup. I thought I saw Howard K. Stern among the group of PAPS. Yup, pretty sure I did or was it Birkhead.

2424 days ago


Posted at 12:55PM on Jan 30th 2008 by teenagemomof6
Well said, I bet you are a good mom. It's a shame Britney feels so alone, especially with all she is going through, and with so much going for her. I guess when your parent is your manager, it can cross a line from a parent-child relationship to a manager-resource relationship.

2424 days ago

Alex Allan    

The last thing Britney needs to do is turn away us Gays! Who's going to buy her records otherwise! Gurl!!! Don't burn the hand that feeds you!

2424 days ago

I have to stop myself    

As someone with MPD or Dissociative Identity Disorder,I can say this chick doesn't have it. She is Borderline. I will say it over and over on these boards. I have been following this closely and she is totally Borderline. She is manipulative. She isn't stupid. She has been on stage all her life and she still is. She is totally comfortable with that. She actually models herself after many people. She picked up the accent after she was with the pap with the British accent. She is a mimic. She flashed her crotch after Paris flashed her crotch. A lot of her stage performances were copies of Madonna. She is always coping someone in her mind and doing something to shock you. That's what she was taught to do. It works for her.

Is she sick? Yes. Does she know it? No. She is playing a game in her mind with everyone. How far will it go to entertain us and herself? That is the question.

2424 days ago


There was no gay bashing there.
What are you guys idiots?

2424 days ago

good f    

it just keeps getting better everyday thanks TMZ..

2424 days ago


Posted at 1:03PM on Jan 30th 2008 by I have MPD
True, I agree with everything you said there...

2424 days ago


Why does everybody insist that she is off her rocker or on something??? Can't she just be a dumba** b**tch? I mean, it is certainly no secret that she was never a class act or brainiac to begin with...this is just nature taking its course and the perfect example that money cannot buy class. Ever. Okay. Ever.

2424 days ago


Adrienne, I wouldn't have asked the f*cking question if I wasn't serious. Thanks for being such a douchebag and making a smartassed comment to me. I guess this is way over my head loser. Thanks alot.

Posted at 1:07PM on Jan 30th 2008 by Twitney
OK, if you really don't know, you should ask your parents, ask them about Ritalin too. Shouldn't you be in school?

2424 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

Britney's a fox She's taking a page from the life of Anna Nicole Smith with regards to how to be famous without really doing anything. Come on, the enabler, the multiple partners, the irrational behavior, it's like Anna Nicole's back from beyond. So, good for you Britney. Way to stay on the front pages without actually working. I personally look forward to your next adventure.

2424 days ago
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