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No Dice for Dr. Phil This Time Around

1/31/2008 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Phil McGraw says that the Spears family hasn't contacted him after Brit's latest 5150 -- shocker! --, and he says that her second trip to the hospital isn't a surprise.

Still on his tour-of-regret on TV talk shows, Dr. Phil remained uncharacteristically tight-lipped about this morning's action while on "The View," except to say that it "could be a good thing." Then he continued to blather on about how he shouldn't have talked about Britney in the first place.


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I usually do not add comments to these things. But as a person in the medical field I can tell you that DR PHIL..if that is what he really is...Is running around trying to defend himself and keep at bay the fact that he could be sued for everything he has got including his medical liscence...IF HE REALLY HAS ONE. There is a little thing called a HIPPA violatin that everyone in the medical field knows and respects when it comes to talking about patients. The minute he stepped into Brittany's room, and opened his mouth she became his patient.
This guy is only concerned about publicity. His ego is outragous!! Why do people watch him?

2423 days ago


Not buying it, Dr. Phil! You messed up big time and need to ask yourself.."how's that working for you"! It's easy to see that your excuses aren't working at all. Looks like your 15 minutes of fame are almost up.

2423 days ago


Hey Phil, Your time in the sun is up. No one likes you so go on and crawl back from where you came from. Haven't you used enough people to further your career ... and make tons of money ?

2423 days ago


He did nothing wrong except for making the mistake of commenting about it afterwards. It's so sad that when someone tries to help, they get pulled down and criticized. His wife is friends with the Spears and he was trying to help by the FAMILY'S REQUEST to get her some help. There always is a fall guy or scapegoat. Leave the dude alone already.

2423 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    


2423 days ago


CLOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

2423 days ago

Happy To Be Me    

I am sorry that Dr. Phil has had to bear the brunt of what is, the Spears craziness. He was quite clear about his position in this whole affair, and I certainly have no reason to doubt him, as I've never thought of him as a liar. Not so with the Back-Stabbing Spears family who left him to dry as their sacrificial lamb, they didn't come out and support him publicly, as they should have. Doc, the next time one of those sick sons and daughters o'bitches, named Spear call you. Don't say no, say HELL NO!!! I don't understand why all the anger towards this guy, he's pretty straight up in my opinion. Maybe the poor just Doc just hit a nerve with some of you, in one of his many diagnosis' from dealing with all of you crazies who hate so much. Hating only hurts you, no one else. It takes time away from the day that God gave you today to enjoy life. I feel ya, Dr. Phil, it ain't easy being green, now is it? Thus far, he's the only person who's made sense, so SHUT UP YA'

2423 days ago

Happy To Be Me    

To Victoria who says...
There is a little thing called a HIPPA violatin that everyone in the
medical field knows and respects when it comes to talking about
patients. The minute he stepped into Brittany's room, and opened his
mouth she became his patient.

Hey Victoria....Get your facts straight, he walked in as a friend of
the family, that does not "Automatically" make him her doctor. He
has never called them, they called him for assistance. Like I said,
they just never came out to support him being there, and in my mind,
The Spears family has shown absolutely NO class by not supporting
him, because they are so afraid of Britney being mad at them.
Instead, they left the poor guy out to dry. It seems they are all a
bunch of low lifes..those Spears. But you do bring up only one good point, and
that is, for now, he should not say any more and remove himself from
this entire bowl of nuts, and not say a word, especially now.

Unfortunately, Not all stories which have been
printed are not true, or misleading. And, oftentimes, people
mis-read what is written. So, don't believe everything you
read. Ya'll need to chill, and not spend so much time hating and
being so angry. That'll make you old and ugly real fast, if you keep that up.

2423 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#61 You are an idiot - like Dr. Phil. Maybe you ARE Dr. Phil.

2423 days ago

Happy To Be Me    

Nope, not Dr. Phil, I'm too pretty to be him. I'm just a gal who's got her own opinion, which I think is okay. After all, you are here too, and I THINK this is America...:) So, who's the idiot?

2423 days ago
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