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truTV Axes "Star Jones Show"

1/31/2008 8:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that truTV (formerly known as Court TV) and Star Jones have "mutually agreed to cease production of the "Star Jones Show."

The network said Jones would still serve as a contributing legal expert for the network.

TMZ tried to contact Star, but she was not available for comment.

Story developing ...


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GInny Morris    

Thank God for small favors!!

2404 days ago


I got real sick of her when she was on the View begging and bragging about all the freebies she was getting for her wedding.

2404 days ago

W T F ?    

I am glad she's gone. She was too full of herself. Now onto other things - I miss Twitney!!! The entertainment factor has just dropped to zero. Get out soon, Twit - I miss your crazy antics ass!

2404 days ago


A lot of people cutting the trial coverage to air Star Jones was a mistake and voiced their opinions to the station, but obviously they didn't listen. We'll see what they have to replace her. I hope not more of those shows they put on at night. Give us back the trial coverage.

2404 days ago


Worst show on CourtTV by afar.

2404 days ago


That poor deflated egostical balloon! Hope she falls off the wagon and eats herself into an oblivion.

2404 days ago


Finally!!! Almost everyone knew this was going to be a failure before it ever started. If she was going to fill Nancy Grace's time spot, she should have shown the live trials on the west coast when they were on and not have such a stupid, fluff, piece of crap show. I had heard that Courttv wanted her to do more shows on criminals or things that fit into the station but she refused and wanted to do what she wanted to do. She had a big enough ego before the weight loss but after it, she was unbearable. I couldn't even listen to commercials advertising her show. Just my opinion, but I hope they do something about Jamie Floyd's show next.

2404 days ago


She is so impressed with herself and her record as a trial lawyer that she does not seem to really listen to her she is just waiting to brag again...good riddance to bad rubbish!!

2404 days ago

Biker 1957    

When she lost her weight she also lost her sense of humor. The frapaccino eyeglasses, the bizarre haircut, the boring and monotonous conversations. Her show was actually painful to watch. What was once a vibrant and sassy lady, became a really closed off and emotionally reclusive woman. She would lean forward with her shoulder hunched like Larry King and half her face obscured by hair, and she would drone on relentlessly. The weather channel was more exciting....

2404 days ago



2404 days ago


Can't say I ever watched it. Mutual is highly unlikely.

2404 days ago


You people should be more considerate of an unemployed individual. Do you know how hard it is to make ends meet when the only person employed has lost their job? Be considerate and have some compassion. Buy some Star Jones wigs. Call PAYLESS. Tell them how much you like their shoes when Star was the spokesperson.

2404 days ago


I hate to see the show go but I got tired of OJ OJ OJ. He's had his time in the spotlight, anything now is just his bid to get attention. She dedicated too much time to this has been and the show as of late just became too depressing with all the missing and dead people. That's not to say that it should be covered but your day to day shows shouldn't be based on OJ or missing people. Unless there are significant developments, you are just repeating yourself and so are the guest.

2404 days ago

Kat Ramone    


2404 days ago


Did you ever notice she looks like an emaciated Randy Jackson (American Idol)????? What took them so long?????

2404 days ago
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