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Randy Quaid's Wife -- Nazis Out to Get Randy

1/30/2008 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Quaid's wife allegedly went nuts on four people, claiming they were all a part of a Hitleresque plot against her husband.
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Apparently, Randy had a problem with the Actor's Equity Association. Twenty-three members filed charges against the actor in connection with the rehearsal and production of "Lone Star Love" in Seattle. According to legal documents, that's when Quaid's wife, Evi, allegedly went nuts.

TMZ obtained the documents which say, Evi appeared at the offices of the Association last Friday, sat on the desk and began kicking the 76-year-old receptionist in his shins with her "extremely tall high heeled shoes," drawing blood and leaving a scar.

According to documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Evi screamed it was all "a Nazi plot to get Randy Quaid." The claim is -- Evi repeatedly screamed "F**k you" and "Go f**k yourself."

Another member says Evi screamed at her, "I'm going to get you...You are a Nazi bitch." The member says she felt "Ms. Quaid's objective was to kill her."

Yet another member says she answered the phone, Evi began railing and the member said, "I'd like to terminate this call," to which Evi allegedly responded, "I'd like to terminate your existence on this planet."

The documents also say that on January 23, both Randy and Evi showed up to the Association's office in L.A. allegedly causing a scene. One member says, "I asked for assistance as I felt threatened and I feared both Mr. and Ms. Quaid could physically attack me."

Actors Equity would not comment on what Quaid allegedly did to piss them off. The four members and the Association are seeking a restraining order.

A call to Quaid's lawyer was not immediately returned.

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Evi has taken complete control over Randy's life and career. She's a menace to society, a control freak, bi-polar (Britney anyone?), and was told by a NY judge once that she could throw her in jail for being in contempt of court but it wouldn't do any good because she is literally insane and needs professional help.

She's ruined his movie career, she's got him basically kicked off Broadway, ruined his TV career. No one will hire Randy because they have to put up with Evi. But it takes two to play the game. Randy should have booted her long ago, so it's just as much his fault. They hate the world and everyone is out to get them. That WASN'T true, but now it's at least more true because they keep pissing everyone off.

He has to work to pay the bills but his options are running out. Once he can no longer get a job and make money, I wonder if she'll stay.

Randy, if your reading this, LEAVE YOUR WIFE!
Evi, if your reading this (which you probably are), YOU ARE CRAZY!!! You should be in jail right now and then admitted to the psych ward with Brittney. I'm not being cute either, I mean it.

2456 days ago


I immediately checked the NYTimes for news on this, found nothing, but did find an article from a few months ago when 'Lone Star Love' was canceled for its Broadway run, stating that Evi had quarrels with the producer and Randy was asking for too much creative control. The Post--that oh-so reliable of sources--said that Evi and Randy were sabotaging the show (including Evi rewriting the script without the knowledge of the writer and Randy dying his hair magenta) and AFTER the producers canceled the show almost the entire cast brought the couple up on charges with AEA for their behavior during the rehearsal process and for putting them out of work. AEA fined Quaid an astronomical fee and kicked him out of the association for life. Quaid resigned from AEA before the expulsion could be officially completed, and did not attend the hearing where Evi purportedly cursed out just about everyone in the room.
I know that AEA can be frustrating, but in the end they are there to protect their members and they did the right thing here.

2451 days ago


Randy & Evi Quaid are definitely making some bad career moves,
especially when he wore a floor-length FUR to the Sundance Festival
in Utah redently!

2449 days ago

Susan in Seattle    

Knowing some people that worked on this show, they all said the woman is completely insane! The stories were FLYING around town during the whole rehearsal process and they were absolutely unbelievable. She is completely out of control...insanity, drugs, both, who knows...

2448 days ago



2458 days ago


*no comment*

2458 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Crazy, psychotic women are great in bed. Quaid is a lucky man!

2458 days ago


2458 days ago


That is one sick cow--put her in the nut house and him to and I hope those people press charges against her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2458 days ago

He's Boring now    

Sounds like she needs a visit to WallyWorld.

Wow how crazy...and assualting senior citizens? Put her up on charges and than have her evaluated for a 24 hour hold over....she is dangerous to the public.

Quaid what were you smoking when you found this one?

2458 days ago

Professor Obvious    

She has beautiful eyes.

2458 days ago


Sweeeeeet! Go Evi!

2458 days ago



2458 days ago


The thing that shocks me the most is that the receptionist was 76 year old male!

2458 days ago


god damn he got fat!

2458 days ago
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