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Britney Officially

on Psychiatric Hold

1/31/2008 10:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0131_britney_tmz_ex7Law enforcement sources tell TMZ an L.A. County Superior Court judge has just signed a "5150," meaning Britney Spears is on a three-day psychiatric hold at the UCLA Medical Center.

We're told there is a "good possibility" that it will be extended to 14 days. We've also learned there have been several parallel attempts to get Britney on a 5150. Her lawyers, Anne Kiley and Tara Scott, secured a new psychiatrist late last week -- she's the one who triggered the 5150 last night.

At the same time, we're told Britney's mother, father and brother have been "working closely with the LAPD for weeks" to get her back in for psychiatric care. There is now a dogfight between Britney's family and Sam Lutfi over who will make medical decisions, however, that fight is now put on hold because the judge now makes the call.

Once the psychiatric hold ends, something has to give.


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Well i'm glad she's getting help but seriously like weathered said in a previous comment get out of california. For her sanity with everyone following every move she makes it would make me go insane that's the price you get for being famous these days sad but true. Makes you wonder if she strives on this attention. Like other stars they moved over seas or elsewhere were they can have a somewhat of a "normal" life. Hopefully she gets better for the sake of her kids poor kids now they will be under a microscope.

2395 days ago


Paging Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil to psychiatric.

2395 days ago


After years in the psych field, she needs a court appointed guardian. All her hangers on are after money and fame. Mental illness cannot be "cured" in 72 hrs. She needs someone objective to overlook her health, money and life right now. I took custody of my niece because decisions needed to be made without wondering how people would perceive me. Life is hard, and now she needs to learn to deal with it head on, whether it is meds, therapy or commitment, just get the leeches away now. Should the 72 hr hold keep all them away? I know when I sent my niece to pysch, she had no contact with the outside world for 72 hrs.

2395 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

NYgirl # 41. There is a lot of onflicting information in the tmz stories. Why was Lynn upset when the "plan" was set in motion. Some articles say that Britney's family hatched the plan, some say her family, lawyers and LAPD, some say it was all Lufti's idea. What is the real deal? In any event, I'm glad Britney's family is with her and hope they stick it out. LUFTI SHOULD GET LOST! Pray for Britney and her entire family"

My response: I couldn't agree with your observations more.

I am now very suspect of Sam Lufti. It sounds like he is the one leaking information to the media. The man had 3 restraining orders taken out against him in LA; unsuspecting people he manipulated and tried to control. And, the whole View interview was spooky too. He is in no position to be making public comments about Brit, and it should have been a medical professional instead. That is what high profile people do......have professionals release comments and statements on their behalf.

Where the hell has this man come from out of no where that has taken control of her life on every level; manager, PR person, body guard, driver, personal assistant, etc etc etc. And, now the man proclaiming himself to be the person calling the shots with her medical treatments. Kfed was correct in proclaiming Sam to be a person of questionable character and motive; while in court last week.

And, that motive is not concern for Brit, but latching onto a meal ticket and having at her millions!!!!

2395 days ago


Oh please. She will do anything to stay in the spotlight. The second it veers away from her, she does something stupid to bring it back. It's been all about Heath Ledger's death for the past week so she has to come up with something to compete with that. You can't compete with real talent Britney. It's over. Find a new occupation.

2395 days ago

L.A. Native    

Sounds like Britney signed an "Advance Psychiatric Directive" that authorized Sam to make decisions on her behalf for mental health care if she were to become incpacitated.

The catch on this is that she had to be of "sound mind" when she signed the directive and not in crisis ~ by all news accounts she's been in crisis mode for months.

Hopefully the courts will void this directive!!

2395 days ago


This may be a silly question, but...what makes Sam Lufti think he has any legal right to make medical decisions on Britneys behalf?? Surely thats up to her family.

2395 days ago


Well that explains all the Corerectol...and the "driving around ALL night delay"! She new what was comng and needed some time to flush her system of all "substances".....Hey she doesn't get paid to think!

2395 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

stated by poster # 32 meeee "now her lawyers need to secure a "Guardian Ad Litem" at least on temporary basis, because quite frankly this motly crew of misfits she has surrounding her (and that includes her family) are not fit to act in her best interests. There is just way too much emotion between them.....Ms. Spears needs an unbiased, mature, informed, educated adult to act on her behalf"

My response: Finally the voice of common sense and reason! I can't agree with your observations more!

2395 days ago


wow TMZ has dedicated it's entire spread to Britney being committed. Why can't you guy's leave her be for a little...every spread is about Britney and its the same info in each spread....Leave her alone while she's healing herself....I'm sure Paris is missing TMZ's attention, go harrass her a little.

