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Paris Thinks We're All Suckers

1/31/2008 9:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton pulled a promotional stunt outside of S Bar in Hollywood last night -- so blatantly shameless it bordered on offensive. Then again, it is Paris.

Hilton and her "Hottie and the Nottie" co-star Christine Lakin (in full Nottie "disguise") staged a pap-filled walk to the club. Paris ran in, but Lakin was denied entrance until Paris talked to the bouncer ... with a studio camera filming the whole incredibly staged exchange.

The entire thing was almost as real as an episode of "The Simple Life."


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seems like a decent way to promote the movie to me. when did dressing up in costume and going to a place with cameras to promote your new movie become a bad idea in hollywood? that sounds almost like a job description to me.

2422 days ago

Truth is stranger than fiction    

It’s hardly a secret that Hilton often pays for so-called “photogs” to show up and photograph her to give the impression that she is sought after and is a “hot commodity.” Trust me, this has happened more than once. In addition, she also has an arrangement with certain celebrity gossip sites to post articles about her. The lesbian thing was deliberately staged to create media rumors; her rep then released a statement to the press (more publicity) denying that she’s a lesbian.

There isn’t much Hilton wouldn’t do or say to get media attention. “Any press is good press.” It’s all choreographed to keep herself in the public eye. In other words, you are being force-fed this no-talent phony. Wake up, people…there is little about this person that is genuine.

2422 days ago


To Bobby Ozone...

Good point; it's just that people are offended by Hilton and her constant push for media attention. She's harassing the public by being so obnoxious. Most of us just want her to go away.

2422 days ago


That dumb bleached-blonde porn star Paris Hilton isn't even pretty. Why do they keep snapping her picture?

2421 days ago


Just by her partying all the time & with different men.. I would NEVER STAY AT ANY HILTON OWNED HOTEL!! I dont believe in drugs, too many differnt bed partners or alcohol abuse!! QUIT trying to make her a celebrity. PLEASE!!! jsut because her grandfather owns the hotel chain does NOT make her a celebrity.....

2421 days ago


Paris and Brithney and Lindsay are goofies and make up for the writers not working. ha ha ha aha

2419 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

Can't you please just die already, pearASS? Your continued existence is like nails on a chalkboard for all of America...

2417 days ago


I just saw this footage on youtube but it's part of a promo thing! iloveph4ever is the profile?!

2415 days ago

running with the devil    

Paris and Britney and Lindsay are bringing money to Hollywood and the paparazzi they pretend to hate so much

2410 days ago


Vapid who-er thy name is Paris.


2423 days ago


She has NO tallent execpt her last name .. ppppffttttttttt

2423 days ago


first meet first. Say it cool to be first you see can't nobody call
you second. And if they read the rules anybody can be first. So first
when you post first you only put me first and I'm okay to be first.

2423 days ago


Parris cheeted her partner in Orlando, Florida.. Didn't show up for the grandopening of HER own night club (and sent her sister).. She is a Lier and a Cheet and a bad roll modle..

2423 days ago


wont she just hurry up and disappear!!!She is so pathetic!

2423 days ago


It cool to play first on the paris hilton and the spears post. Let give them a break before something break on both of them. A break down from spears, because they are following her and a breakdown from hilton because she is a breakdown after reading about how she got here. I thought sex brought a person here, but she gives a new meaning on birth.

2423 days ago
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