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Bitter Fight Over Brit in Hospital

1/31/2008 8:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned there is a bitter fight underway as this story is published. It's taking place in the halls of UCLA Medical Center. As of right now, Jamie and Lynne Spears have been told they are not calling the shots in making medical decisions on behalf of Britney. Right now, it appears Sam Lutfi is in the driver's seat, but that could all change.

Sources tell us after Britney's stay at Cedars earlier this month, she had her lawyers draft paperwork making it clear she did not want her parents involved in making medical decisions on her behalf. We're told her dad had gone ballistic back then, screaming and swearing at Lutfi -- even pushing him -- in front of Britney.

As to what paperwork was signed, the cleanest thing would be if Britney signed a durable power of attorney, giving someone power to make medical decisions on her behalf in an emergency. We are told no such document was signed, but somehow Britney made it clear she wanted Lutfi to make those decisions.

Right now, the doctors at UCLA are working with Lutfi and not the parents, but lawyers have been called and the tension in the air is thick. We're told Jamie was screaming at Sam in the hallway, accusing him of trying to control his daughter's mind.

As for Britney, we're told she's not only calm, the doctors have just given her a "cigarette break!"

Stay tuned.


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This idiot should back off. What a Loser

2424 days ago

Wasn't this guy a pimp ??    

I am not pulling in 700,000 a month , however I do have a number of assistants and if the media were hounding me , I would be sending my assistants to go run my errands.
I used to feel sorry for Brit . But when I see her going to get food , or stool softner instead of sending out assistants to do these tasks , it's unbelievable how she baits these paps to follow her . She basks in this chit.
The perfect strategy would be to hang out at home for quite some time. The house is an estate , so it's not like she is cooped up . Shehas everything she needs there , pool , home theatre , massive media room ,etc and yet this poor girl whom is actually and obviously a few cans short of a six pack , has to run all over town aimlessly , which only encourage these gutter paps to continue to hunt here down .
Btw , I can't help but wonder it an unspoken understanding that in order to meet criteria to be a papparazzi , you have to be butt ass ugly ???
I have yet to see one at the very least decent looking pap in these swarms . Not just the ones following Brit , but the ones whom follow the other stars , EVERY SINGLE ONE IS SO FUGLY ...ever notice that ?

2424 days ago


Get well Girl! We are praying for you!

2424 days ago


Wishing her nothing but the best and speediest recovery which is what everyone else should be doing as well. Have a heart people. She's still a human being deserving of some compassion and forgiveness.

2424 days ago


Where has Lynne been for the past THREE WEEKS?! When her daughter had a breakdown THREE WEEKS AGO!! Lynne STAYED in Louisiana, she could not be bothered. Lynne did NOT choose to get on a plane and show up in L.A. until THREE WEES LATER!! What caring mother does that!? What mother who fears for her daughter's life does that?!
Of course Britney does not think her mother cares about her, and it is because of Lynne's own actions. Had Lynne showed up, and taken an interest in her daughter, and her daughter's health, Britney would now trust her mother to take care of her, But Britney does not trust her.
Britney trusts Sam, who didn't abandon her like her family did. It was he who actually got Britney to see a psychiatrist. If it had been left up to Lynne, Britney would be all alone, with no family, and no friends.
When you as a parent don't take an interest in your children , and don't show up when they need you the most, you don't get to come in WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT FOR YOU, AND WHEN IT FITS INTO YOUR SCHEDULE, and criticize the only people who have been there for your child. You should be thankful that your child is still live, and thankful that while you could not be there for your child, someone else stepped up to help.
For the past year, it was not hard for Britney to look around and see who has been in her life, in the good times, and the bad, and until recenly, those two people were: Sam, and Ali (and even she fled), leaving Sam, who is the only one who did not abandon Britney like everyone else.

2424 days ago


Even though Sam seems to be a questionable character, at least he is making her get help. Her parents let her run all over them!

2424 days ago


Britney's parents are probably the only ones who have her best interest at heart because they've known her all of her life - she is their child after all. True they may have been too lenient with her in the past which is probably why Britney likes "Yes People". THEY fit in her life, not Sam Lutfi - he's only there for one person only and it's not Britney. He has those $ signs in his eyes and sees an opportunity in taking advantage of Britney's illness. He isn't necessarily interested in her getting medical care because it gives him more control over her. If so he would've done it long ago - he's only acting on it now because he knew the Spears were in town to get Britney the help she so needs. He's been playing "Yes Man" and enabling her, in the meantime he talking her into giving him guardianship. He's been making sure others don't get to close to her like Adnan, not that he's any better. All of the papparazzi surrounding her are taking advantage of a very, very ill person. Listen to them when they're around her, telling her she looks good when it obvious that she's not at her personal best. A very sad situation - much like the story of Frances Farmer.

2424 days ago


Thanks for the good post very interesting

2383 days ago


Who the hell paying for the the freaking Cop to escort her to the hospital and guard infront the hospital? WTF?

2424 days ago


Brit's family loves her unconditionally. Sam loves his paycheck, doesn't care about her personally and is worried that if he doesn't have control the money will cease. Sad.

2424 days ago


Can someone PLEASE explain, once and for all :


2424 days ago


the media would make anyone go crazy.
everyone should just leave Britney alone.
we were all fans of her and now the media
is making her go crazy... cauz even if she is
at home we get to see a picture of her and
thats not cool.

2424 days ago


It's such a shame that our culture has become one that demands so much from people in the public eye. We not only demand it, but we truely believe that celebrity lives are for public record. This woman has grown up in front of the world and has built an empire. She has publicly gone through things, on an international level, that most of us would just sit and hide out for. Two years ago everyone was saying how bad of an influence kevin federline had on britney and now hes played to be the night in shinning armor. This is a billion dollar girl that he is milking for everything she's worth. I mean you can surely see how someone can get that message when your attorney has his own publicist and your taking your ex wife back and forth in court and shes the won paying the fees for not only her attorney but for yours as well. We have a historical presidential race and the biggest news is britney spears. But the news is people saying how u feel and wat u should do and says any and every joke, whether it be personal or not. This girl is crying out for help and instead of people being decent human beings, we just keep pushing her more and more over the edge. Britney Spears has now become a new princess diana. (relax all u freaks out there before u jump down my throat on teh comparisson). Diana's death was related to the paparazzi. When this girl is pushed so much that she kills herself we can truely say this is also related to the paparazzi. This Puppet Show is going on way more than enough and we have to reach a point were some other people come to her defense and say let her deal with her private life and get the attention she needs and is crying out for. Before shes on everyones 6 o'clock news around the world for yet another night, give her somewhat of a running chance for recovery. Now in all this i wanna make it clear that she has much to be blamed for in this. And i love britney, but no one deserves to be placed as a world joke especially dealing with the issues at hand.

2424 days ago


I think this is all so sad. I know if this were me and I was always followed by the paps I would loose my mind. I'm not a big Britt fan but as a human I find this all so very sad.. Give the lady a break people!!!

2424 days ago


I think that all of these people should lesve Britney alown so tha tshe can get her life back toghter. Why do people have to be the way they are. Just leave britney ALOWEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2423 days ago
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