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No Dice for Dr. Phil This Time Around

1/31/2008 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Phil McGraw says that the Spears family hasn't contacted him after Brit's latest 5150 -- shocker! --, and he says that her second trip to the hospital isn't a surprise.

Still on his tour-of-regret on TV talk shows, Dr. Phil remained uncharacteristically tight-lipped about this morning's action while on "The View," except to say that it "could be a good thing." Then he continued to blather on about how he shouldn't have talked about Britney in the first place.


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Dr. Phil is NOT A FAKE. He has a Ph.D which means Dr. is in his title. Not a medical doctor! So lay off that crap. Geez. How many times does the man have to say he is not practicing any more? He's repeatedly said he refers other practicing professionals to people who ask him for advice. Which is what he was doing with Britney...per her parent's request. Give the man a break ya'll.

2422 days ago


DR PHIL IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT111 SOMEONE NEEDS TO HELP HER. THEY NEEDED TO HELP HER EONS AGO. The man retired his license in Texas doesn't mean he lost all of his kowledge. The people here and the actually TMZ people are idiots for coming down on someone who wanted to help this girl. What the hell are you TMZ people doing. You are making so much money off her it is better for you that she is crazy. Grow up American and stop putting people down who just try to help. Lynn Spears is an absolute idiot and she is now afraid that her meal ticket will die so she better do something. She needs an education, fast. Get over yourself people. DR PHIL TRIED TO HELP AND HELP ONLY. WHat have you done?? Huh TMZ, what have you done? What have her friends done, what has K-Fed done? Nothing isn't that correct.

2422 days ago


Dr. Phil got caught reaching his chubby little hand into the ratings jar.

Anything else he says short of saying "I thought it would make for great ratings." is an utter and complete lie.

I know people like this know-it-all blowhard but he's full of crap. To put it in a way that Phil would understand... I worked on a ranch and can spot BS a mile away.


2422 days ago


Somebody shut this publicity whores blowhole. He makes me sick with his "I know better than you" attitude. Is his wife a robot or what?

2422 days ago


Why dosn't he just shut the hell up and go away???

2422 days ago


#9, 11, and 15 got ir right. Lay off of Dr. Phil. Remember they came to HIM. Not the other way 'round!

2422 days ago


Dr Phil is so last year.. Next we will see him selling pencels on the street corner with bianca jager ..

2422 days ago


Dr Phil .... YIKES!! I never could stomach that generic pseudo-shrink. He's nothing but a big phoney looking for notoriety and fame and cash!

He had no right to say ANYTHING about what he said to, heard directly from Brittany Spears if he was talking to her/her family in the capacity of psychological therapy.

What a joke he is!!!! I wouldn't let him treat a stray dog!!!!!!

2422 days ago


Can any of you tell me who is rushing to Britney's aide??? Haven't seen anyone except the paparazzi, including the slug who is supposedly her new boyfriend, Can't wait until he starts to sell his video tapes of their relationship.
Dr. Phil at least made an effort and for that he gets castigated. Meanwhile Kevin (the dope pusher) Federline is collecting thousands of dollars from her. This guy needs a bodyguard? What for, all he has to do is start rapping and everyone will run away.

2422 days ago



2422 days ago


Anybody ever figure out what's wrong with this guy? He's obviously about a half-bubble off level. Is he just nuts or is it an act?

2422 days ago



2422 days ago

RIP, Brad    

I've read through some of the comments on this thread and found a number of misunderstandings and inaccuracies.

Being licensed by the state of California is not restricted to "private practices" but to all professional behavior -- or the unlicensed practice thereof. It also governs professional ethics. Dr. Phil's visit and particularly public statements afterwards were personally exploitive of Ms. Spears in her unstable mental state and are not only the unlicensed practice of the profession (yes, advice counts, even on TV and with celebrities, hence the licensing board investigation), but breaks several professional ethics rules. From what I understand, he's been censured before in Texas for professional ethics violations.

Dr. Phil does not have "extensive experience" with treating high risk patients -- wagging a finger at guests on a TV segment while unlicensed to practice does not count. Apparently he practiced marriage counseling in Texas for a short while but gave it up -- he says because he was too impatient with clients -- to be a jury consultant. He was a JURY CONSULTANT! He met Oprah when hired by her legal team when she was taken to court in Texas by the beef council of america or some such thing. For some reason she was taken with him and began inviting him on the show to dispense his "shouty" brand of homespun tough love. For some reason audiences seem to love this (see Dr. Laura and Judge Judy) though mental health professionals don't. The rest is history.

Further, Cedars was wrong to admit him to the psych ward. Access to patients in vulnerable states of emotional distress is limited to licensed mental heath professionals and staff. Guests must be cleared by the treating physician and the patient. The hospital room following a temporary hold is not the time nor the place for an "intervention" from an impatient pseudo psychologist.

Kudos to the psychiatrist and the LAPD who put the well being of Ms. Spears and the public first. I wish her well and hope she follows her doctors' treatment plan to a full recovery.

2422 days ago


What exactly did Dr. Phil do that was so terrible? Britney's parents asked him for advice..he was not hired to be her Doctor. Then when he gave his advice and opinion...which didn't paint Britney and her mother in a good light...all of the sudden he is the bad guy? I suppose if he had come out and made the statement that Britney is a wonderful mother and deserves her kids everything would have been hunky-dorey!! Do you think if Dr. Phil had told the world that Lynn Spears did a good job raising HER children Dr. Phil would have been treated the way he has been treated?
I like Dr. Phil..not because he has a medical degree or is a practising psychologist. I like Dr. Phil because he has a lot of common sense. I may not always agree with him...but for the most part what he says makes sense.
And why the uproar over Dr. Phil making a public statement about Britney? Hell, on every news show and red carpet event lately there is a reporter shoving a microphone into someone's face asking them about Britney. Why isn't the family going after every other person in Hollywood who has an opinion about Britney?
And let me long has Britney been acting like this? A couple of years at long has the child custody thing been going on...6 months? Does anyone honestly think that the few words that Dr. Phil said about Britney is going to make any inpact on the Judge's decision? I mean in between her trips to gas stations and Starbucks...midnight shopping trips, running off to Mexico w/Adnan, fights with Sam, purchasing countless new cars and running over innocent bystanders feet...not to mention the pantyless partying! Hey dug your own grave with your behavior. I just got 5 words to say..."How's that working for you?"

2422 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Dr. Phil is such a big fat fake. He's still trying to get publicity from his brief encounter with Britney. He's as big of a Media Whore as Paris Hilton. Don't come back to Texas, Mister, we don't want you down here.

2422 days ago
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