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No Dice for Dr. Phil This Time Around

1/31/2008 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Phil McGraw says that the Spears family hasn't contacted him after Brit's latest 5150 -- shocker! --, and he says that her second trip to the hospital isn't a surprise.

Still on his tour-of-regret on TV talk shows, Dr. Phil remained uncharacteristically tight-lipped about this morning's action while on "The View," except to say that it "could be a good thing." Then he continued to blather on about how he shouldn't have talked about Britney in the first place.


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phil mcgraw is just southern trash that does not know it all...i can't even call him a doctor...i wouldn't take my dog to him!

2423 days ago


HEY, #5, I always found McGraw to be a clown, you put the name to him BOZO!! His statements on the morning shows were the same words-duh--duh--duh. The looks on Diane Sawyer, Matt, and the ladies on The View where priceless. We ran some of the interviews back. Their eyes and facial expressions looking at him made us laugh. Does he have any idea what a joke he is?? The real BOZO must be getting a hoot out or this bozo.

2423 days ago


Whoever orchestrated this PR tour of anyone who would let him yak, ought to be fired. Talk about dousing the last doubts about his credibility. Mrphil is stupid to keep flogging the dead mule, and his manager or agent or parole officer who booked these embarassing disclaimer appearances ought to get out and get a job. LIAR liar pantz on FIIRE!!!!!!!

2423 days ago


Still talking a..hole?????He talks on about needing to shut up. How paradoxical. This is the kind of person that gives psychology a bad name. Dr. Corn Pone, all the movies and TV shows with therapists having sex and other types of dysfunctional, unethical relationships with their patients, trying to make patients out of friends and acquaintances and in the case of this retard Oprah spawn....just trying to backpedal and looking more stupid by the minute. My GOD he is tiresome. Jerry Springer with no hair and no brains. Shut UP.

2423 days ago


That anyone ever paid attention to anything Phil had to say in the first place is a very sad statement about our society. As screwed up as we human beings may be, we sure as hell don't need blowhard fools like Phil telling us what to think and feel and do. That's just the blind leading the blind. Phil, your fifteen minutes are up!

2423 days ago


You can all thank Opera for him She launched his career. I wonder now if she is big time "j" for all his attention he has gotten in life. Took some away from her.

2423 days ago


Hey TMZ - folks outside of California don't know what 5150 is - you should explain to those people that don't live in paradise.

2423 days ago



2423 days ago


What an egotistical idiot. Make that an unethical - egotistical idiot. He is just trying to save his a*s. He is a walking lawsuit in the making.

2423 days ago

San Francisco    

"How's that working for you", you Dr. Joyce Brothers - wanna - be?

2423 days ago

San Francisco    

5150 -- do a search for "California Codes; 5150". There are other 51xx's all having to do with holding someone for psychiatric reasons. I live in San Francisco & on weekends the "5150's" take up many of the emergency room beds! I like living among the nuts.

2423 days ago



2423 days ago


"Dr." Phil is in love with the sound of his own voice. If only he had something worth saying.

Now that he purposely let his license lapse, he's probably not answerable to any state's medical board for ethical or other professional lapses. Good move.

2423 days ago


If you're serious about apologizing, Dr. Phil. Shut your pie whole right now, look up the Spears' phone number and tell them you're sorry for calling attention publically to their mentally unstable daughter who obviously doesn't need more public humiliation and then leave it at that. The girl looks to be getting help now so time to stop crying about it.

2423 days ago


To #47 amaaazed: A 5150 means that someone can be hospitalized on a medical hold for psychiatric evaluation for 72 hours if they are deemed to be a danger to themselves or others (or seriously impaired and unable to care for themselves). It's not an easy criteria to meet, and police and health professionals are very sensitive to be sure someone meets the legal criteria (in other words, to keep people from being locked up against their will without a good medical reason). Mental patients have legal (patient) rights in CA.At the same time, someone in Britney's condition is probably not capable of realizing how serious her condition is. That's part of the disease (i.e., bipolar, if that is what she has).

2423 days ago
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