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Kanye Still Keeping a Low Profile

1/31/2008 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Since the passing of his mother, Kanye West has taken a major turn away from his massive self-promotion campaign -- including that fake feud with 50 Cent -- to doing something out-of-the-ordinary: staying quiet.


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2458 days ago


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Posted at 6:33PM on Jan 31st 2008 by ocnj179

He made a racist comment that his skin was the wrong color when they chose Britney to do her infamous performance at the VMA awards this last year instead of him. Then there was that whole "George Bush does not like black people" thing he said. His musical hate talks about "blonde dykes" and "Black Kate Moss's" which is probably him just hating on his own race. This is just a little of what makes people know he's a racist.

Face it, Kanye is a racist and was raised by a racist lady. If his momma picked her plastic surgeon on his skill, rather than his "color" as Kanye puts it, she'd probably still be alive and even Kanye has to know this. Racism sucks... even if the racist is black.

Why won't people, especially black folks, take to heart MLK's words about a dream of a nation where people "not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character"?

2458 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Master of the Obvious has some points. Unfortunately, humans being what they are, the idealism of MLK is something we all must still strive for, rather than yet having been achieved. Kanye is so sharp! but young that he is the brave youth who dared to say it out loud on a very public stage when the emporer had no clothes on. His George Bush statement was a galvanizing quote. It was so on point that people cheered in their homes when he said it, out of angry frustration from watching the horror that was New Orleans after Katrina, feeling crazed and unable to help after watching those poor abandoned people for four plus days of no life-changing assistance from any level. It was an appalling display of government inaction that looked like disregard, and then when that help came, too little and too late, it looked like it came in the form of men holding guns and forcing desperate, (and some dead, and dying) people back. It was what everyone was incredulously hoping was NOT happening. Do you really think for one minute that had Katrina happened in Washington, DC or Long Island that the stranded in the dome with no food, meds, doctors, or functioning toilet facilities, not to mention the fading internal security of the souls there (and in particular, young women) that this scene would have even come CLOSE to playing out in the unbelievable way it did? To force legions of humans BACK on freeway bridges with armed gaurds, instead of putting blankets around their shoulders, giving them water, feeding them and walking them out of there was heartwrending and unconscionable to witness. Not allowing dear pets, who were loved and integral members of families, out with their owners? The manner in which the whole thing was being handled (or NOT handled) was horrendous, and what made it worse was that we all knew as we witnessed the unfolding that it could be any one of us. The people still left in New Orleans for the most part were not the kind of people who had connections that could put massive pressure on the powers that be to snap into action. Perhaps Bush doesn't hate black people per say. Perhaps it's just the have nots, but since this groups 'had not', and were predominantly black as New Orleans had a large black population, it looked exactly like George Bush didn't care. The irony that Kanye West stating that 'George Bush doesn't care about black people' got more immediate action to help those souls than saying 'George Bush doesn't care about poor people' was not lost on many. The suggestion of racism and the loss of a huge and powerful block of voters seemed to spur action more quickly than helping emergency ravaged unfortunates. Do you know that Canada had groups of fully equipped Emergency Response teams down there and ready to help days before your own government did? They were not allowed in. I guess it would have looked bad. Kanye's statements may not come out in the most diplomatic fashion, and he is still very young and full of p*ss and vinegar; but he speaks his truth when others who SHOULD be are not. When Kanye makes a statement, I sit up and I listen. There's more profundity and honor from him than from half of Washington.

2458 days ago


I hope the people who wrote the racist comments are just dumb or young. There is something wrong with people. We can't feel good about ourselves unless we are trying to hate on someone else.

His mother passed away and we are trying to tear him down. I would hate for anything to go wrong in your perfect lives.

2458 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Master of the obvious, there's a hint of racism even in your well meaning comments. Her surgeon was high profile and even a consultant on mainstream media. Firstly, if I were black, I might support a surgeon of my color, because there's still some raising up/catching up to do. Secondly, and more importantly, a black plastic surgeon would more understandably appreciate black beauty standards and black visual body aesthetic. Many whites wouldn't go to a black surgeon not due a lack of skill, which YOU sounded like you implied here, but because a white surgeon might understand the artistic aesthetic of, say, the caucasian aqualine nose. Mrs. West could have had the same grave results from ANY surgeon, whatever color. All colors experience those unseen and often grave consequences as a result of plastic surgery. The color of her before-esteemed surgeon had nothing to do with it. With regard to his other statements, I suggest you put yourself into his shoes and imagine living his experience growing up, and his mother's experience, and try to hear his underlying points; and he has them. Many vestiges of racism and experience earned racist paranoia still exist, a lot of it insidious, like your assumed surgeon comment, and there is still work to do before it goes the way of the dinosaur, and on both sides. With regard to his Spear's VMA comments, Kanye was number one and yet they had Spears open the VMA's when she hadn't been on the charts scene for years. He deserved his time in the sun because he had earned it. After thinking about it, he admirably altered his comments to say that what he meant was that she wasn't ready, (and she wasn't), wasn't even charting at the time (she wasn't), and that having her open was about the money and the Britney media hype.(and it was.) Her musical number was an unprepared debacle. He knew something wasn't right about it, but misidentified the problem from his viewpoint which has been honed by his reality in this world. He again at least had the courage to speak up. This young, black, bright, and prodigious musical star will hone and temper his thinking as he matures. He already is. I think his Mom raised him more than right. We all must keep working on this.

2458 days ago


Hate to be the bearer of bad news to black people but white people live in and around New Orleans as well. Asians and Hispanics too. You could probably even find some Native Americans there if you looked hard enough. But it's always about the blacks, isn't it?

So to say that New Orleans was ignored because it wasn't Washington DC(which probably has a higher percentage of blacks in it's population) is just stupid.

When an unusual disaster of that magnitude occurs it's hard to know exactly how to deal with it. Besides, I knew a firefighter who went down there to help people and he was being shot at by these kind black people and yet you never heard about this on the news. How do you help people who really don't want to be helped?

Many whites and other ethnic types got plain ignored in our governments efforts to appease the whining blacks who can never be made happy. They would've whined no matter what. It seems it's all they do anymore.

Call me a racist if you like but I am able to see both sides. Nothing in this world is black and white, it's all shades of grey. People who insist on playing the race card are not helping anything.

2458 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

If they had gone in and helped those people, whatEVER color, in a
timely fashion, people would not have become desperate, and the
anarchy and chaos would not have had days and days to set in.

2458 days ago

Disco Duck    

Not quiet enough. Can't wait for his surgery to commence.

2457 days ago

DA's leak    

I applaud your deep heartfelt honesty White Chick. Sincerely I do.

2457 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

@3:32PM - Thanks.

2457 days ago

big Red    

First!!! woot woot

2459 days ago


Maybe Kanye has another racist comment about Britney he can share with us?


2459 days ago


Keep your head up Kanye

2459 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

Kayne is such a POS.

Kanye blows.

2459 days ago

cat b    

Kanye quiet?! OMG! call a doctor!!!! just not Jan Adams...I dont care what the autopsy shows if his Mom had a heart attack after it was most likely caused by hypovolemic shock ...and lack of a medical look see before surg was dont send a pain home after that much surg ...they should stay over night in a hospital...

2459 days ago
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