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Papa Can You Hear Me?

1/31/2008 3:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The taut 54-year-old curly-haired natural brunette and former "Alias" star turned up at a NYC premiere on Wednesday, looking pretty.
Amy Irving
After divorcing Steven Spielberg in 1989, Amy received a purported $100 million settlement.

Irving was nominated for both an Oscar and a Razzie for her work in Barbra Streisand's Jewish-themed 1983 cross-dressing period drama/musical, "Yentl."


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Amy's before pic looks like....


2455 days ago

Randall Lind    

what happen to her hair it was so pretty!

2455 days ago


70. I see a rich old jew , who screwed her husband out of alot of money ,
all because she was his wife , she deserved nothing , and the phoney
blonde hair looks stupid , moneygrubber , parasite

Posted at 7:16PM on Jan 31st 2008 by craphound

ANTI-SEMITE bs isn't cool, nor warrented.
You snotnosed crap.
Go to bed, I hear mommy and mommy calling.

2455 days ago


she needs to go back to her burnette hair and eyebrows, wear her hair down and use eye makeup and she would look very similar to her younger picture, the bleached hair just is not good

2455 days ago


#15 -- uh, what WEIGHT are you talking about? She doesn't look fat to me.

I think she looks good, but I think she is SOOOOOOOOOOO much prettier with dark hair. SO MUCH prettier!! She looks very pale and washed out.

Amy, go back to black -- okay brown, but had to get the pun in there!

2455 days ago


She has aged very well. I thought she was gorgeous from the first time I saw her in the Fury. She's been in a lot of great movies and is a terrific actress. I hope she is doing great and is happy!

2455 days ago


She looks so good, but i do think she would look even better with her darker hair against her eyes. Will always remember her from Carrie, of course, but I also have fond memories of my 4 daughters, now in their 20"s watching the Rumplestiltskin video with her in it ,over and over and over. Infact bought the dvd for my oldest granddaughters last birthday. Think my daughter was more excited when my granddaughter recieved it.

2455 days ago


She looks beautiful and is aging very gracefully, and it would seem naturally, what a nice change from the pumped lip and taut face that is seen on so many others her age. I will admit though that I loved her curly brown hair and hope she goes back to it. The blond hair just doesn't show off her pretty eyes as well.

2455 days ago


I'm 53 and I truly believe that her looks are very much in line with natural aging. Note the wrinkles, as in a wave action, behind her dimples. Like mine. She aslo has obvious crows feet and her eyes are hooded with age (crepey), like mine. I'm just saying this to point up that as far as I can see (comparatively speaking) her natural beauty is alive and well, and to ask people to believe that not everyone, even with scads of money, go under the knife. She still looks quite sweet to me.

2455 days ago


She looks great and much younger than her age. If she had plastic surgery they are goooood. She looks very natural. PS not all 50-somethings need plastic surgery, it's called good genes. My mom will be 60 this year and she has fewer wrinkles than Amy up there. I think you also need a litlle meat on your bones (oily skin when your young helps too).

2455 days ago

Claudie A    

No work done, except a little botox on the forehead,. She is absolutely beautiful. Any idiot can see that her eyes, upper lip and the side of her chin looks natural.

2455 days ago


What a waste of Spielbergs money.

2455 days ago


You know - if someone looks their age and hasn't had any work done you make a snarky comment (see Tom Jones and his wife). If they can afford to, or choose to, address their aging, you make a snarky comment. There's just no winning with you guys. Please let us know how exactly people are SUPPOSED to age.

2455 days ago

Mr. X    


2455 days ago


Her eyes look scary!

2455 days ago
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