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People. She Smokes. Get Over It.

1/30/2008 2:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Proud smoker Katherine Heigl knocked out nearly half a pack of smokes last night at Katsuya -- where she spent as much time with her cigs as she did with her birthday boy husband, Josh Kelley.

The puffing was as big a draw as her smile -- as most of the camera flashes occurred upon exhale.


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There's somthing about kissing a girl that just smoked doesn't seem too attractive.

2458 days ago


The video that they keep showing of her supposedly making a resolutions pretty much makes TMZ look stupid. She doesn't say, "I quit" or I'm quiting." She says "hopefully I'll quit" Of all of the pointless "news" they air - this probably the dumbest.
Please stick to you 24hr Spears vigil...

2458 days ago

Sharonda Wilmitis    

I think she is overrated too. Not only could she end up with wrinkles or lung cancer but she could also have a stroke! I didn't know that Obama smoked!! I don't want a president that smokes either!

2458 days ago


I cannot stand this over rated broad either. I cannot believe she got an emmy for her over-acting on that completely stupid Grey show. She needs to take her big forehead and nicotine saturated skanky breath and go away.

2458 days ago


Man, how disappointing!!! Katherine used to be highly regarded in my book. But after seeing her in multiple clips dragging on those disgusting cigs I've lost much respect. So sad to see such a beautiful person do that to themselves. SMOKING IS OVERRATED!

2458 days ago


For God's sake-spare me. you work harder than you know what's hat band-but still your small-soon,you're rewarded for your hard work-the media checks the pulse-raises you up just to drop you back to the smallness from which you came. Because of the sensationalism, we bite everytime! Why so negative? Give the girl a break-oh jealous ones! fyi-I'm dealing with breast/lung cancer. Hell, started smokin' after I found out(not around others), Still I look good. Wrinkles? Nope!Stop hatin'! Life is short.

2429 days ago



2465 days ago



2465 days ago

Let her smoke. She's so overrated.
She'll be old and me.
Suck a cig.

2465 days ago

Old School    

I gave up smoking almost 3 years ago and it's NOT EASY but I always think I don't want to look old before my time and that helps with other thoughts about it like lung cancer and maybe this will help her....WINKLES!!

2465 days ago


Who cares????


2465 days ago

Davo Davo    

4th, like it matters

2465 days ago


I don't know if it's just me but F can't stand the broad, and knocked up was THE MOST OVERATED MOVIE Iv'e seen.
Who care if she smokes! I care she gets paid for being a crappy actor. F Her

2465 days ago

paris sucks judges    

Just sad to see such a pretty face go to waste like that. These women never think about what they'll look like in just a few years, with the wrinkles around the lips (think present-day Joyce DeWitt) and the wrinkly skin. Plus, there's the fact that whenever you see a cigarette stuck in someone's face, they just don't seem very nice or credible. Smoking is weakness, always will be. Also another reason Obama won't get my vote - he's a smoker and as president, would have to make decisions on healthcare.

2465 days ago


Yep, she's definately over-rated. And this business about her smoking is getting really old. Who the hell cares? I can't count the number of times I've threatened to quit. At least she ain't smokin' crack.

2465 days ago
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