2395 days ago


Thank God! She needs help, and hopefully she will finally get it. My prayers are with her and her family...and I pray that one day she will get those boys back. Some people talk out of total ignorance, and they don't understand how sick a mental illness can make you. And yes, she probably has taken drugs to cope, but that is not uncommon at all. This girl needs a hug and a real friend, and someone to tell her that it will all be ok. She needs someone to be by her side and show her what it's like to be a good mother. Being a mom is the hardest job in the World, and trying to manage everything may have been too much emotionally for her. But nearly every mom can relate to the emotional rollercoaster of parenting..and on top of that, she has gone through some very public embarassments. She just needs help and time...and hopefully her boys back one day. I hope she gets rid of all the slimeball men that are around her and just sticks to her adorable little boys. When I see the videos of her wandering around lost, there is no life in her eyes. I just want to hug her and comfort her. It's sooo sad. But hopefully she gets well, and any human being that would wish bad on her, when you don't even know her, is just sad.

2395 days ago


First, it is NOT *A* bipolar disorder. It is simply, "bipolar disorder." It was previously known as manic depression. There are three types of bipolar disorder. According to her behavior, and I'm NOT a doctor but have had much experience in dealing with the disorder, Britney appears to have Classic Bipolar Disorder type 1. Within the disorder there can be man manifestations, such as psychotic symptoms. Her lack of sleep is one of the symptoms. This is a horrific disorder to live with.

Second, I'm really ticked off that this is being reported as it is. IF she has this disorder, she's REALLY giving the rest of us a bad name. Most of us have done some pretty horrific things in our time, and we have to live with the stigma from day to day. People DON'T understand it, and they're not willing to educate themselves on it. They equate mental illness with mental retardation. TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. Most people with bipolar disorder are extremely intelligent and highly creative.

Third, psych meds take some time to get into your system. A good measure for the time meds take to get into your system is 4-8 weeks. You don't just take a "happy pill" and expect to wake up refreshed and new.

Last, if she is in the hospital, its probably the best place for her right now. She won't be allowed to hurt herself or others. They will start her on a regimine of medications. Its important to note here, that not all psych meds work for all people. There will be a trial and error period.

I hope she gets the help she needs, and I hope that people will educate themselves on the disorder and stop pigeon holling every person who has bipolar disorder. It is a MEDICAL problem, much like diabetes. We will always have the disorder, but it CAN be controlled with medication.


2395 days ago


Where has Lynne been for the past THREE WEEKS?! When her daughter had a breakdown THREE WEEKS AGO!! Lynne STAYED in Louisiana, she could not be bothered. Lynne did NOT choose to get on a plane and show up in L.A. until THREE WEES LATER!! What caring mother does that!? What mother who fears for her daughter's life does that?!
Of course Britney does not think her mother cares about her, and it is because of Lynne's own actions. Had Lynne showed up, and taken an interest in her daughter, and her daughter's health, Britney would now trust her mother to take care of her, But Britney does not trust her.
Britney trusts Sam, who didn't abandon her like her family did. It was he who actually got Britney to see a psychiatrist. If it had been left up to Lynne, Britney would be all alone, with no family, and no friends.
When you as a parent don't take an interest in your children , and don't show up when they need you the most, you don't get to come in WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT FOR YOU, AND WHEN IT FITS INTO YOUR SCHEDULE, and criticize the only people who have been there for your child. You should be thankful that your child is still live, and thankful that while you could not be there for your child, someone else stepped up to help.
For the past year, it was not hard for Britney to look around and see who has been in her life, in the good times, and the bad, and until recenly, those two people were: Sam, and Ali (and even she fled), leaving Sam, who is the only one who did not abandon Britney like everyone else.

2395 days ago


Is Britney crazy?? Or is the paparazzi or her greedy ex husband and his extra greedy lawyer. Or is it TMZ who pretends to care when in fact they only want to make a fool out of her as well other young women and notables. Don't forget the people who have lived like parasites on Britneys talent, her natural good looks and her gullible personality. She has wanted to leave that part of her life behind for some time as evidenced by her quicky marriages. I completely believe all that was to leave the parasites behind and get on with a normal life. BUT NO, SHE HAD AS MANY AS 50 PAPARAZZI CROWDING AROUND HER AIMING THEIR CAMERAS UNDER HER DRESS WHENEVER POSSIBLE. MAKING POSSIBLE HAPPEN BY HARASSMENT. If anyone needs help with their brains and motives it is the parasites and the paparazzi. It is much more than evident that those parasites are the ones behind this latest tragedy in Britney's life

2395 days ago


You perfect people need to get the he.. off the cross because we need the firewood.

2395 days ago
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