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truTV Axes "Star Jones Show"

1/31/2008 8:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that truTV (formerly known as Court TV) and Star Jones have "mutually agreed to cease production of the "Star Jones Show."

The network said Jones would still serve as a contributing legal expert for the network.

TMZ tried to contact Star, but she was not available for comment.

Story developing ...


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Star your loosing your star. Couldn't stand you anyway, Your way to fake!!! Just like the rest of you. Loved you when you were real, Big and real.

2424 days ago


Star is a great talent. She knows the law and offered a unique VIEW into criminal cases. Arrest and Trial is interesting but sometimes it can be depressing. Those detectives show only show us what happens after a crime, Star's show gave a different take on the law. And that's true.

2424 days ago


Star you was the best thing on TV. Hold your head up and don't let anybody make you feel that you did not do a good job. People are evil and they will be dealt with accordingly. God will not leave you because I know that you are his child without a doubt. People hate hearing the truth. You just keep speaking what you know.

2424 days ago


By the way at the end of Star's broadcast she promised to be back on TV and that she did her job with high integrity???????????? She also invited everyone to send her e-mails on her website

2423 days ago


One down and another one to go. PLEASE dump that racist bitch Jamie Floyd NOW. She is totally worthless !!

2423 days ago


I enjoyed Star's show and will miss it; I looked forward to watching it everyday and had prayed for her success. Yet, I was not surprised when I read that it was being cancelled. Why? because I vividly remember gulping when Star naively shared with her audience how she had eagerly spent time at O.J. Simpson's house when he was on trial for the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and felt, right or wrong, that her fond recollection might eventually lead to the demise of her show. During that segment, Star even gleefully reminisced over having cooked meals for Simpson's children while at the home.

I was surprised at how oblivious she seemed over the climate that still exists in many segments of our society, chiefly the tinderbox among those who believe in Simpson’s guilt. If this population is among the majority of her viewers, then some could conceivably be advertisers or the owners of the network that employs her? Her public admission might have possibly led to whispers and covert maneuverings that culminated in the decision to cancel her show. For some, the mention of Simpson’s name is like an open sore that won’t heal. And no matter how much time goes by, picking at the sore only makes it worse, not better. Simply put, I don’t think that the climate was right for Star’s declaration – if this is the real reason for her show’s cancellation. The news article only gives a standard generic catchall reason for the show’s cancellation.
As for me, yep, I am one who believes that O.J. Simpleton, oops, I mean Simpson is guilty of double murder and should be in a prison like a commoner would have been; but unlike some, I would never dismiss Star simply because her view happens to differ from mine.

Now turning to Star, I think you look fabulous. I used to be just the opposite of you. For the most part of my life, I was pencil thin and healthy. I used to get negative comments from some females repeating the cliché that I was too thin, but never telling me too thin for what. In the past six years, I gradually ballooned up to a size twelve; so just imagine what some people who haven’t seen me in years would say if they were to see me now. Well come to think of it, some have seen me and did not comment on my weight gain.

To All Those Hatin’ on Star’s Weight Loss: Curiously, just what kind of comment might some make about you? Might you be one to hear, “Oh, I see, you haven’t changed a bit; you’re still overweight/underweight; crude and insensitive? Unkind comments are best left unsaid regardless if a person is seen on television or not. Now, let me get back to my choice of exercise to reduce to a size that is normal for me, just like you did Star when you selected the way by which you would reduce to a healthier you. I hope to see you on another show soon because you are just as good as the next t.v. hostess. Good luck!

By the way, I meant no put down to those of us who are size twelve and above, I am just saying that it is not the norm for me. I have always embraced people for not their size, but for who they are inside.

2423 days ago


Star is still employed by truTV, so that's okay if she doesn't have her show anymore, the woman still has a job and rightfully so. She is a very intelligent woman. So I don't think she'll ever be out of work. God bless Star!

2422 days ago


Hmmm. I guess most of White America is not secure enough to appreciate any other views in mainstream society. This is not suprising. Most of these comments prove this point! The racism and haterism is always alive and well in AmeriKKKa.

2422 days ago


Nice one thanks the for the good info!!!!!!!

2418 days ago


Thanks for the news

2361 days ago


All this negativities about Star is jealous and envy.
All these negative peoples need to take a look in the mirror and if you don't see yourself, you just might someone in your own family.


2404 days ago


I'm glad the show was canceled...I found it to be extremely boring, I always thought Star was obnoxious in a lot of ways, but entertaining nonetheless. However, I think she has lost both her sense of humor and her personality. She acted like a wooden cupie doll in this show. She no longer has enough personality to carry a show, perhaps never did. I wish her well but I think she needs a lot of help!!!!

2399 days ago

steve hodges    

is she a transexual?

2340 days ago


Thanks for the good post very interesting

2384 days ago


Ding Dong the witch is dead!

2425 days ago
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