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Dr. Phil Says He's Not Exploiting Brit -- Again!

1/30/2008 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Phil told pretty much anyone who would listen a couple of weeks ago that he shouldn't have talked about Britney Spears after his much-blasted visit to her hospital room, and that talking about it wasn't helping.

Well, there was the bald blowhard again this morning, squawking about the whole affair to Matt Lauer and Diane Sawyer, saying -- again -- that he shouldn't have issued the statement, and that he hasn't said "one syllable" about what happened between him and Brit at Cedars. Except all the time he's logged on "Today," and "GMA," and ...

It just happens that his 1,000th show is coming up sometime soon.


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this really backfired on "Dr." Phil. haha!!

2427 days ago


Phil, babe, who cares? This happened what, two, three WEEKS ago??? Stop milking this incident for an extra 15 minutes.

I agree with the first poster here, Mhenad. Nobody is bringing it up except this idiot. The rest of us couldn't care less what he said or didnt say. He is the only one who keeps bringing it up. At least now, more people know what a colossal tubesteak this guy is.

2427 days ago


Dr. Phil has done such a disservice to the mental health profession. People who might need the help of a professional will steer clear after watching the Dr. Phil show. He gives the impression that psychologists judge their patients and yell like disapproving parents. I can't stand the man. Quite the opposite of my feelings for Harvey Levin. You, my friend, are a god.

2427 days ago


heres oprah,bring us another doctor not acredtited.just endorsed by HER!!!!!!!!!

2427 days ago


Blah Blah air sucked in....expands big belly....Blah Blah blah....pats self on back.

2427 days ago


How does this overbearing, egotistical, bag of wind manage to get additional airtime on an issue that has already died down?

Why is he STILL talking about this?

Why do Matt Lauer and Diane Sawyer bring this moron on their show to talk about something that people no longer even care about? I'll tell ya "what crosses my mind"; it's called milking your 15 minutes for all its worth.

"I shouldn't have issued the statement, and I haven't said one syllable about what happened", yeah yeah, yeah, blah blah blah, and the check is in the mail, yadda yadda yadda......

Drop it. Phil. We don't care.

2427 days ago


Can you imagine how he would have drilled Brittany and hurt her feelings on his show?

This man is a bully and his show should be taken off the air.

The people that appear on his show are desperately looking for help and before he gives it to them he yells at them and makes them feel like 2 cents.

I'm totally amazed at how many guests keep coming to his show and subjecting themselves to this kind of punishment just to get free medical help from him.

2427 days ago

To #26    

Dr. Phil is NOT a doctor -- he's a psychologist and a non-practicing, non-licensed one to boot. He's simply a TV personality as as such, there is no legal requirement that he maintain confidentiality. Morally, that's a different story and he's failed there IMHO.

2427 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

First of all, methinks Dr. "Phil my Pockets" does protest too much. Makes him look even guiltier. Second, for someone who keeps saying he shouldn't have talked about it, he sure is STILL talking about it! Better go back to med school moron, a cactus makes a better Dr. than you do!

2427 days ago


Dr. Phil, you're a self serving idiot. I don't watch or read anything about you but I just have to respond to that headline.

2427 days ago


I'm over Dr Cheezeball ...

2427 days ago


He has got to keep talking about anything ..... ratings, ratings, ratings......Oprah, Oprah, Oprah.......Robin has to have money for keep up with the surgeries, Botox, etc. You go Phil!

2427 days ago


Dear Dr. Phil,

Go away.


2427 days ago


Does anyone actually watch this guys show? Someone at the networks should smarten smarten up and tell this book pimpin dirtbag to sling his hook. This guy has had his 15 mins - next!

2427 days ago

cat b    

Dr Phil is no doctor...first rule of the hippocratic oath < to do no harm.>..yet he enjoys the blood sport...Did he actually think true professionals who have standards would allow him to violate a patients rights and blow the hippa law out the water..with out a peep? Its because of him many professionals are up in arms because he violates all the professionalism and ethics he failed to absorb in his education
He enjoys tearing people down for ratings and making himself look like the second coming...this time it blew up in his face being exposed to the world for the opportunist he is...He isnt lic in Calif. and its debatable if he still retains his tarnished Texas lic...he was cited for inapropraite behavior with a patient who was 19...Brit isnt as crazy as she appears she had the common sense to run from his massaginistic arse
He is still trying to redeem himself like a ship sinking he is fast going down in flames...all things go around come around ...He is just getting a dose of the medicine he dished out for years destroying lives and people not in the name of healing but for the gloy and ratings of Himself

2427 days ago
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