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Can Brit Get a Corned Beef Sandwich in Peace?

1/30/2008 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Check out the insanity that went down at Jerry's Deli in Studio City when Britney showed up this afternoon.

Brit pulled into the deli, alone (well, except for the gaggle of paps following her), but emerged with Adnan by her side. Guess he was her "to go" order.


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Who eats cornedbeef anyway?

So sorry to hear John pulled out. Wizard of Oz. Might be easier for blonde women now.

Life without a router....too eazy.

2397 days ago


Driving with the top down, she is just looking for trouble!! And she is still with that Leech Adnan! Both losers!!!!

2397 days ago


man..isnt that borderline wonder this chick has gone crazy....she needs to drop th edouchbag...I would make a good candidate for her new douchbag

2397 days ago


This is getting ridiculous. We all post comments that we are tired of hearing about brittney spears and all the other hollywood "stars" but we are the ones who are keeping the papparazi and things like TMZ in business, we continue to buy and get online, and find out everything that we can about the stars just to bitch and complain that there is too much media attention. If you are going to post stupid comments like "we have had enough of this" then stop reading it. I was once told that the public in general are all hens in a house getting all the gossip that we can. If you dont want to read it DON'T. But remember we are the ones who continue to pay for gossip and they are doing their job by getting it no matter how stupid it may be.

2397 days ago

Lori B    

SAM...WTF???'re a nasty, sleezy, slimy, snake..what comes around goes around mofo.

2397 days ago

Happy To Be Me    

Come on all you guys, ya'll know he can't leave her alone - He needs an AMERICAN WIFE for citizenship. That, and she BUYS you things. You better hurry up Adnan, time is running out, as Immigration is a comin', keep an eye out. Or, have they already visiited you? Is that an engagement ring which has suddenly appeared on her finger? Good job Adnan, way to go. After all, who WOULDN'T want to marry Britney Spears, as you so eloquently stated? Hope your vaccines are current.

2397 days ago

Lori B
I thought you said you weren't going to comment on Britney anymore??? Earlier today?? Remember???

Get a life you stupid POS.

2397 days ago


Yes Britney has issues - but she also knows what she's doing with the pap party brigade. She needs it right now - without the frenzy, she's just another mentally ill pop wreck has been. She's playing both sides and savoring every minute of it. There are places and times the paps are allowed to swarm and times when they know to simmer. Britney leaving her house, Britney driving around, Britney at the drug store, Britney eating, Britney coming home. X17 and FinalPixx are swaggering all the way to the bank - but Ms. Britney makes out too – for better or worse. Fighting mental illness and getting back on track is hard's much easier to revel in pap surreal life. This girl's not going to get better until the masses go away - and they will. We'll all get bored or someone else more fascinating will come along... In the end, the crowds will get thinner and the camera count less....thank goodness Brit will have plenty of pictures to help her reminisce.

2397 days ago


Why feel sorry for her...???

Do you think she's that stupid where she can't have more of a private life?

She could keep things on the low & low like other stars WAY more famous than her attention wanting arse.

She loves being a star in the soap opera life she has..All this is an act..her Brittish Accent..Her BiPolar bologna..and her multiple personality disorder..(so called).

This is so sick..because the media & all of you eat her life up like's like she saved the world..or something.

She knows this is all she's ever gona have,and she plays all of you like she's outa control.

She knows what she's doing...This is a soap opera..and not a dam thing more.

As far when ot comes to her children?...Terrible mother,but thank God we have people like Paris speaking up for her on what a good mother she is.

I think she's a spoiled brat..that will never grow up...Would have been great to read a copy of her mother's parenting skills book...

She is not worth a dime of attention...She was famous among 13-16 year olds with her music..That was along time ago.

Way more famous kids than her...back in her days.

She's followed around like she's the President....Avoid buying any magazine..or paper than mentions this attention wanter.

2397 days ago


waitaminnit -- how can you get down on the paps for hounding Brit WHILE YOU WERE THERE TOO!!! You've already forgotten Tuesday's rant against a Pap who the TMZ crew to leave, now you're ragging on them for what? spoiling your exclusive?

Paps are hounding Brit? That bugs you, TMZ? Great. Set an example. Impose a Britney Blockout until she's well again. Be compassionate.

2397 days ago


George pretty much said it all and closed the board on B.S..

2397 days ago

Lori B    

Get a life you stupid POS.

Posted at 8:39PM on Jan 30th 2008 by AF
WRONG...I NEVER said that. I'll keep commenting til I get bored. Bipolar happens to be a subject I know very well. You have the wrong Lori.

2397 days ago


I think it is really pathetic that the paparazzi think that the only interesting story in LA is Britney Spears. Something else exciting and newsworthy might actually happen in LA and we will have missed it because everyone is focused on Britney Spears. Just because she wants the attention doesn't mean she should get it. Just goes to show you that all the men there are just waiting and hoping they will be the next paparazzi pal for Britney. She gets them and spits them out as required and typical men stand around waiting for their turn.

2397 days ago


I think she used the sandwich to comb her hair. Hey Harvey, next time Sam Lutfreak calls you, the world has ONE big question. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE GREASY ASS SNARLY HAIR? iF SHE CAN'T EVEN WASH HER OWN HAIR HOW CAN SHE CARE FOR TWO TODDLERS. Gesh I try to give her a break but that hair is so nasty.

2397 days ago

Not too shocked    

I think it's funny how TMZ always uses the term "paps", as if to separate yourselves from them. You're just as bad, in fact you're EXACTLY the same. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck..........

I still love you though.

2397 days ago
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